The 15 Best Silicone Wedding Bands for Men in 2019

Give your fingers and bank account a break with some of the best silicone wedding bands for men this year!

Lara Vukelich

Published on February 3, 2019

Looking at traditional men’s wedding bands can seem daunting due to the price tag. Many gold and silver bands can cost hundreds of dollars, and will still scratch and fade over time.

What are silicone wedding bands?

Traditional wedding bands are normally made out of precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum. Silicone wedding rings and bands are a rubber material that naturally stretch and bend.

Why wear a silicone wedding ring? Well, not only are metal rings sometimes uncomfortable to wear, they are also often downright dangerous.

With over 150,000 annual cases of “Ring Avulsion” injuries, it may be time to “downgrade” to a safe silicone wedding ring.

What to consider before purchasing a silicone wedding band

The best silicone wedding rings are those that combine high-quality grade silicone with a breathable internal layer, and unique outer design.

Resistant to tearing (unless designed to do so), a high-quality silicone ring will look like a “real” ring, while offering the stretch factor you love and need from rubber.

You should also consider the following factors:

The Fit – Silicone is rubber, and therefore does not breathe naturally. If you like to keep your ring on all day, make sure you get a ring with grooving or some extra wiggle room to ensure you don’t get sweat build-up and white rings around your finger.

The Quality – Try to look for medical grade silicone, as it is highly durable and hypoallergenic. If you don’t care about the material and just want a cheap replacement wedding band, then feel free to ignore this and head straight to our cheap band recommendations.

The Design – Outside of materials and how the ring fits, you want to make sure it looks good. We’ve looked through different offerings for companies that offer a variety of colors, designs, and patterns that suit every persons style.

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Best Silicone Wedding Bands for Men

We’ve scoured the web to find the best quality silicone wedding bands that won’t bend, break, or snap. From casual looks to modern, abstract designs, our list has every option a guy could ever want!

1. Enso Handcrafted Silicone Wedding Band

Enso Rings lives with a motto: “Rings for a Reason”, or R4R. This is a symbol to be a force of good in the world, and Enso does their part by donating a portion of all profits to different global organizations.

In 2018 alone, Enso Rings donated over $100,000 to different health and humanitarian organizations. With 12 colors to choose from across ring sizes 3 – 14, you are sure to find an Enso silicone band that matches your style and that supports a good cause.

Their silicone wedding bands are handmade by real artists who love their craft and use a unique process that makes them truly one of a kind. This is one of the reasons this silicone band is on the pricier side compared to some of the other more affordable options.


Enso Rings on Amazon

2. Groove Life Custom Groove Design Ring

Groove Life says they “exist to serve people, inspire adventure, and reflect God”. They do this by creating some of the best quality silicone wedding bands on the market. They stand by their quality, and offer a unique 94-year warranty on all their wedding rings.

Even though the ring is designed tough, if anything happens to it for any reason, Groove Life will cover their product with a no BS guarantee. Going above and beyond again, they also offer returns and exchanges if you are simply unhappy with your new band.


Groove Life on Amazon

3. ROQ Premium Step-Edge Design Silicone Wedding Band

Made with premium, medical-grade silicone material, this step edge design ring is sleek, elegant, and understated. Offering a variety of patterns in black, gray, and white, ROQ’s simple execution offers a great choice for simple guys who don’t care too much about how their wedding ring looks.

The ring itself is 8mm wide and 2mm thick so it offers a low profile that is not bulky on the hand. ROQ also offers a lifetime warranty on their rings and a money back satisfaction guarantee in case you have any issues.

The best part about ROQ is you don’t need to pay premium pricing for your silicone wedding ring. All options and color combinations we found start around $12.99, which includes multiple back-ups in case you lose or break a band.

$6.99 – $18.99

ROQ on Amazon

4. Barbell Bands Heavy Duty Silicone Ring

The Barbell Bands ring deserves a spot on this list for its truly one-of-a-kind design, which makes the ring look like a small tire due to the diamond tread. Available in seven colors, this ring is sure to please any mans taste.

A bit on the pricier side at $19, there is an extra penny to pay for the unique and custom look of Barbell Bands, but it is well worth it to us.

This ring is also slightly “bulkier” than the other rings on the list, perfect for men who want to make a bold statement to the world. In total there is about “20% more wall thickness” according to Barbell, for a total of 2.5mm thickness, ensuring it will hold its shape over time.

The unique design is inspired by barbell knurling diamond patterns, which represents hard work to the brand. Feeling inspired? We sure are!


Barbell Bands on Amazon

5. Rinfit Active Lifestyle Silicone Wedding Band

After giving away a few rings and receiving amazing feedback, Rinfit Rings was started.

A truly unique design, the Rinfit silicone band has a distinct S etched into the outer-middle, and offers bevels on both sides. Available in Black, Blue, and Gray, this ring set is more modern than some of the other rings mentioned so far.

