Best Mother of the Bride Rehearsal Dinner Dresses

by Hannah Warren – Sr. Writer & Editor

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Rehearsal dinner Dresses for the Mother of the Bride

As the Mother of the Bride, you have a key role to play in the wedding proceedings and a lot of eyes are going to be on you

Whether guests are coming over to tell you how pleased they are for the happy couple at the rehearsal dinner, or watching to see if you’ll shed a tear during the speeches.

If you feel your best you’ll be able to focus on being present and enjoying every second of your daughter’s (or son’s) wedding.

Best of all, as the Mother of the Bride you have the freedom to wear whatever dress best expresses you and highlights your best assets for the rehearsal dinner. So, what’s the best way to find the perfect dress?

Rehearsal Dinner Attire For The Mother Of The Bride

Don’t worry – if you hate trawling the mall looking for the perfect dress, we have a much better solution: just head online!

It’s super easy to shop online while you watch TV or relax with a glass of wine and order a dress or a few dresses that suit your style and budget. If it doesn’t fit, just return it! There’s no need to do the hot and sweaty changing cubicle struggle in store after store.

Below we’ll cover a few FAQs we get about Mother of the Bride rehearsal dinner dresses and then we’ll share our top 5 picks of great Mother of the Bride dresses for you to choose from.

Mother Of The Bride Rehearsal Dinner Dress Options To Avoid

Steer clear of anything too tight, short, or cut too low in the front, but any dress that makes you feel amazing in all the right places and that you look stunning in will always be a winner!

What Should The Mother Of The Bride Wear to a Rehearsal Dinner?

This depends a little on the scale and theme or style of your daughter’s wedding, but you should aim to be just a step-down on the scale of how dressed-up they are.

Unless the wedding is particularly informal or intimate, a semi-formal dress or pantsuit and blouse will always be appropriate.

Finding and buying your rehearsal dinner dress can be straightforward, but you need to know what you can eliminate from your options at a glance.

How To Choose The Perfect Mother Of The Bride Rehearsal Dinner Dress

Before you go any further, ask yourself these questions to make sure you choose the perfect rehearsal dinner dress from our options below.

Where is the rehearsal dinner doing to be?

Are you outside, under cover, or inside? Is the space air-conditioned or not? Will you be traveling far from where you got ready? (If so, will you need a cardigan or light jacket that goes with it to take with you in case you get cold?)

What’s the weather going to be like?

If it’s winter you’ll want something that offers you a little more coverage or pairs well with a jacket. If it’s hot, you’ll want to choose a breathable, light fabric that will keep you from getting sweaty.

Is the rehearsal dinner taking place in the afternoon, early evening, or later at night?

The perfect rehearsal dinner dress will be very different for an early afternoon lunch sitting outside to one that is inside the hotel and doesn’t start until eight.

How “dressy” is it going to be?

Some intimate weddings and destination weddings will keep things relatively casual, while dinner in a high-end restaurant will require a dress that is almost as formal as your dress for the big day.

Where To Buy Mother Of The Bride Rehearsal Dinner Dresses Online

Before we get to our top dresses, you can also shop around for beautiful MOB rehearsal dinner dresses online at these destinations.

Karen Kane

Products with Passion and Integrity

Fashionable clothing with sustainable and ethical manufacturing.

Karen Kane has beautiful options that look a little more casual if you are not looking for a full gown. One of our favorite things about Karen Kane is that they are size inclusive and have options for all sizes. They are perfect if you are looking for the boho chic look, and if you are looking for something that will be comfortable. They are a great place to check out if you are looking for good quality dresses.


Stylish Mother of the Bride Dresses

Price matching, free returns, curbside pickup, and top brands.

Nordstrom is one of our favorite places to look for wedding attire. They have beautiful dresses in tons of different styles. Their name brand selection gives you the options to try on things you normally wouldn’t. Nordstrom online and in store option is really helpful for finding sizes and colors you want. The staff is really helpful with helping you find what you want, and their styles are always up to date so you will always look good. It is a one stop shop if you are also looking for accessories or shoes.


Worlds Largest Online Marketplace

Try select dresses on with Prime Wardrobe before you buy.

Amazon has it all. It has the size and color variety that everyone wishes to attine. They will give you high end options and casual options. You can find name brand or less known brands. If you’re not sure what you are looking for then start with amazon to see all the options. They are unmatched when it comes to size inclusive brands. We love amazon because prime will get it to you quickly, and if you do have any problems then customer support will help you, and returns are easy. Most importantly, the customer reviews will be a lifesaver. The main worry is the quality and how it looks on the body, and the customer reviews will save your time if you check them out and see what others say about it.

David’s Bridal

The Go-To Wedding Store

Payment plans and financing available for affordable wedding attire.

Davids Bridal is a must on the list of places to look for dresses. Not only is the staff team there going to go above and beyond to help you, but any style or size questions you have they will answer. They can suggest what style looks best for your body type, or even help you out with what is appropriate for the dress code. Davids Bridals is known for their dresses, and specifically the ones you wear to a wedding. You should absolutely check out their selection and use the staff’s help if you still need options.

