The 14 Best Mother of the Bride Dresses for 2021

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Finding the perfect mother of the bride dress isn’t easy

You want to look your best for your daughter’s wedding day & these mother of the bride dresses will help you do it.

As the mother of the bride, eyes will be on you almost as much as they will be on the happy couple. Guests love to watch the joy and pride appear on your face as you watch your daughter (or son) marry their best friend.

While the idea of keeping track of everything going on and having the guests eyes on you may be overwhelming, a great outfit will help you feel confident and able to focus on the most important moments of the day.

When it’s your daughter or son getting married, it’s your opportunity to wear something more glamorous than you would normally wear to a wedding as a guest. You are a central part of the wedding party, which means you can – and should – wear a special outfit!

You can also check out some of our favorite rehearsal dinner dresses for the mother of the bride since we know you’re going to want to wear something different to each event!


How do I choose the right mother of the bride dress for me?

The best way to choose the dress that’s right for you is to talk to your daughter about any preferences she has about the colors and cuts of the bridal party and work with her to find something you are both happy with. The dresses listed above offer you a huge range of styles and colors, so you’re bound to find your perfect dress within the list.

Choose a dress you’ll be comfortable in, and if you are worried you’ll be thinking about sucking everything in on the day, consider purchasing a dress you adore and shapewear that will help you feel confident on the day, so you can focus on what matters.

When should the mother of the bride buy her dress?

Time flies quickly, so it is recommended to start shopping for your mother of the bride dress around 6 months before the wedding. This should give you plenty of time to research, try on, order, and alter any dress you end up purchasing. This also helps leave time for shipping in case the dress takes longer than expected to arrive.

You want to make sure that your dress not only looks good, but is comfortable as well as you will be wearing it all day, and will need to be able to walk and dance in it comfortably. Do not rush this process!

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What color should the mother of the bride dress be?

It is customary to avoid wearing white on your children’s wedding day. This includes most variations of white, such as ivory and champagne. This is of course completely open to discussion between you and your daughter, as some brides may not care if their mother’s dress is off-white or champagne with a lace or sequin design.

It is also recommended to avoid black dresses as those often symbolize times of mourning. Lastly, very bright and colorful tones such as pink and red should also be avoided to not feel as if you are “stealing the spotlight” from the bride.

What is the average cost of a mother of the bride dress?

This truly depends on your personal budget, but expect to pay anywhere between $50 – $500 on a nice dress for the big day. One of the advantages of shopping online is having the ability to compare prices and styles across the board without wearing yourself out shopping. Amazon offers many dresses under $100, and so does our list of dresses.

Avoid the frustrations of not finding anything suitable in-store by buying online

Your chosen dress may need to be a certain style or color to fit in with the wedding theme, you have your own style preferences, and you have a budget you want to stick to, so it makes sense to search for your dress online rather than walk through stores endlessly.

The best mother of the bride dresses fill you with confidence on the day and are comfortable enough to wear all day and into the night. To help you on your search, we’ve done the hard work for you! Here are 10 of the best mother of the bride dresses for 2020.

Seasonal Mother of the Bride Dresses

The Best Style for Spring Mother of the Bride Dresses

Spring mother of the bride dresses are going to depend on how hot or cold your springs are. You should go for some bright colors, or if your daughter has a color picked out for you then go with that. If you can find something with flowers even if it’s lace or embroidered. You really want to think about what is best for the season, and the weather you will be sitting in. Try to find a long dress, and most importantly comfortable.

Fall Mother of the Bride Dress Styles

For fall dresses you will want to find something with a little more coverage, and darker colors. The fall colors are usually earthy and on the darker side, but always ask your daughter what she has in mind. You will want to find something that works in both hot and cold, or find something to keep you warm to go over it. Always dress for comfort and to please what the bride has in mind.

Summer Mother of the Bride Dresses

Summer dresses can be a little shorter than the others. Usually a nice knee length dress is perfect to beat the hot weather. You will want to wear lighter colors, or whatever your daughter suggests. You can go for prints, and flowers if you like that style. Most important thing is that you’re comfortable and not going to over heat.

Styles for Winter Mother of the Bride Dresses

Winter weddings are great for richer colors, and usually the ones we associate with holidays. These are perfect for long dresses, and a heavier fabric that will keep you warm. Always ask your daughter for her opinion as see if she had anything in mind. You will want to be comfortable and warm.

Best Places to Find Mother of the Bride Dresses Online

The best stores to find the perfect mother of the bride dress!


Stylish Mother of the Bride Dresses

Price matching, free returns, curbside pickup, and top brands.

Why we love this brand

Nordstrom is one of the best places to start! We love Nordstrom because they have the name brand styles, and are always up to date on what is in style. They have tons of options from modest to sexy, and everything in between. They have amazing options, and if you want to try things on before you purchase then this is a great option to see the way different styles look!


New Mother of the Bride Styles

Curbside pickup, free shipping on orders over $149.99, and steep discounts on clothing.

