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Groove Life Silicone Rings


Are Groove Life Silicone Rings Worth It?

Groove Life silicone rings exploded onto the scene, but are their rings any good?

Silicone wedding bands aren’t like the wristbands we used to get for free from every store and non-profit that would snap after a few days – now, they’re tough, soft, and a genuinely good option for people who want to wear a ring but have an active lifestyle or have seen one too many ring avulsion injuries.


But do Groove Life silicone rings live up to the hype? The reviews on the Groove Life site seem to think so, but today we’ll dive in and take a look if they’re really worth the $30+ they’re charging, and if there’s any way to get a Groove Life discount code.

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What Groove Life Rings were reviewed?

For this review, we dove into the Zeus style specifically, as it is Groove Life’s newest silicone band made after three years of research.

This design has three layers, including an outer band, nylon middle band, and their signature grooved & breathable inner band.

Groove Life Zeus is a collection of ring designs that are made with anti-stretch technology for a comfortable and breathable ring option.

“Zeus is 3 rings fused into 1–the ultra-durable outer band, a patented nylon band concealed inside that does not allow the ring to stretch but still breaks, and the most breathable inner band Groove has ever created.”

– Groove Life

Is Groove Life legit?

Yep! They’re a completely legit company and you’ll always receive your item promptly when ordering from their website, or on Amazon.

With tens of thousands of Google-approved Groove Life silicone ring reviews, you can be sure they’re the real deal, and contacting support got us a response very quickly.

Where are Groove Life rings made?

All Groove Life ring customization is completed for you at their base in Nashville, Tennessee, whether it be an engraving of a ring or case or a custom paint job.

Groove Life Silicone Rings


All About Groove Life Silicone Rings

Learn more about how Groove Life got their start, and how they got to where they are today

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All About Groove Life Silicone Rings

How it all started: Groove Life Kickstarter

Groove Life was born when the founder, Peter Goodwin, needed a wedding band that would match and keep up with his adventurous lifestyle. When he couldn’t find anything on the market that was worth his money, he decided to make one for those and other people, so he headed to Kickstarter.

Groove Life was funded in December 2015, and Goodwin searched for the best possible materials and developed fully functional designs to create high-quality products for active and adventurous people who don’t want to have to choose between jewelry and adventure.

Groove Life started with just one employee in Port Alsworth, Alaska. Now a leader in its industry, Groove Life has over 50 employees located in a recently renovated school building in the ever-growing city of Nashville.

Groove Life Ring Sizing

Since silicone bands are naturally stretchy, so you may need to rethink what size you order

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Groove Life Ring Sizing

Are Groove Life rings true to size?

Groove Life rings are designed to be snug on your finger, although they recommend that if you are purchasing one of their anti-stretch rings, that you order one size smaller for an optimal fit.

Normally, our reviewer wears a size 11 wedding band, and it is made from gold.

We went with a size 11 and the fit was a bit loose, so we recommend ordering a half size down. This is because the rings are designed to stretch, and with a tighter fit, you are less likely to have the ring catch on anything.

This further helps you avoid any potential injury!

Groove Life provides different options to find out your ring size or check that what you believe to be your size is correct. This can be done through their very short quiz, an app, or you can print off a sizer for the most accurate measurement.

Do Groove Life Rings Stretch?

Most Groove Life rings are designed to stretch when put under pressure, and all of their anti-stretch rings will break in an emergency so that all you will lose is your ring, as opposed to your finger!

Groove Life Returns & Exchanges

Is It Easy to Return Groove Life Rings?

Groove Life Returns & Exchanges

Groove Life Warranty

All of Groove Life’s products come with what they call a ‘No BS Warranty’ which offers an unlimited Groove Life warranty for 94 years! Groove Life silicone rings are made to be tough and durable, but if your ring becomes damaged, cut, stretched, or even simply lost, they will replace it for just $3 shipping.

Groove Life Exchanges

If you receive any Groove Life rings or Groove Life watch bands and find it is the wrong size you can exchange within a month completely free, or if you find you would prefer a different color or style, you can exchange your item within 30 days of purchase at the low cost of $3 for shipping.

Even if you purchase a Groove Life product through Amazon, it will be covered under their No BS Warranty as long as you register your product on their website.

Groove Life Returns

If you simply decide that you want to return your purchase, Groove Life provides you with a 30-day returns window, for a full refund and no questions asked, although they do welcome comments on what they could improve.

They cannot offer returns or refunds on custom engraved Groove Life rings or cases, however, which is understandable but also a bit of a bummer when the standard Groove Life warranty is so good.

Popular Groove Life Ring Styles & Designs

With so many options available, how do you pick the right band for you?



Groove Life Zeus

Zeus rings are essentially three rings combined into one. They are made with a super durable outer band, the patented nylon band in the middle with safety-break technology, and an ultra-breathable inner band with grooves that allow air in to keep moisture away.

The Zeus design is subtle, strong, and masculine and we loved wearing it during our review.



Groove Life Kryptek

Groove Life Kryptek rings are designed to be as comfortable as possible, using a high elastomer blend. Like all Groove Life rings, these have grooves on the inside to provide you with comfort and that all-important breathability that other silicone rings just don’t have.

The Kryptek range of silicone rings has an incredibly unique snake-style camo that gives your ring a bit of an edge without being too flashy, but if you want people to notice your ring the red Kryptek and blue Kryptek Groove Life rings will do the job!


NFL Rings

Groove Life NFL Rings

Groove Life NFL rings are officially licensed, breathable, and durable silicone rings. Their NFL silicone wedding bands offer the exact same quality in your favorite team colors.

The rings also feature the official team logo, as Groove Life is licensed by the NFL.

They are hand-painted in Tennessee with the logo of your favorite football team and can be customized further with engravings.

Now you can show your team pride no matter where you go this football season!

Groove Life Deals, Discounts & Coupons

Find some of the best deals and special discounts on Groove Life rings below!

Groove Life Deals, Discounts & Coupons

Does Groove Life Offer Military Discounts?

Groove Life offers a 15% discount to active, veteran, and retired military members on a selection of their rings from the Hero Collection.

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Does Groove Life Offer Law Enforcement Discounts?

They also offer a 15% discount off a selection of rings in their Hero Collection to people working in Law Enforcement.

Other Groove Life Discounts

You can also get this 15% off a selection of rings in their Hero Collection if you are a medic or healthcare worker.

To get a Groove Life coupon code, you simply need to chat with one of the Groove Life customer experience specialists.

Closing Thoughts

Closing Thoughts

Groove Life silicone rings and Groove Life watch bands are perfect for the adventurer or physical worker. They not only look stylish and unique, but they keep your finger safe from any danger that would be posed by a traditional metal ring.

Groove Life Silicone Rings


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