8 Cheap Wedding Aisle Runner Ideas for Couples on a Budget in 2019

Why spend a ton of cash just to walk all over it later? These cheap wedding aisle runner ideas won’t break the bank but still look great on your wedding day!

By: Shannon Capri

March 10, 2017

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Your Wedding day is undoubtedly the most important day of your life, so everything has to look perfect. As you are probably aware by now, perfection is pricey.

Thankfully for couples on a budget, wedding aisle runners don’t cost much and come in lots of cute and charming designs. Ultimately what it comes down to is this – because they won’t ever be used again, there is no real need to spend a lot of money on aisle runners.

With that in mind, we’re suggesting some of the cheapest aisle runners you can get for your wedding so you can save that money for more important things, like the Honeymoon!


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LA Linen Wide Natural Burlap Roll

This burlap roll is made from 100% natural Jute burlap with minimal processing. Naturally biodegradable, LA Linen offers a variety of sizes ranging from 1 to 100 yards!

LA Linen 40-Inch Wide Natural Burlap , 10 Yard Roll


Burlap Fabric Bolt Natural

If you’re looking to spice up your wedding with a pop of color, but still need the durability of burlap, look no further than Burlap Fabric’s Bolt line of aisle runners. Heavyweight & durable, their 100% Jute burlap material is perfect for heavy foot-traffic for both indoor or outdoor weddings.


AK Trading Co. Burlap Aisle Runner

Made will all-natural burlap and lace, this beautifully designed aisle runner will add a touch of elegance and class to your outdoor wedding. Offering runners in 15, 30, 50, and 100 feet rolls allows for flexibility and ensures you have enough material to work with.

AK TRADING Burlap Jute Fabric, 40 inch wide x 100 feet Roll, Natural Color


Hortense B. Hewitt Fabric Wedding Aisle Runner

A part of the Hortense B. Hewett wedding aisle collection, the Hortense Wedding accessories fabric aisle runner comes in a variety of colors ranging from red to ivory. Their designs feature romantic symbols such as heart patterns and roses that add an authentic touch in light of the wedding. The Hortense Wedding accessories fabric aisle runner is made up of heavy rayon fabric that is quite suitable to be used indoors and outdoors. It is 36 inches wide and about 100 feet long in measurements and also has a pull cord that makes it easy to roll and unroll it.

Hortense B. Hewitt Wedding Accessories Fabric Aisle Runner, Ivory Floral, 100-Feet Long


Two Hearts Wedding Aisle Runner

The Embracing Hearts Aisle Runner is probably the most romantic and personalized aisle runner on this list. It comes from the collection of Cathy’s concept which provides a number of customization options to couples that include the embroidery of the date of the marriage and names of the Bride and the Groom. This aisle runner is made from rayon and burlap and also has a pull cord. This burlap aisle runner is 100 feet long and 36 inches wide.

Fun Express – Two Hearts Wedding Aisle Runner for Wedding – Party Decor – General Decor – Aisle Runners – Wedding – 1 Piece


Elite Collection Aisle Runner

Made out of high-quality spun polyester, this cheap aisle runner also has a white braided cord attached for easy unrolling. The Elite Collection is probably the best deal for the quality on this list and should not let you down if you’re worried about an unreliable product.

Beistle 53026 Elite Collection Aisle Runner, 3-Feet by 100-Feet


Northwest Enterprises Plastic Aisle Runner

If you suspect that it is going to rain on your big day, then the Northwest Enterprises Plastic Aisle Runner might just be the perfect aisle runner for you. Plastic is not the most desirable fabric, but under the mentioned circumstances, it does the job quite efficiently. It comes with a pull cord and has the measurements of 36 inches in width and 100 feet in length.

Northwest Enterprises Plastic Aisle Runner, 36-Inch by 50-Feet, White


Poly Linen Aisle Runner

This aisle runner is made out of a polypropylene material, giving you the weight, feel, and texture of linen without the price tag. It’s also the longest aisle runner on our list coming in at 150 feet! If you want to get everything done in one go without having to tape multiple aisle runners together, this is your best bet. A helpful cord and handle is also included to make unrolling a snap. If your aisle is going to be long, make sure you purchase enough of this product as it is only 50 feet long.

Richland Aisle Runner, 150 Feet Poly Linen White

How To Secure A Wedding Aisle Runner

Tent Pegs – The easiest way to keep your aisle runner in place on grass or even artificial grass is to purchase tent pegs on Amazon. Tent pegs will help keep your aisle runner secure by keeping the fabric close to the grass, avoiding bumps and scrunched fabric. Make sure you remind anyone wearing heels to pick up their feet, as aisle runners will never lay completely flat which can result in falls.

Double Sided Tape – If your wedding is not outdoors, another option is double sided aisle runner tape or double sided carpet tape. Any double-sided tape will do, but keep the material your aisle is made of in mind before purchasing because not all adhesives will stick to all materials.

Commonly Asked Questions About Wedding Aisle Runners

Q: What is a wedding aisle runner?

An aisle runner is a long piece of fabric or tarp that is laid down along the aisle of a wedding ceremony for the bride to walk down. Aisle runners serve the dual purpose of helping improve the aesthetics of the aisle while also protecting the Bride’s dress from damage./span>

Q: How do I choose an aisle runner for my wedding?

The material you decide on is usually dependent on the venue. Outdoor weddings, for example, are more likely to use tarp as a primary aisle runner material, whereas a church venue could easily accommodate burlap or cotton material.

Q: What is the best type of material for an aisle runner?

The most common aisle runner material is burlap due to its durability and classic look but it really depends on the location and setting. Although burlap is popular, it won’t always work well with a more formal wedding setting. Check out more options below to cover all types of wedding themes!

Q: Can I use aisle runners for an outdoor wedding?

Absolutely! Couples that plan to get married outdoors should use tarp or a similar fabric to avoid their runners looking dirty

Q: When does the aisle runner go down in a wedding?

Aisle runners need to be placed well before the ceremony begins. This is due to the fact that aisle runners are usually kept rolled up until use, meaning they will naturally want to return to their state of rest. Have someone with you prepared to flatten and tape down the edges as the runner is laid out!

Q: What is an aisle runner made of?

As you can probably tell by now, aisle runners come in a variety of materials, although the most common are Burlap, Tarp, and Rayon.

Q: How long does an aisle runner need to be?

A 50′ aisle runner will usually be more than enough for multiple rows of chairs or benches. To be on the safe side, or if you are unable to fully measure the aisle you will be walking down, always purchase more than expected. Any material not used can usually be returned or re-sold.

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