With a patent pending, the high-quality silicone used by Rinfit is sure to last a lifetime and safe for every-day use even for people with skin sensitivity. You also never have to worry about losing your ring with a handy three-pack.

Try to size down half a size when you do get this ring as they have been known to stretch out a bit after time.

$9.50 – $12.49

Rinfit on Amazon

6. ThunderFit Active Lifestyle Bands

Attention outdoor enthusiasts and men with active lifestyles: this is the wedding band for you! We picked ThunderFit because, as the others so far, they use only top grade silicone that is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and highly-flexible to prevent ring avulsion or even worse, amputation!

ThunderFit is also one of the few brands on the list that offers camouflage and tactical silicone wedding bands for men.

ThunderFit provides a great manufacturer warranty that lasts up to one full year. Make sure that your purchase is made through either ThunderFit or a licensed ThunderFit retailer, as any sale made through unauthorized sellers will not fall under warranty.

There is also a 100% risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for ANY reason, where you can return the product for a full refund with no questions asked – pretty sweet deal if you ask us!

$4.95 – $12.93

ThunderFit on Amazon

7. Saco Band Silicone Wedding Bands

Saco Band offers a ton of value with this 7 pack of silicone bands. If you’re looking for a comfortable, durable ring – look no further than Saco Band. These 8.7mm thick rings offer traditional stylings, including yellow and silver gold, to offer you a safe and versatile alternative to costly metal jewelry.

Made with medical grade hypoallergenic silicone, Saco promises their rings will only stretch when needed, and will maintain their shape over time. Perfect to keep your fingers free from pinches, jams, and catching on things – the Saco Band silicone ring is also designed to break from your finger when it is pulled on extremely hard. This added safety measure makes this ring perfect for people who work with machinery where fingers are at risk.

On top of added safety, Saco Band also offers a sizing guarantee, so if your ring does not fit correctly, you can contact them for a brand new replacement pack free of charge.

$4.95 – $12.95

Saco Band on Amazon

8. Ikonfitness Comfortable Fit Silicone Band

The Ikonfitness comfort ring is perfect for gym-rats and fitness junkies as it is designed with air-circulation in mind to prevent moisture trapping, allowing the skin to breathe naturally. The skin-safe, non-toxic silicone ring with a carbon-fiber textured outside lining is styling and modern, with a more “upgraded” look without the added cost.

Coming in right under $12 at our last check, this is a great cheap silicone wedding band alternative. Keep your eternal promise alive with explosive black, red, and blue color combinations that offer a custom flare without drawing too much attention. This three pack comes with all variations, so you have a color-combo to match any occasion!


Ikonfitness on Amazon

9. BANDED GLORY Simple Design Bands

The simple, yet elegant design that BRANDED GLORY offers makes us think of Batman. The matte black finish has a beautiful look, with a slight bevel on either side. There are a total of eleven colors to choose from, including hot pink, purple, and white to cover a variety of personalities and styles.

One fun & unique thing about the BRANDED GLORY ring is that inside it says “BANDED” to show the company’s commitment to the sacred and eternal bond of marriage. Also included on the inside of each band is the ring size in case you ever need a replacement years down the line and don’t remember your ring size off the top of your head.

A lifetime warranty is included so if the ring is ever too tight or too large for your finger, or even breaks during use you can request a replacement ring.



10. Egnaro Breathable Silicone Wedding Bands

The Egnaro ring is noteworthy for its breathable design which is accomplished through its internal diamond-pattern design. This grooved layout prevents moisture trapping and ring marks that are normally left from long periods of wear.

Made from medical-grade silicone, the Egnaro line of rings come in a variety of colors, including traditional yellow gold, and even green or blue camouflage. Ranging from between $8 – $16 depending on the color and size, these bands are a great budget option for the savvy shopper looking to save a few bucks.

$6.99 – $14.99

Egnaro on Amazon

11. Honor Gear Eternity Ring

Perfect for the no frills type of man, the Honor Eternity Ring is plain as can be. Offered in a variety of matte colors, this simple yet stylish band will withstand the test of time. These rings are cast in a stainless steel molds to achieve perfection every batch with no sharp edges to cut your fingers.

The Honor Eternity ring is also backed by a lifetime warranty, and claims that despite the design not having holes or grooves, it is still breathable and allows air circulation to stop water or sweat being trapped against the skin. The high-quality silicone used is also non-toxic and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear over time.


Honor Gear on Amazon

12. Swagmat Super Simple Silicone Band

If you don’t want to make any decisions and just get a replacement band, then Swagmat is perfect for you. With only a simple 3 pack of Black, Gray, and Light Gray, these silicone wedding rings are perfect for the minimalist in you!

FDA approved, hypoallergenic silicone is used perfect for any and all skin types so you’re less likely to break out in a rash or experience skin irritation. Swagmat rings are also non-conductive, offering protection by completely eliminating shocks and burns from contact with live wires or other electrical equipment. Hint Hint: if you’re an electrician, look no further!

