Maui Rings Review

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Are Maui silicone rings good?

Introduction to Maui Rings

If you have been thinking about purchasing one of the best silicone wedding bands you are sure to have come across Maui Rings in your research and online shopping.

Maui Rings started back in 2017 and their ring designs are heavily influenced by the natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. Their rings are also hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone so you know they are safe and can help prevent ring avulsion injuries.

But how good are Maui Rings really? Check out our full review below to learn more about this new premium brand!

What Maui Rings were reviewed?

Maui Rings offers three distinct styles: the Men’s Adventure Collection, the Men’s Solid Collection, and the Women’s Stackable Collection.

For this review, we tried both the Adventure and Solid collection for men.

“Every wife and husband dream of growing old together. MAUI RINGS are a symbol of commitment and have become the latest hottest wedding accessories that couples gift to each other.”

– Maui Rings

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Where are Maui Rings made?

It is currently unclear exactly where Maui Rings are manufactured. Despite being inspired by the islands of Hawaii, the rings are not made there.

We have contacted the Support Team at Maui Rings to gain a better understanding of where Maui Rings are made. We will update this review as soon as we hear back and receive more details.

Maui Rings Material

Maui Rings are made out of 100% medical grade silicone. The material is definitely thicker than other bands we have reviewed such as Groove Life and is more on-par with SafeRingz in terms of thickness.

The material is comfortable to wear, but does collect dust. This is a common issue with silicone wedding bands that unfortunately can’t be avoided.

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Maui Rings vs Groove Life

When comparing Maui Rings to Groove Life rings, it is clear that Maui Rings use a thicker material, that is a bit less stretchy overall.

With Groove Rings, the silicone material is smoother and thinner so that ultimate stretch factor can be achieved, but we often feel like it can snap too easily, even without an extreme situation occuring that may result in ring avulsion.

If you are looking for a tough, yet comfortable silicone band, then we recommend going with Maui Rings to get the best of both worlds – durability and the safety of silicone stretch.



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Maui Rings Size Guide

In order to help you find the best fit, Maui Rings offers a handy size guide to help choose the right ring for both men and women.

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Do Maui Rings Stretch?

Yes! Maui Rings are designed to stretch and made to break under excessive pressure.

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Maui Rings Returns & Exchanges

Is It Easy to Return Or Exchange Maui Rings?

Each Maui Ring comes with a full 1 Year (365 Day) return window. If you are not satisfied for any reason you can return your ring unused or unoped. If your ring was defective it will be exchanged for the same item, and if you simply change your mind you can return your ring but pay the shipping cost.

Closing Thoughts

Maui Rings are a new player in the game, but have proved they belong among the best of the best.

Their unique style, tough material, and beautiful designs make this silicone wedding band a solid buy to replace your current metal wedding band.

Maui Rings



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