Best Wedding Favors: Cute Wedding Mementos That Guests Will Love

Need inspiration for the perfect wedding favors in 2020? Look no further than our fun & trendy list below!

Kelly Salmon

Published on February 17, 2017

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November 21, 2019

Who says wedding favors have to be boring?

You’ve picked a day, a location, flowers and your dress and tuxedo are ready. Now you’ve come down to one of the last few items on your wedding to-do checklist, choosing what wedding party favors to offer your guests.

Giving party favors to wedding guests is a time-honored tradition that dates back to the 16th century – it’s a custom that needs your careful thought and consideration.

With so many great choices available, choosing the perfect wedding party favor might seem like a difficult task. But really, it’s not hard at all.

Here are some wedding party favor ideas that are sure to make your guests smile when they think back on your special day.

What are wedding favors, anyways?

So, you want to express your gratitude to your wedding guests for being part of one of the most memorable and special days of your life, but where to start?

There are a lot of ways to say thanks to them, but one of the most common ways is by giving whats called a “wedding favor”.

Wedding favors originally started as a passing of good luck from the lucky couple to their guests. Nowadays, favors are handed out as mementos of the occasion so guests have something to remember the day by.

That being said, the majority of wedding favors are quite lame, so we tried to wrangle up some interesting ideas for you to try that your guests won’t hate.

So don’t stress – to help you decide, here are some of the best wedding favor ideas that will surely impress your guests.

What to consider before purchasing wedding favors

Keep this in mind before committing to your wedding favor ideas!.

Make it Memorable

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event for the couple, but not your guests. Make sure they have something special to remember your wedding day by!

Make It Scalable

Remember your guest list when thinking of wedding favor ideas. Anything too large may be difficult to transport to the venue and adequately set up before the ceremony or dinner.

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Useful Wedding Party Favor Ideas

60-Piece Skeleton Key Bottle Opener Set

The set includes 60 copper-colored metal keys, 60 gift tags stamped “The Key to Happiness is Love and The Ability to Open a Bottle” and 60 beaded chains or ribbons for attaching the keys and tags.

For an extra charge, you can also have the wedding date and the happy couple’s names stamped on the reverse side of the tags. The Bride and Groom to be can get a head start on spending quality time together assembling these wedding party favors, how nice is that?

An excellent useful wedding party favor idea, and you can’t beat the price point (under $30, exclusive of order options and any taxes and shipping charges).


DerBlue on Amazon

Pack of 20 Mini Live Plants

Each pack contains 20 hand-picked live succulents, something your wedding guests will be able to enjoy long after the wedding’s last dance.

Each plant comes fully rooted in a 2-inch square pot that you can easily customize with either your own sticker or a cute heart-shaped plant pick.

Priced under $55 (exclusive of any taxes or shipping fees), this is a solid useful wedding party favor idea.


Shop Succulents on Amazon

Elegant Wedding Party Favor Ideas

144-Piece Set of Engraved 9-Ounce Stemless Wine Glasses

Quickly check getting wedding party favors off of your wedding day to-do list with this elegant 144-piece set of 9-ounce engraved stemless wine glasses.

Engraved on each glass is the phrase “Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After” followed by the names of the Bride and Groom and the wedding date.

The enormous amount of time you will save is well worth the price point (less than $250, exclusive of any taxes and shipping charges).

$239.99 + Shipping

Customgift on Amazon

Gift Boxes for 9-Ounce Stemless Wine Glasses

You don’t want to just put your Customgift engraved 9-ounce stemless wine glasses out on the party favor table and tell your guests to just grab one on their way out.

You want to offer the glasses in an equally elegant gift box. That’s where these lovely gift boxes from Kate Aspen come in. The gift boxes are white with clear sides to let you beautifully showcase the engraved glasses inside.

A set of twelve gift boxes is priced at just under $12 (exclusive of any taxes and shipping). Some assembly is required.


Kate Aspen on Amazon

Personalized Wedding Party Favor Ideas

48-Piece Set of 3-Ounce Hinged Glass Storage Jars

This personalized wedding party favor idea is also a practical wedding party favor idea that, if you’re able, you can personalize yourself. The 48-piece set of 3-ounce hinged glass storage jars by Stock Your Home is the ideal wedding party favor gift idea, especially if you’re planning a small wedding.

Dress it up with a personalized gift tag or sticker and then fill it with candy, nuts, herbs and spices—almost anything will do. When the contents are gone, your wedding guests and re-use the jar for just about any purpose. And at a price point of under $50 (excluding any taxes and shipping fees), you can’t go wrong.


Stock Your Home on Amazon

48-Pack Mr. & Mrs. Drink Can Insulating Can Huggers

This 48-pack of Mr. & Mrs. drink can coolies by Personalized Gifts is the perfect personalized wedding party favor, especially if you are planning a large wedding.

Each insulating drink can cooler has printed on it the names of the Bride and Groom, as well as the wedding date. Your wedding guests will appreciate this wedding party favor because they can use it long after the wedding is over.

Both a thoughtful and practical gift. The 48-pack is under $100 (making the overall cost per guest around $2), shipping is FREE so all you have to worry about is sales tax. A thoughtful and practical wedding party favor that gives you a lot of bang for your buck.


