The Best Men’s Wedding Shoe Ideas for 2020

Finding the best wedding shoes for men can seem difficult – we break down the most iconic and new wedding shoe styles for 2020 to give you inspiration

Written by Dustin Otterspoor
Published June 13, 2017
Last updated July 8, 2020

Looking for the best wedding shoes for men?

The big day is coming up – have you picked out your wedding shoes? When did marriage become so complicated… Chances are your partner wants you to get nice shoes for the wedding, or maybe you’re a groomsman looking for new shoes to match a new suit.

If you want to make sure your feet are looking fly on the big day, the men’s wedding shoe ideas below will put your mind at ease.

Why are wedding shoes for the groom important?

Your special someone does not want to be planning this wedding on their own. Your involvement is important and choosing a pair of cool wedding shoes is one of the easiest and most fun parts of the wedding. All the attention will be on you, so make sure your shoes match your suit to leave a lasting impression.

Wedding shoes for men also have several functions beyond fashion. Purchasing comfortable shoes is the most important part of your purchase decision. Your shoes shouldn’t just look good on your wedding day, they need to be comfortable so that you can feel your toes the next day.

Men’s wedding shoe ideas & styles for 2020

Now we get to the fun stuff. The men’s wedding shoe ideas below range from modern to classic, so have no fear – there will be a perfect idea to match your suit!

Since most weddings will have a dress code, we’re giving the best shoe recommendations for each type of shoe style. We’ll also break down what color shoes match with certain color suits to make sure everything looks sharp on the big day


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Best Wedding Shoes for Men by Suit Color

We start by breaking down what color shoes go best with the main types of suit colors


Wedding Shoes for Navy Blue Suits

Matching Shoe Colors: Black / Brown / Burgundy

What shoes should you wear with a navy suit?

If you’ve decided to wear a navy blue suit, you hit the jackpot because it goes well with every main shoe color. The reason why is because blue is a neutral color that blends well across the spectrum.

Go with black shoes if you like the more “formal” look. Opt for brown shoes if you’re more light-hearted, or the suit is a deep, dark blue. Lastly try burgundy colored shoes for a touch of color and to draw the eye naturally to the feet.

Can you wear black shoes with a navy suit?

The best part about having a blue or navy wedding suit is that just about any wedding shoe color will match it. Because of the versatility of the color blue, black shoes will often still look great. The most commonly worn shoe color with a navy suit is brown.


Wedding Shoes for Light/Medium Gray Suits

Matching Shoe Colors: Black / Brown / Burgundy

What shoes should you wear with a light gray suit?

A gray or light-gray suit is less traditional than a navy blue suit on your wedding day, but is also very easy to work with when it comes to shoe colors. Again, due to it’s neutral color, light-gray suits are great to pair with almost any shoe you like, but we recommend going with black wedding shoes for a classic and stylish look.


Wedding Shoes for Dark/Charcoal Gray Suits

Matching Shoe Colors: Black / Brown

What shoes should you wear with a charcoal or dark gray suit?

Charcoal gray suits are noticeably darker than gray suits, and almost as versatile as the navy blue suit. Many men opt for the charcoal gray suit to give off a more mature aura. When it comes to charcoal gray suits, your best bet will be sticking to black leather shoes, although burgundy could work for a classic look.


Wedding Shoes for Khaki and Brown Suits

Matching Shoe Colors: Brown / Burgundy

What shoes should you wear with a tan or brown suit?

When you are wearing a brown or khaki suit, brown shoes will work just fine, as long as you make sure that the color tones are different enough to offset one another.

You do not want any sort of “blending” between your feet and pants – they must be clearly different colors of brown, and always opt for your shoes to have the darker shade than your suit color.

You are best off pairing your brown suit with a pair of burgundy shoes to get the contrast you need to make your feet pop apart from the rest of the ensemble.


Wedding Shoes for Black Suits & Tuxedos

Matching Shoe Colors: Black

What shoes should you wear with a black suit or tuxedo?

When you decide to wear a black suit there is really only one way to go when it comes to your footwear. Nothing pairs better with black pants than a pair of black dress shoes.

There are some shades of brown that could work, but try at your own risk. We recommend picking up a pair of premium black leather shoes that you can re-use in the future long beyond your wedding day.

Now that you’re educated on what colors match best with your suit, let’s dive into some of the most popular and classic dress shoe styles.

Best Wedding Shoes for Men by Style & Design

These shoe styles are timeless, yet many are making a comeback during this wedding season


Courtesy Lethano

The Derby Style Shoe

This hunting and sporting boot was first popular in the 1850’s, and became the norm for stepping out on the town soon after. Although they look a lot like Oxford shoes, Derby’s can be identified by their open lacing, which allows for a fit that is not as tight as the Oxford.

Go with the Derby if you have wider feet as the open lacing helps accommodate this.


Pictured: The Goodyear Derby by Lethano



The Monk Strap Style Shoe

There is something about monk-strap shoes that exudes charm and class. If you’re looking for stylish and seriously cool wedding shoes, monks are the ideal choice.