MOTB Rehearsal Dinner Dresses for 2021

From formal to flattering, these 5 rehearsal dinner outfits are sure to match your style

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Courtesy Alex Evenings

Long Mock Dress with Full Skirt

Starting from Around $89

“This is the PERFECT evening dress! I spent nearly 10 months searching for a pretty, simple and flattering dress to wear to my niece’s wedding.”


This mock-dress is sophisticated, classy, and perfect for Mother’s of the Bride of any age. The lace and sequin top has ¾ length sleeves and fits your shape without being tight and constricting. The flowing skirt is full-length but very wearable and comfortable for a dinner.

This dress has over 340 positive reviews and comes in 13 colors, ranging from Taupe and Champagne to Midnight and Black and White. It comes in size 6 to 18 in both regular and petite lengths.

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Courtesy Alex Evenings

Long A-Line Illusion Sweetheart Dress

Starting from Around $84

“I wore this for my daughters wedding. It was very comfortable! Dress is made well. Danced in it without a problem.


If you’re looking for something classy and comfortable for a formal rehearsal dinner you won’t go wrong with this long A-Line dress. With beautiful beading all around the neckline and cuffs, it is the perfect solution for those who want to look glamorous without a lot of work.

While this dress is beautiful all the way down to the ankle, the area that will show above the table is where it really shines.

Available in 15 colors and sizes 4 – 18 in both regular and petite, this dress is perfect for formal rehearsal dinners.

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Courtesy MUXXN

“This dress is perfect for Mothers of the Bride who want something simple.”


Looking for something a little more youthful or form-fitting? This dress is perfect for the Mother of the Bride who want something simple, on a budget, but that will help them look a million dollars.

The sleeveless look is flattering on women of any size, the cross-cut neckline is flattering without being too low cut, and pencil waist helps make your waist look as small as possible.

This dress is available in 16 colors, sizes S-XXL, and has over 1,200 positive ratings, so it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a dress to wow without breaking the bank!

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Courtesy Alex Evenings

“I really love this dress. It is very flattering- I’ve received many compliments.”


This mock dress and jacket set is perfect for weddings in colder climates and for mature ladies who would like the option of staying covered up while looking and feeling great.

The waist has a cut that pulls in to a center button, and the sequins are arranged in beautiful sweeping lines.

This set is available in sizes 6 – 18 in regular and petite lengths and comes in Navy, Pewter/Frost which is a lovely dusty pink color, and steel blue.

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Courtesy Botong

“The flowing chiffon hangs beautifully, without any excess fabric and looks incredibly classy. “


Not every Mother of the Bride wants to wear a dress, and if that’s you this 3-piece pantsuit is perfect. The flowing chiffon hangs beautifully, without any excess fabric and looks incredibly classy. Pair it with your favorite pieces of jewelry to really make the outfit pop.

The Taupe color is particularly beautiful, but it also comes in 5 other dusky colors, from dark grey to lilac. If you’re looking for something that looks stunning and classy while being as comfortable to wear as your nightwear, this is it.

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Courtesy Karen Kane

Side-Slit Midi Dress

Starting from Around $69 (was $139)


This dress is the perfect length for a mother of the bride dress, and it has a beautiful pattern. It also looks amazing and gives that perfect boho look. It is light and will keep you nice and cool and comfortable for the rehearsal dinner. It also has a nice slit up the side to give a little more structure to the way the dress falls, and it is a cute leg moment. This dress will make you look and feel beautiful without having to suffer with how hot it makes you.

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Courtesy Karen Kane

Cascade Wrap Dress

Starting from Around $108 


This dress is a little more formal and it is a sleek black wrap look. It is offered in all sizes which is great because it is a dress you could wear again and again. This dress sinches in all the right places and is a good length that is not too short or too long. If you want a little black dress for the rehearsal dinner then this dress is perfect for you, and it will be easy to accessorize and add more if it is not fancy enough.

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Courtesy Nordstrom

Lace & Satin A-Line Gown

Starting from Around $450

“Wearing this gown to my son’s wedding in June…. love the subtle sparkle on the bodice and the way the skirt flows when I walk. Very comfortable and easy to move in.”


This gown is perfect for a more formal type of rehearsal dinner. It is stunning and looks so beautiful. The A-line shape really compliments it, and the person who is wearing it will always look good. The satin going down the body always makes for a flattering picture, and will keep you comfortable throughout the day. It is a grey color, if you want a light color, but not white, then grey is a perfect option for you.

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Courtesy David’s Bridal

Beautiful blush color that is great for the mother of the bride!

This dress is a beautiful blush color that is great for the mother of the bride. We love that this dress comes with a jacket as well to give you the option if you are cold or just looking for modesty. This dress is beautiful and will look amazing on. It is not too long or too short, and it is really easy to accessorize because of how glittery the dress is. It is a great option to try, and a beautiful color.

Closing Thoughts

Find The Perfect Mother Of The Bride Rehearsal Dinner Dress Today

Shopping for your rehearsal dinner dress as a mother of the bride or groom doesn’t have to be complicated, and while it’s important to look put-together, that doesn’t mean you have to wear something complicated or uncomfortable.

Our top picks are as comfortable as they are classy, and that’s definitely what you should be looking for in your dress.

Not sure what to wear on the big day? Check out our complete guide to picking the perfect mother of the bride dress for your daughter’s wedding day!

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