The smooth outer finish leaves no hard edges or bevels, perfect for the traditional man. Keep your wallet happy as well with a money back, no-hassle guarantee if you’re unhappy. The guarantee applies for life, so you never have to worry about breaking or losing your band, knowing a replacement will soon be on its way!

$6.90 – $9.90

Swagmat on Amazon

13. BULZi Massaging Comfort Fit Silicone Ring

The BULZi silicone wedding band is truly unique on this list as it is the only ring with massaging bevels inside. The only reason it is lower on the list is because some people may not like the feeling and prefer a smoother inside bevel.

The design helps improve air flow as well, making it a breathable ring perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. They are tested to withstand up to 40lb of pressure, so your fingers will stay safe without fear of the band snapping or breaking during normal wear.

$9.95 – $13.95

BULZi on Amazon

14. QALO Strata Step Edge Design Silicone Band

The QALO Strata is available in 14 unique and striking colors, including marble, brush camo, and charcoal. It also features different etched designs such as the classic step edge, chevron, and crosshatch beveling.

Tested with a tensile strength of 19 – 22lb of force, these rings are made for comfort and durability. QALO stands for Quality, Athletic, Love, and Outdoors – they make sure all of these items are built into their high quality silicone wedding bands to provide people with great quality for a reasonable price.


QALO on Amazon

15. Knot Theory Tire Design Silicone Band

Knot Theory has a sleek beveled design that is truly unique. Made from precise stainless steel molds and 100% hypoallergenic, anti-fungal silicone rubber, you can wear these rings all day while breaking a sweat without concern.

A true pioneer in the silicone wedding band space, Knot Theory has been crafting rings since 2015 and works with a dedicated design team to bring their ideas to life.

All Knot Theory rings include a satisfaction AND “perfect fit” guarantee, so if you run into any issues you can contact them for a direct swap to get the perfect ring for you

$8.99 – $24.99

Knot Theory on Amazon

Silicone Wedding Bands for Men FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about silicone wedding bands for men. If you want to know anything that is not on our list – ask in the comments below!

Why wear silicone wedding bands?

Safety – Help prevent accidents with your finger by wearing silicone rings – made to break and stretch under pressure.

Save Money – Even simple metal bands can cost hundreds of dollars, while silicone wedding bands are much less expensive.

Peace of Mind – If you lose your precious metal wedding band, you could have a serious problem. Most silicone bands come in packs of three for easy replacement.

What are silicone wedding bands made of?

Silicone rings are made of rubber to help prevent issues such as ring avulsion, where the ring and finger get caught on something resulting in injury. Nowadays silicone rings can be made to be attractive and stylish, as well as non-conductive and even heat resistant to help keep your fingers safe.

Are silicone wedding bands safer than normal rings?

Absolutely! Silicone wedding rings and bands are probably the safest alternative to simply not wearing a ring. Some bands are even designed to break under extreme pressure for added safety.

Beyond the benefits of protecting your fingers from mutilation, silicone also offers hypoallergenic properties for people who have adverse reactions to precious metals such as gold and silver.

Do silicone wedding bands prevent ring avulsion?

The best way to prevent ring avulsion is to take off your wedding ring before activities where it may get caught. That being said, accidents happen and you never know when your ring may get caught on something.

The second-best solution would be a rubber, silicone wedding ring that is designed to stretch and break under pressure. If you’re someone who works with your hands a lot, especially around tools, we highly recommend purchasing a silicone wedding band.

How do you clean silicone wedding bands?

Cleaning your silicone wedding band is super simple. If you have only worn it for a while, a simple rinse under warm water and soap will do the trick. If you have gotten sauce or dirt and grime stuck to or under the ring, it will need to soak.

Take a tablespoon of Hydrogen Peroxide and mix it with one cup of warm water. Let the ring soak, and watch the germs fizz away. After soaking for an hour or two, remove it and wipe it clean.

How do you size a silicone wedding ring?

Wedding ring sizing is done by millimeter measurements, so to ensure you get the right fit follow the following steps:

1. Cut a thin strip of paper or string and loop it tightly around your finger.

2. Mark the paper or string where the loop meets tightly around your finger.

3. Measure the paper or string distance with a ruler to get the right measurement.

Can you stretch a silicone ring?

The majority of silicone wedding rings for men are designed to naturally stretch with wear. If you work in extremely hot or cold temperatures, that will also potentially lead to more natural stretching over time.

If your ring feels tight when you first put it on, it should naturally adjust to your finger size after a few days. If it doesn’t, return the rings and try a size-up, as this is a common issue men run into when selecting their band size.

Can you shrink a silicone ring?

The simple answer is no. Silicone is naturally shrink-resistant, and beyond being very stretchy and flexible, they mostly mold to and maintain their original shape. The only exception is stretching with extreme heat or tension, which does not occur often.



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