Best Wedding Video Editing Software Options for 2020

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We Reveal The Best Wedding Video Editing Software For 2020

Wedding video editing software doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated – whether you’re a complete beginner or have video editing experience, you can create a beautiful wedding video yourself (or for your clients) without breaking the bank.

Best software for wedding video editing

Just as high-quality video cameras have become affordable (the average iPhone has more power than most video cameras did twenty years ago), the software to edit that footage has too, and many of those options are incredibly user friendly.

“You can create a beautiful wedding video yourself without breaking the bank.”

So, whether you’re going to edit the video of your own wedding or start providing a service to others, here are 5 of the best wedding video editing software to choose from.

The 5 Best Wedding Video Editing Software Options

From Beginner to Pro, these are the top editing programs for wedding videos



The best for beginners on Mac®

Why we love iMovie

iMovie is the ideal beginner wedding video editing software, and if you own an iPhone, iPad or Mac, you’ll probably already have it sitting on your device. It’s free, is incredibly easy to use, and can produce professional videos even with the basic templates.

If you own a Mac and want to edit your wedding footage, try doing so with iMovie before you buy anything else. Chances are iMovie will do the job. Its interface is easy to use, clean, and all you have to do is drag and drop what you want into the timeline.

When you finish your video it’s easy to upload straight to YouTube or share elsewhere. While it lacks some advanced options, such as motion tracking, 360-degree video, as well as limited output settings, that won’t be an issue for most wedding video editors.


HitFilm Express

The best for beginners on Windows

Why we love HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express is completely free, provided you’re willing to share it on social media and has a great user interface that is simple and easy to navigate. Once you’ve got a grasp on the basic functions, you can easily put together an elegant wedding video with your footage.

Includes advanced features

Animation keyframing
Motion blur
Additional workspaces
Advanced export features
Support for 4k
360-degree video editing
Lens distortion correction

You also have the option to purchase add-on features, so if there’s a particular effect you had in mind, you can simply purchase the add-on that will allow you to do so. Since the software is free in the first place, a $9.99 expansion pack won’t break the bank.



Best free wedding video editing software

Why we love VideoPad

“It’s fast, it has a huge range of features, and it’s free.”

VideoPad is designed to be user-friendly for all, so is perfect for newlyweds, friends, and family who want to put together a video of their wedding-day footage. It’s fast, it has a huge range of features, and it’s free.

VideoPad is fast, offers over 50 different effects and transitions, and easily allows you to edit your audio tracks and apply additional effects. Most wedding videos are minimalistic in their editing, with elegant transitions and audio editing that emphasizes the emotion of the event, and VideoPad makes this easy.

Features to note

Burn videos to DVD/Blu-ray or upload directly to YouTube
Drag-and-drop editing
Add text and overlays
Supports all popular video formats and files
360-degree video editing
Audio mixing tools


DaVinci Resolve

Best free advanced wedding video editing software

Why we love DaVinci Resolve

“If you’re happy to climb the steep learning curve and start a new hobby, it will be worth doing so.”

DaVinci Resolve is a great choice for those who are a little more advanced in their video editing abilities but don’t have the need to invest in something like Final Cut. DaVinci Resolve is cross-platform, meaning you can use it on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and is the only software to offer 8k editing with color correction, visual effects, and audio editing all in one tool. Considering it’s free, that’s really saying something!

Some notable features

8K editing
Color correction
Dual timelines
Intelligent edit modes
Fast review
Extensive effects and tools for retiming, stabilization and zoom
Facial recognition

While it does have an intuitive interface for basic functions, it will likely overwhelm true beginners, and requires a high-end graphics card to get the best out of their graphics functions. However, if you’re happy to climb the steep learning curve and start a new hobby, it will be worth doing so. If you master DaVinci Resolve and get seriously into video editing in the future, you’ll be able to put off the expense of buying professional video editing software for some time. (The upgraded version of DaVinci Resolve is DaVinci Resolve Studio, which is $299.


Final Cut Pro®

The best for experts and professionals

Why we love Final Cut Pro

“Final Cut Pro is the industry standard for serious professional video editing.”

Final Cut Pro isn’t going to be the right option for beginners and one-time editors or even those who plan to continue video editing as a hobby. But, if this is a new profession for you, Final Cut Pro is the industry standard for serious professional video editing – provided you’ve got the computer power to do so.

Final Cut Pro features

Filters and special effects
Motion graphics
360-degree video editing and real-time VR headset playback
2D & 3D titles
High-quality audio editing
Advanced color grading
Additional plug-ins

Final Cut Pro offers a free trial and then a one-time payment of $299 if you choose to purchase the software. There is a learning curve to climb when you start with the software, but if you’re looking to start your own business doing wedding video editing, or simply want the best software available this is it – provided you have a Mac. If you don’t, try DiVinci Resolve, as that’s a great alternative.

Closing thoughts

Editing the footage from your wedding can be a lot of fun, provided you choose the right software. Overcomplicating things will just cause frustration and mistakes, so keep it simple if you aren’t going to be editing regularly.

If you think this may become a new profession for you, there’s a lot of great professional options out there to try before you choose a $299 option, so try one of these options and see which is the best fit for you.

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