Why we love this brand

Dillards is a great place to check out if you’re looking for something higher end. They have an amazing selection of name brand styles. They really do have it all. If you need the whole outfit then definitely check out Dillards. They have dresses, accessories, shoes, and much more. It is definitely a one stop shop if you want to find everything you need at the same place.


Expert Style Advice

Exclusive Mother of the Bride Styles, with affordable shipping options and in-store pickup.

Why we love this brand

BHLDN has its own section for mother of the bride dresses, so if you still aren’t sure of the dress code then they will help you out. Their options are stunning and elegant. They have amazing quality and they also have plus size options. BHLDN is a great place to look for ideas, and you will fall in love with tons of them!


Affordable Formal Dresses

Free shipping on orders over $75 and formal dresses under $100 in a variety of colors and styles.

Why we love this brand

Red Dress has some very beautiful and elegant dresses, and they are affordable. Mother of the bride dresses can run you a pretty price, and RedDress has those beautiful dresses, but with a more manageable price tag. You can find a great selection here and they are great quality that won’t break the bank.


Worlds Largest Online Marketplace

Free Prime shipping on 1000’s of dresses and Prime Waredrobe for select items.

Why we love this brand

Amazon has anything and everything. We love amazon because you can find tons of options, and you can look at the reviews to see what you’re getting. They have a lot of beautiful options, and you can shop around for the price you desire. Another great thing about Amazon is that they have any and all sizes, so you will be able to find a dress that fits and makes you feel beautiful. Not only will you have a bunch of options, but you can try them on and return them if you’re not happy with what you got. Don’t forget the quick shipping, just in case you’re the type to wait until the last minute like me.

Ashley Stewart

Stylish Plus Size and Curvey Dresses

Free shipping on orders over $99. Colorful and stylish options for any occasion. 

Why we love this brand

Ashley Stewart has sizes 10-36. They have beautiful and elegant options for you to choose from. They have beautiful color options to choose from, and they are designed to look good on plus sized bodies. We love that this brand takes into consideration that they are building for plus sized bodies and not just making dresses from regular sized bodies bigger.  

Beautiful Mother of the Bride Dresses for a 2020 Wedding

These mother of the bride dresses range from luxe to perfect for a beach wedding!

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1/10 – Source: R&M Richards


R&M Richard’s The Most Elegant Woman in the Room Dress

An elegant and simple midi-length lace and sequin dress.

This dress, as its name suggests, is incredibly elegant. The dress is figure-hugging and offers a simple silhouette. It’s available in a range of colors, from “champagne” (off-white) to navy.

It comes with a jacket with fluted sleeves and a perfectly cut waist, so you’ll look stylish even if the weather is less than perfect. It comes in sizes 6 – 20 so you’re bound to find a size and color combination to suit you.

$89.99 – $126

R&M Richards

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2/10 – Source: Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein V-Neck Gown

Create a flattering silhouette with this elegant dress.

This Calvin Klein fishtail dress is one of the most elegant mother of the bride dresses you’ll find if you don’t want that classic satin mother of the bride look. The cut of this dress is extremely flattering on all body shapes, is one of the best long mother of the bride dresses, and is very affordable for a designer dress!

It’s available in sizes 2 – 16, is covered in an elegant flower pattern made of sequins (without looking at all gaudy) and would be very easy to wear again for another occasion.

$106.91 – $308.20

Calvin Klein

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3/10 – Source: S.L. Fashions

S.L. Fashions Embellished Tiered Jacket Dress

Elegant and comfortable dress for all seasons.

This dress is one of the most comfortable and elegant mother of the bride dresses you’ll find. The loose fabric hangs perfectly from all the right places, and the sequin-embellished cut-outs at the top of the dress and jacket add structure to the press.

It has over 140 positive reviews, many from ladies who wore this to a wedding and loved it! It’s one of the most comfortable summer mother of the bride dresses available, which is well attested to in the reviews. The dress is available in sizes 8 – 18 and in seven different colors, so you’ll find a color to work with the wedding color scheme.

$70.99 – $120

S.L. Fashions

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4/10 – Source: BHLDN

The Plymouth Dress

This dress is the ultimate cool, relaxed and elegant summer dress.

Looking at summer mother of the bride dresses that are a step away from the norm? This dress is incredibly elegant and one of the most beautifully cut long mother of the bride dresses available. The dress has flattering loose chiffon sleeves, a relaxed tie waist, and intricate beading work.

It’s available in three colors and in sizes 0-18 and will be perfect for summer, destination, and bohemian weddings. The reviews are positive though seem to report you should order a size up.



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5/10 – Source: BHLDN

The Breena Dress

An elegant V-neck with a 1920s inspired shape and beading.

The delicately scalloped beading on this dress makes it one of the most elegant mother of the bride dresses you’ll find, while keeping a relaxed and comfortable silhouette. The sheer short sleeves are perfect for those who want to avoid a sleeveless dress, but also don’t want to sweat through their dress the moment they hit the dancefloor.

This dress is available in two colors and sizes 0-16, and the simple cut makes it appropriate and comfortable for mature ladies.



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6/10 – Source: Magbridal

Satin Jewel Neckline Dress

A classic satin dress with an elegant silhouette and jacket.