Before you go running to the store, there are two main styles: single and double monk-straps. Besides the number of straps, there is no real difference between the two variations.

It’s all up to your personal preferences and what you think will look best with your suit color and material.

The name of the shoe comes from the old monks who wore the closed-toe design to help protect their toes better than traditional sandals did at the time.


Pictured: The Gunnar Derby by MORAL CODE


Courtesy Paul Evans

The Oxford Style Shoe

The Oxford got its name from the famous Oxford University in England, where students made the shoe style popular in the 1800’s.

There was a desire for a more modern shoe at the time, with lower tops that did not cover the entire ankle as the popular boot and half-boot style of the time did.

The easiest way to spot Oxfords is by the closed lacing for a beautiful and sleek design that naturally hugs the natural curves of the feet.


Pictured: Cagney II Stitched Cap-Toe Oxford by Paul Evans


Courtesy Magnanni

The Slip-On Loafer Style Shoe

If you are a groom wanting to add some color and style into your wedding wardrobe, then loafers are a perfect fit. The material used to make loafers come in a variety of colors and styles, and are not always going to be made of leather so they can match a wide range of suit materials. If your wedding is in a hot and humid place, loafers will also keep your feet cool as most men wear them without socks.

Loafers did not become popular until they came to the U.S. in the 1930s. The style quickly caught on, and by the 60’s many lawyers and doctors began wearing them to work. By the late 60’s, Gucci had redesigned the loafer to include a metal bit across the top, crossing it over into the realm of formal and elegant footwear.

Starts at $249

Pictured: Reva Slip-On Loafer by Magnanni

Types of Loafers

Penny Loafers

A variation of normal loafers that gets its recognizable name from the small strip of leather across the top of the slipper.

It’s unsure whether either story is 100% true, but its been told that students stuck pennies in the leather strip to make a fashion statement. Older men kept a penny in the strip in case an emergency call had to be made, which cost 1 cent at the time.

If you’re a practical guy, seriously consider a nice pair of leather penny loafers to complete your wedding wardrobe as you’ll always be able to wear them again in the future with jeans or slacks.

Weaved Loafers

The perfect choice for outdoor or beach-side weddings where the temperatures could get high. It is up to you as to how you will wear these shoes, as they don’t exactly fit with every style.

Weaved loafers are breathable and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, so these may be a great choice if you know a lot of time will be spent standing or dancing.


Courtesy HI&HANN

The Designer Slipper Style Shoe

This cool men’s wedding shoe symbolizes both sex appeal and a taste for the finer things in life. It’s hard to deny that any Groom standing at the end of the aisle with a beautiful pair of slippers will definitely generate some buzz.

Slippers are a perfect balance of edgy and smart, and stylish Grooms who like to make statements can definitely cash in on the unique look slippers provide. Lastly, the way these shoes are designed make them both easy to put on and comfortable to wear.


Pictured: Bowtie Flat Slip-On by HI&HANN


Courtesy Allen Admonds

The Dress Boot Style Shoe

If you’re serious about showing off your socks or like your slacks a little higher cut than most, then look into dress boots for your wedding day.

Dress boots provide great support and comfort for long days of standing and dancing but can get hot after a while so keep that in mind before making your decision.

Dress boots often look very similar to Oxfords or other dress shoes, with the main difference being a longer entryway for the foot to enter through. One characteristic of dress boots you may see often is brogueing on the toe and along the seams.


Pictured: Liverpool Chelsea Dress Boot by Allen Edmonds


Courtesy Mezlan

The Brogue “Wing Tip” Style Shoe

Most commonly referred to as “Wingtips”, wedding brogues usually have a low-heel and toe caps that are decorated with perforations (holes poked through the leather material creating a unique design). This process is also known as “Brogueing”, hence the name of the shoe!

Choosing the Brogue style will give off a sophisticated yet universally recognized look to your guests. The history of this shoe can be traced back to Ireland, where they were popularly worn by construction workers who needed a tough, outdoor-friendly shoe. Even though these started as a traditional “working-man” shoe, they’re now considered appropriate for almost any occasion!

Since Brogue shoes have been around for a long time, their style has evolved over time and there are now several variations available that will fit your own unique look. The easiest way to determine what style Brogue shoes are is to look at the shape and size of the toe cap.


Pictured: Johann by Mezlan

Types of Brogue Shoes

Full Brogue (“Wingtip”)

This style is what most men are looking for when selecting their wedding shoes. Characterized by the classic “W” or “Wingtip” shaped perforations from the tip to the middle of the shoe, often accompanied by additional perforated or embroidered designs.


This style draws a solid perforated line across the top of the shoe, losing the classic “W” shape but keeping the “hole-punched” look that only Brogue shoes provide.

Quarter Brogue

This style only has perforations along the edges of the toe cap, without any additional designs showing on top. Quarter-Brogue shoes are definitely the most formal option, so if you’re getting married in a church or will be wearing an expensive tuxedo, this is a great option for you.


