The Best Non Metal Wedding Bands & Materials

Discover metal free wedding rings for a safer alternative to traditional bands.


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Metal Free Wedding Rings for Men

Non-metal wedding bands have become more popular in recent years because not only are they a cheaper option, but they also are safer and more realistic for everyday wear. Non metal rigs are perfect for both men and women’s wedding bands. These are the perfect alternatives for anyone whose job requires them to use their hands, or if you are just looking for a good quality wedding band that comes at a good price. You can also now find some of the best silicone wedding bands match up to traditional bands in term of style and design.

Best Materials

What are the best non metal ring materials?



Silicone is one of the best non-metal weddig bands because of how comfortable they are. They’re bendy and can mold to the finger, so they have all day comfort. These are the perfect bands for anyone who worries about damaging their rings or possible ring avulsion. Silicon bands have been making their way to being more popular because of the great price and reliability.

Wood Wedding Rings:

Wood wedding rings are a great non-metal alternative because of their durable material and smooth feel. These are great if you want a ring that is more unique to you, or if you really love nature. Wood rings are great for both the bride and the groom’s ring, so if matching is what you want then these are a good alternative for you.

Carbon Fiber:

Carbon fiber rings are one of the best non-metal alternatives because they are so similar to the traditional rings, but are a better price. You can find a lot of cool designs made of carbon fiber, and they are made out of stronger materials than the traditional wedding bands.

Top Non Metal Wedding Bands: Silicone


Enso Rings

Enso rings are some of the safest silicone wedding bands. Not only do they come with comfort, but they are made to break if enough tension is put on them, so instead of ripping your skin off they will snap and leave your hand undamaged. Not only will that save your finger, but they are also fairly cheap rings and you won’t have to stress about buying another one.


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Safe Ringz

Safe Rings was one of the first companies to create silicone wedding bands, and also are made to break and save your finger. They’ve been creating rings since 2005, and have not had any fingers damaged by their rings. This company is a high quality at a low cost option. The only downside is there’s only a few opinions for style, but they are perfect for a professional workplace or anytime a metal ring could create a hazard.



Maui Rings

Maui rings are high quality rings that are made from hypoallergenic materials. These rings have a special design that stop the ring from getting too sweaty. Maui rings has a wide variety of silicone rings for both men and women, and are perfect for the outdoorsy couple.



Groovelife Ring

Groovelife has been moving it way up the ladder of great silicone wedding bands. These have the design that stops the finger from getting sweaty, and dry quickly after washing your hands. Groovelife also is focused on making sure you have a comfortable ring that will keep your fingers safe.


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Non Metal Rings: Wood

Berch Jewelry Wood Rings

Berch Jewelry

Berch Jewelry makes beautiful handcrafted wooden rings, and since they are made of wood each ring will be its own unique look. They do make rings with designs, and different sizes. They have a great variety to choose from because of how many different types of wood there are. These rings are made to last a lifetime.


Santos Rosewood Wedding Ring

Berch Jewelry uses santos rosewood that is lightweight and provides a unique look. Perfect for a non metal wedding band or 5th anniversary gift.



Amara Ebony Wood Ring

This handcrafted ring from Berch Jewlery features two types of wood and is made using Amara Ebony and English Sycamore(Maple). Perfect for a unique two toned alternative wedding band or a 5th anniversary present.


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Non Metal Rings: Carbon Fiber

POYA Metal Carbon Fiber Rings

POYA Metal

POYA metal has a huge selection of non-metal wedding bands. They have a great selection for the Carbon fiber rings if you are looking for a specific design. These rings are high quality for a low price, and they still look just as good as the traditional band. These rings will be extremely durable and will last through everyday wear without showing signs of damage.


Pure Black Carbon Fiber Ring

This POYA Metal carbon fiber ring is made of black carbon fiber with a rosewood inlay. This allows for a stylish two tone ring featuring carbon fiber and a comfortable fit.


Manly Bands Carbon Fiber Rings

Manly Bands

Manly Band Carbon Fiber Rings are some of the best quality rings you can find, and they come at a low price. These carbon fiber rings are made for hands that are always doing a lot of work. Manly Band’s has a huge variety to choose from and their main priority is to make sure you’re satisfied with your choice.


The Ash Carbon Fiber Ring

Completely carbon fiber, The Ash ring is a perfect alternative wedding band in a smokey black color.


Closing Thoughts

Closing Thoughts
If you are considering a non-metal ring, and you don’t know where to start then you should focus on how much you use your hands, if comfort is a priority, or if look is a priority. These non-metal options give you all three of those as a priority, but it comes down to personal choice on what you’ll like best. Non-metal rings are going to save you a ton of money compared to the standard more traditional ring, but these rings are becoming more popular because of the safety features they offer. If you cannot get used to the feeling of a ring on your finger, then non-metal rings are probably the right choice for you. They will feel light weight and they are going to be more comfortable than the traditional ring. You can all it all in one small ring.


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