If you’re looking for a classic mother of the bride dress, this is one of the best mother of the bride dresses you’ll find. This dress offers a classic cut which is flattering on all shapes, with a shell jacket with the perfect length sleeves and decorative beading around the edges.

Magbridal, the designers of this dress, offer custom tailoring for free, so if you need a custom size (they offer sizes 2-26) you can get it. You also don’t need to worry about finding a dress in the right color for the wedding, as this dress is offered in 92 different colors!



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7/10 – Source: Alex Evenings

Long Mock Dress

If you want a long mother of the bride dress, try this long sequin lace mock dress. This two-piece silhouette style flows beautifully over the body and has a v-shaped back opening that closes with a concealed zipper.

The straight hemline at the bottom falls just above the ankles and the sleeves stop right after the elbows. Look and feel truly elegant in this long dress without stealing all the attention from the bride.

$70.13 – $300.83

Alex Evenings

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8/10 – Source: PrettyGuide

1920s Gatsby Maxi Evening Gown

With over 1,868 5 star reviews and coming in well under $100, this Gatsby style Maxi gown is sure to impress. Available in 14 colors, you are sure to find a gown that matches your daughter or son’s wedding theme.

Made from polyester with a zipper closure in the back, this gown has an amazing sequin design over the top with a long, flowing mesh trumpet hemline that looks like an elegant waterfall. This dress is available in sizes 2 – 22 to fit a variety of body styles.

$48.99 – 52.99


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9/10 – Source: Adrianna Papell

Floral Beaded Long Gown

An imported diamond in the rough, the Adrianna Papell Floral Beaded Gown is a true stunner. This gown is infused with elegance and flair that is sure to make you feel beautiful on your daughter’s big day.

Covered with an intricate sequin design, this gown is understated enough not to upstage the bride, while still allowing you to shine radiantly in every photo to look back on with a smile. Available in sizes 4 – 16 and known to run large, try ordering a size down to ensure you get a proper fit.

$320.99 – $346.13

Adrianna Papell

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10/10 – Source: MISSMAY

Vintage Floral Cocktail Dress

This retro and elegant cocktail dress features a full-lace overlay perfect for an evening wedding. MISSMAY creates beautiful vintage style dresses that can be worn over and over again in almost any setting.

The material this dress is made out of is stretchy for extra comfort, and the lace is lined and not see-through, a common issue with lace dresses. With over 524 5-star reviews, you can be sure this dress will exceed your (and your guests!) expectations.

$19.99 – $38.99


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Source: Nordstrom

Sequin Floral Short Sleeve Sheath Gown

This dress is perfect if you want a fun, but elegant look. This dress is stunning, and made with truly amazing quality. It is perfect for fall or winter weddings with its beautiful dark blue coloring. It looks amazing on and will make you feel beautiful wearing it.


La Femme

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Source: Nordstrom

Off the Shoulder Cocktail Dress

This desert colored dress is perfect if what the bride wants is for you to wear a color closer to white. It is knee length and very elegant. You could wear this for any season. It has a beautiful cut that enhances all the right places. 



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Source: Dillards

Lace Jacket and Embellished Waist Ruffled Chiffon

This light grey is perfect for the mother of the bride dress. Grey is one of the safest options because it is perfect for all seasons. This dress comes with a sweater over that can be taken off if it gets too hot. This material is great because it lays flattering and looks great in photos.


Jessica Howard

Pryce column dress

Source: BHLDN

Pryce Off-the-Shoulder Column Dress

This black dress is perfect if you are looking for something more classic. This dress is stunning and very formal looking. It can be used for any occasion, and the style of it is perfect for the mother of the bride. It covers modestly, but still has a beauty to it that shows the right amount of skin.



Frequently Asked Questions
Can the mother of the bride and mother of the groom wear the same color dress?

The mother of the bride and mother of the groom usually wear completely different dress styles and colors. That being said, it could be a cute idea to match, just check with the bride and groom first before making any final purchases.

The safest bet is for the mother of the bride to wear a similar color to the bridesmaids to stay on-theme.

What length of dress should the mother of the bride wear?

This is more of a personal choice that is decided between you and your daughter. If the wedding is more formal, expect to wear a longer gown or long skirt. If the wedding is outdoors or on the beach, then there will most likely be more leeway depending on the temperature and setting.

Try to plan with the mother of the groom how long both of your dresses will be for more harmonious picture opportunities and to stay on-theme with the wedding decor and setting.

Does mother of the bride have to wear a hat?

Traditionally, mothers of the bride have worn hats to their daughter’s wedding day, but it is not commonly seen anymore. With the amount spent on hair and make-up, many mothers want to show of their hair and not cover it up with a hat, especially if the wedding is in a hotter climate. Wearing a hat or fascinator is completely up to you!

Closing Thoughts

Shopping for mother of the bride dresses can be extremely stressful, so we hope our list can help you decide on a show-stopper that is both beautiful and comfortable to wear. Leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite dress style is, or give suggestions on new options for new mothers of the bride to explore!

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