12 Fun & Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for 2020

Cash or a gift? Why not find the perfect gift for the happy couple to remember you by!?

Written by Kelli Salmon
Published January 11, 2020

Picking a good wedding gift seems easy at first

The invitation came in the mail today, now what? Well, that’s simple—it’s time to start shopping for a wedding gift!

You could go the ‘safe’ route and get the happy couple something simple like cash.

But after thinking about it some more, you decide that you want to get them something that they will think of you every time they see it.

You want something special and unique.

No, problem, I’ll help get you through this. Here are my picks for the 12 best wedding gift ideas that are totally unique for 2020.


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Courtesy Personalization Lab

~ Personalization Lab ~

Price: $17.95 – $44.95

~ Why we love it ~

You know the happy couple is into all things culinary and would love to have something that will allow them to share their passion for cooking. You can stop your gift search right now then, because this personalized cutting board by Personalization Lab is the perfect wedding gift choice for them. This unique wedding gift idea can also serve as a housewarming gift.

Available in 3 different sizes and 12 different designs. Laser engraved on your choice of top-quality wood.


Courtesy LeafLife

~ LeafLife ~

Price: $27.95 – $32.95

~ Why we love it ~

This bamboo tea tumbler set by LeafLife is just perfect for the couple who does the tea thing instead of coffee. You’ll probably want to get two of them, though, we don’t want the happy couple fighting over just the one!

This 17-ounce tea tumbler has stainless steel on the inside and bamboo on the outside. The set includes a strainer and a diffuser for use with loose tea.


Courtesy KitchenTour

~ KitchenTour ~

Price: $8.99 – $11.99

~ Why we love it ~

This is not only a neat and helpful wedding gift idea for 2020, it can also be a marriage saver! Seriously, couples have been known to fight over this kind of stuff. This clean/dirty dishwasher magnet set by KitchenTour will help the couple keep track of the state of the dishwasher. Then all they will have to fight about is whether the utensils go ‘business end up’ or ‘business end down’. The ‘business end’ goes DOWN by the way!

Bright red and green colors clearly indicate whether the dishes on the inside are clean or dirty. Available with either a magnetic or sticky back option.


Courtesy Chef’s Vision

~ Chef’s Vision ~

Price: $49.95 – $59.95

~ Why we love it ~

Before you say anything, let me explain. Yes, I know conventional wisdom says to NEVER give knives as a wedding gift, I get it. But really, if there’s a chef (or two) in the house don’t you think they can handle it? Check out this colorful 6-piece kitchen knife set by Chef’s Vision.

Ergonomic handles give each knife in the set a sturdy and safe grip. Crafted of high quality stainless still with a durable non-stick coating. A full set of chef knives to use in any kitchen situation.


Courtesy Scuddles

~ Scuddles ~

Price: $24.99 – $32.99

~ Why we love it ~

This Scuddles picnic blanket is a fabulously unique wedding gift for the bride and groom who enjoy spending time together in mother nature. Can also be used as a beach mat. What a nice day for a picnic!

Water resistant with a durable PEVA backing. Easy to clean. 60 in x 60 in, blue and white striped with a convenient handle.


Courtesy Picnic at Ascot

~ Picnic at Ascot ~

Price: $39.95 – $57.50

~ Why we love it ~

This totally unique wedding gift is sure to be a hit with the happy couple! It’s an insulated picnic basket that also doubles as a cooler! A great complement to the picnic/beach mat I mentioned a few entries up the list! Take this great gift idea on your next picnic, the beach or an outdoor show.

Available in a wide variety of colors. Fully insulated. Top zipper helps keep your stuff in the basket either hot or cold. Easy to clean and folds flat for quick and easy storage. Comes with a lifetime warranty


Courtesy Picnic at Ascot

~ Picnic at Ascot ~

Price: $39.50 – $44.95

~ Why we love it ~

Pardon me, but can I have some cheese with that wine? The happy couple can take both on their next picnic or other outdoor activity with this nifty insulated wine and cheese cooler bag by Picnic at Ascot. And if there’s a group of you getting together to get the happy couple some wedding gifts, this is a great opportunity for me to do some suggestive selling. Check out the folding picnic basket/cooler and picnic blanket/beach mat a little farther up the list!

Available in a variety of colors. Includes 2 wine glasses (made from acrylic), a corkscrew, napkins, cheese knife and cutting board and a wine bottle stopper in case there’s any wine left after the initial pour. Comes with a lifetime warranty.


Courtesy Amazon

~ 2015, National Geographic ~

Price: $16.99 – $40.00

~ Why we love it ~

World travel is just one of the many experiences a newlywed (and beyond) couple can share together. Learn about some of the world’s most amazing destinations with a copy of Destinations of a Lifetime: 225 of the World’s Most Amazing Places, published by National Geographic in 2015. Where to next, my love?


Courtesy Heavenly Tea Leaves

~ Heavenly Tea Leaves ~

Price: $25.99 – $34.99

~ Why we love it ~

Hey, remember the number two item on the list, the bamboo tumbler/tea infusion/strainer set? Well here’s a unique wedding gift idea to complement that. Try this sampler of 9 loose leaf tea flavors by Heavenly Tea Leaves. Included in the sampler are green tea and black tea, flavored green tea and black tea, white tea, two herbal tisanes, a flavored herbal tisane and an awesome rooibos herbal tisane.

Tea comes in an environmentally friendly gift box and each of the 9 containers holds about 10 servings of tea.

~ Why we love it ~

Another wonderfully unique wedding gift idea for the happy couple on the go. This travel guidebook is filled with both expected and surprise fun things to see and do in all 50 states, everything from nationally known festivals to funky museums and even one of the world’s biggest yard sales. Let the adventures begin!


Courtesy Müller

~ Mueller ~

Price: $21.97 – $25.97
~ Why we love it ~

Coffee and tea lovers alike will appreciate this unique wedding gift, a French press stainless steel coffee (or tea) maker by Mueller. This is another unique wedding gift that you’d want to consider buying as a pair in case the happy couple is a coffee/tea mix. Remember, no fighting!

Made of dishwasher-safe rust-resistant stainless steel. Also available in a 50-ounce size.



A unique and definitely surprising wedding gift that is sure to make the happy couple smile.


Courtesy Potter Gift

~ Potter Gift ~

Price: $9.03 – $15.99

~ Why we love it ~

OK so you all know me by now, I have to include at least one fun and sassy item in every list I do. Each checkbook contains 30 ‘IOU’ and 30 ‘UOME’ sex checks. From this point on, I’ll just let you use your imagination. Oh, go ahead and buy two. Keep one for yourself.

Closing Thoughts

Well, that’s all I have for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of 12 unique wedding gift ideas for 2020. Happy shopping! OK go ahead and buy three of those checkbooks and score yourself some FREE shipping! You know you want to.


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