Personalized Gifts on Amazon

Cheap & Affordable Wedding Party Favor Ideas

50 Mini Silver Wedding Bell Decorative Favors

Want something simple and inexpensive as a wedding party favor? Check out this set of 50 mini silver wedding bell decorative party favors by Fun Express.

Each favor consists of a tiny silver bell and an attached customized gift tag printed with a love poem to encourage guests to ring the bell if they want to see the Bride and Groom share a kiss. Definitely a fun wedding party favor idea, right?

This wedding party favor is also easy on the budget—a pack of 50 comes in at less than $13 (exclusive of any shipping charges and tax).

Estimated cost per guest: less than $0.50.


Fun Express on Amazon

100-Piece Set of Drawstring Sheer Organza Gift Bags

If you’re on a tight budget, no worries! The Hoptreely 100-piece set of organza drawstring bags is the answer to your inexpensive wedding party favor gift dilemma.

You’ll have to do some personalization yourself, but that makes the gift seem more personal, doesn’t it? Fill the bags with anything from candy to spices—your wedding party guests will love it.

Priced at under $8 (exclusive of taxes and shipping) this nice wedding party favor will keep your budget in-tact. Estimated cost per guest: less than $0.25. (But don’t forget to factor in the cost of the contents of each bag.)


Hopttreely on Amazon

Unique Wedding Party Favor Ideas

1. Custom Fortune Cookies

Personalize the message inside of a fortune cookie to share words of love with your guests that they are soon not to forget. The small strip of paper that comes with the cookie is also easy to store and keep as a reminder in a wallet or purse, or even taped to a computer screen or kept on the fridge.

2. Tasty Candy & Treats Take-Home Bar

Perfect for couples with a sweet tooth, set up your own candyland bar where guests can self-serve their own favorite candies into bags to take home with them.

3. Customized Flash Drives

Send your guests home with a custom, pre-loaded flash drive or USB stick with lovely personal memories, photos, PDFs of the wedding menu and ceremony guide, and more! Once your guests copy over what they want to keep, they also have a back-up USB stick for future use.

4. Custom Scented Candles

A custom-scented candle is a great practical gift for people to enjoy later in their home. The beautiful scents will remind your guests of your wedding day all while helping their home smell better!

5. Bake Mini Pies

Give a sweet parting gift with a miniature pie for your guests. You can customize & home-bake your pies to save money and add a custom flair based on your personality. You can add a disposable fork and napkin so your guests can dig in right away or on the way home.

6. Cute & Simple Succulents

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly wedding favor that has a positive impact on the environment, cute little succulents are the perfect gift idea. Intended to be planted at home and grow to represent your love, these little succulents will beautify your guests home and give them a natural & eco-conscious reminder of your big day.

7. Sudsy Soaps & Soap Bars

This is one of the best wedding favor ideas that is so easy and simple to buy or make. It is affordable and open for customization by adding scents and other additives that you personally love. You can also choose to uniquely wrap your soap bars & bottles for your guests with name tags for an added touch.

8. Personalized Matchboxes

This is one of the best wedding favor ideas that is so easy and simple to buy or make. It is affordable and open for customization by adding scents and other additives that you personally love. You can also choose to uniquely wrap your soap bars & bottles for your guests with name tags for an added touch.

9. Antique Keys

Your guests have unlocked your heart by being part of your most memorable and special day. Surprise your wedding guests with stunning antique keys they can keep for the rest of their life.

10. Bud Vases

Appealing, modern bud vases can be created with the use of clear glass test tubes and small wooden blocks. You can add small flowers to every vase, put their name on it and you have just take care of your wedding favors and wonderful table decorations in just one shot.

11. Home-Made Balms & Creams

If you are crafty and love making your own scented balms and creams, why not share that passion with your guests? Purchase some coconut oil or shea butter, essential oils, and get to mixing!

Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Favors

How much should I spend on wedding favors?

It is really up to you, but it is normal to spend between $2 – $4 dollars on each favor, per person. So if you have a wedding with 100 guests, plan to spend around $200 – $400 dollars accordingly. This is of course up to the personal budget of the couple, and heavily dependent on the size of the guest list.

What do you write on wedding favors?

Try to write a short loving message, such as “to love and happiness” or something similar, but keep it short as you will be writing quite a bit. It is also normal to simply provide the favor, and give any special instructions or heartfelt message during the time for speeches and announcements.

Do you give a wedding favor to each guest?

It is traditional for each guest to receive a favor, but not unheard of to give favors to couples. If you decide to group favors make sure they are clearly marked with all names so nobody feels left out! If you plan to give a gift to each guest, a great way to do so is to place them on the plate of each person before dinner.

Do you have to have wedding favors?

No – definitely not. Most guests throw them away, so it’s important to make them unique so people want to keep and remember them over time. It IS a nice way to show your guests that you care, and provides a small token of your appreciation as a thank you for their traveling to be with you on your special day.

Closing Thoughts

So now you’re all set to take care of the wedding party favors for your guests, bringing you one step closer to your big day! Here’s to wishing you much love and happiness!



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