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Should you buy over Enso or QALO bands?

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Learn More About SafeRingz Silicone Bands

SafeRingz started as “Younique Elastometric Silicone Jewelry”, or YESJ back in 2005 but rebranded to “SafeRingz” in 2010. This makes them the original silicone wedding band creator, and they are still going strong in 2020.For this review we tried out all three of the silicone wedding bands that SafeRingz offers: The Titan, Original, and Stackable ring were all worn and tested compared to a regular gold wedding band.

Keep reading to see why we think SafeRingz is one of the best silicone wedding bands available on the market today.

What Does “Proven Safe” Mean?

Since the company started in 2005, there has never been an injury to a finger that was wearing SafeRingz.

We reached out to SafeRingz, and their founder confirmed to us that “hundreds of people have emailed us thanking us for saving their fingers”.

Pretty awesome, right?

Hundreds of people have emailed us thanking us for saving their fingers.

– Matt, Co-Founder of SafeRingz

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Why Does the Inside of the Ring Say “YESJ”?

SafeRingz explains the YESJ stamp that is found on the inside of their rings:

“YESJ has a bit of a dual meaning for us… [we] keep the YESJ on the inside of the ring because to us it had also become a representation of our team saying “YES Jesus.” Our company’s founders are all followers of Christ and in addition to being committed to our spouses, we are also committed to our faith. We feel that the two go hand in hand.”

Is SafeRingz a Christian Company?

Yes – SafeRingz is a Christian company, and they do show the “Ichthys” symbol, often referred to as the “Jesus Fish” on their website.

This is important to note to any of our Jewish readers, or readers of other faiths that do not allow wearing symbols of other religions on their body.

SafeRingz Pros & Cons

Quickly see the best & worst things about SafeRingz below.



100% Made in the USA


Proven safe over 10+ years


Perfect for the Blue Collar worker



Only three styles available


Not as many color choices as other bands

How Much Do SafeRingz Cost?

SafeRingz are a fraction of the price compared to Enso Rings, Groove Life, and other top companies. Despite coming in at a lower price, they are still some of the highest quality silicone bands we have ever tested. 

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Are SafeRingz Really Safe?

If you work with your hands, you need a high-quality silicone band that you know will prevent a finger injury. SafeRingz calls themselves by that name not by chance, but by design. Below are some of the main items people look for when determining whether a silicone wedding band is safe to wear on the job.

SafeRingz Are Designed to Break

One of the reasons SafeRingz is one of the more affordable silicone bands is because they know their rings will break if they do their job right. Although they stretch to avoid injury, when there is enough tension the ring will snap off, saving your finger.

SafeRingz Are Made in the USA

SafeRingz are made in the USA using only premium silicone materials. Their rings do not get color swirls like many other lower quality bands found on Amazon due to using a custom pigment mixture. All this combines to leave you with a clean finish and no ridges.

SafeRingz Are Non-Conductive

Even though they look metallic, SafeRingz use ZERO metal in their silicone wedding bands, making them completely non-conductive. They are also one of the few silicone wedding band makers that do not stamp their logo on the outside of the band, giving you a totally clean look, which we liked.

If you work with your hands, you need a high-quality silicone band that you know will prevent a finger injury.

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SafeRingz Ring Sizing Guide

The sizing for SafeRingz is pretty accurate, but we recommend ordering a half size down. We normally wear a size 11, and the ring was slightly large, but it has been cold here recently.

Since SafeRingz tailors specifically to the “blue collar” workforce, they have introduced a new band late last year called the Titan. It is a wider band of 9mm with the same comfort fit design. They went with the wider design because these rings are only made in larger sizes for the bigger “Blue Collar” type of guy. They are available in sizes 10 through 18!!

How is SafeRingz Rated Across the Web?

SafeRingz is a great option for a silicone wedding band, but don’t just take our word for it!

Amazon: 4.5/5


SafeRingz currently has a 4.5/5 rating on Amazon, with 77% being 5 stars, and 10% being 4 stars. This means 87% of people who purchased a SafeRingz silicone band had an excellent experience.

TrustPilot: 4.5/5

(6,072 REVIEWS)

TrustPilot shows 86% of people giving SafeRingz a 5 star rating, and 8% a 4 star rating. Less than 4% of reviews were 2 or 1 stars, once again showing that the majority of people have an excellent experience with SafeRingz.

SafeRingz Military Discounts

SafeRingz offers a military discount coupon after verification, and gives back to the military

What Military Discount Does SafeRingz Offer?

One cool and unique feature about SafeRingz is that a portion of every sale made goes towards sending free rings to men and women of the US armed forces.

They also provide a special discount for military and veterans: if you verify your service through a quick and simple form, you will receive a SafeRingz coupon code to receive a second ring for FREE!

Click here to see the SafeRingz Military Collection

SafeRingz Styles & Designs

SafeRingz offers three high-quality silicone wedding band designs and options to choose from in a variety of colors.

Original Band

The original silicone wedding band that started it all back in 2005. This band is 6mm wide, traditional, stylish, and comes in 11 color choices ranging from black to pink. These rings are available in sizes 4 – 12 and are the most realistic looking silicone wedding bands for those who want a more traditional look with the safety of medical grade silicone.

Titan Band

“For the Big Guy”, the Titan ring is 9mm wide and is available in sizes 10 – 18. These thicker bands are designed for Blue Collar workers and are made with bio compatible medical grade silicon. They have been worn and saved fingers of Electricians and Construction Workers, Police and Military, and more!

Stackables Band

SafeRingz Stackables are 3mm wide silicone rings and are made to “stack” with a traditional engagement ring, or mix and match with any other rings you wear regularly. Perfect for hiking, rock climbing, cross-fit, and more, these thin bands are lightweight, meaning you will most likely forget you’re even wearing one.

Closing Thoughs: Are SafeRingz Good?

SafeRingz is one of the highest quality silicone wedding bands we have seen, and the price point makes it a total steal compared to more expensive band companies like Groove Life and Enso Rings.

SafeRingz are currently on sale for even further discounts, so why not give them a try? You can always take advantage of their excellent return or exchange policies if you change your mind.

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*Price last checked November, 2020

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