If you’ve made it this far, this one is pretty self explanatory. The longwing style has perforations all the way around the shoe with no separating edge between the toe cap and rest of the shoe, hence the use of the word “long”.

Are brogue shoes formal?

Brogue style shoes can be considered formal and are often preferred by most men for their wedding day. To be safe, always go with a Quarter-Brogue design if your wedding is leaning towards being more formal. Men also love brogue style shoes because they are often associated with masculinity and project a modern yet sophisticated flair.

Brogue wedding shoes are also very versatile and comfortable to wear over long periods of time, so you really can’t go wrong with this option. Due to brogue shoes often being made by hand, the best-of-the-best will always cost top dollar.


Courtesy Carlos Santana

The Patent Leather Style Shoe

The patent wedding shoe is a dazzling and stylish shoe, and its your best option to pair with a formal tuxedo. If you’re not sure what type of shoe to buy, but know they need to be black and formal, this is also a good option for you.

Patent leather is characterized by its high shine and gloss, which is applied to the shoes for protection and appearance.

Be careful when shopping online for patent leather shoes to avoid fake leather or lower-quality shoes. Many people wonder if patent leather is really leather and the answer is yes.

Just like with any other leather shoe, your dollar usually goes farther when investing in quality over trying to save a buck.


Pictured: Carlos Cap-Toe Tuxedo Oxford by Carlos Santana

The 10 Best Wedding Shoes for Men in 2020

See our 10 favorite men’s wedding shoes for 2020

These wedding shoes for men are affordable & incredibly stylish

Now that you know what color shoes to wear with your wedding suit and the most popular men’s wedding shoe styles, it’s time to reveal our top 10 shoes for 2020.

Our list has a little bit of everything, but all the shoes we recommend have great reviews, are made out of premium materials, and should withstand the test of time.



Dunbar Wingtip Oxford


Made with leather in the US, this classic style shoe is made by Stacy Adams. Despite having a synthetic sole, they are incredibly comfy and should stand up against the test of time to be worn again in the future.


Courtesy La Milano

Splendo Oxford

By La Milano

The La Milano Splendo Oxford shoe comes in all three colors that match best with a blue and gray suit: black, brown, and burgundy.

Made out of genuine leather, this plain-toe Oxford has hand burnished Argentinean leather that is enhanced by premium synthetic lining for breathe-ability.

Keeping comfort in mind, the shoe also has a stacked heel and comfort, memory foam sole, making it perfect for a long day on your feet.


Courtesy Marc Joseph New York

MADISON Wingtip Oxford

By Marc Joseph

Made from imported leather and designed in New York, these black men’s wedding shoes will pair perfectly with your gray suit. With a 3/4″ synthetic heel, you can save on cost without losing comfort. Because they run a bit tight, try ordering a half-size up, or plan to stretch the shoe a bit before the big day.


Courtesy COMOTEK

Adroit Classic Double Monk Strap


The Adroit shoe is handmade from 100% genuine imported leather and features a rubber sole and full-grain calf leather upper. With comfortable lambskin leather lining and insole, you’re sure to stay on your feet all throughout the night without any discomfort.



GALA Cap Toe Patent Leather Oxford


This high-gloss oxford is 100% handmade from imported, premium leather. The inside of the shoe is fully cushioned with memory foam for shock absorption. Since it runs a bit smaller than normal, try ordering a half or full size up, especially if you are wearing thicker socks.



Classic Oxford


This shoe will provide high quality materials and construction for a fraction of the price. Made from high-quality cowhide genuine leather and handmade coloring process, these oxfords have a high shine and beautiful yet simplistic design.


Courtesy Kenneth Cole


By Kenneth Cole

The REACTION line from Kenneth Cole offers premium leather shoes at affordable prices. Made from imported leather with a padded footbed and rubber sole, this shoe looks great without the premium price tag. The shoe also features elastic vents on the side for easy wearability and to keep your feet cool.


Courtesy CLARKS

Tilden Cap Oxford


A classic and stylish Derby shoe by Clarks. These shoes are unique due to their custom stitch detail on the outside, and Ortholite insoles on the inside. Dance the night away knowing that moisture and odor is wicked away, while providing the ultimate level of comfort all day long.



Ford Cap-Toe Quarter Brogue


Made from premium full-grain leather and suede, this shoe is breathable, resistant to moisture, and perfectly combines old-time charm with modern design. This shoe is perfect if your feet run wide as well, and if it doesn’t fit there is a 100% money-back guarantee.


Courtesy Calvin Klein

Bernard Tuxedo Shoe

By Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has always been known to make beautiful and elegant evening wear. These Bernard shoes are no different. Made from 100% imported leather with a 1″ heel, these comfortable slip-ons exude class and style with show-stopping gloss and shine.

What is your favorite men’s wedding shoe style?

We hope that these wedding shoe ideas for men help make all the grooms out there look great and feel confident as they walk down the aisle. Love these suggestions or hate them? Let us know! Leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite men’s wedding shoes are!


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