Best Non Metal Wedding Bands

by Heather Kuplast – Writer & Editor

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Non Metal Wedding Rings for Men

Discover non metal wedding rings for a safer alternative to traditional bands.

Non-metal wedding bands have become more popular in recent years because not only are they a cheaper option, but they also are safer and more realistic for everyday wear. Non metal rigs are perfect for both men and women’s wedding bands. These are the perfect alternatives for anyone whose job requires them to use their hands, or if you are just looking for a good quality wedding band that comes at a good price. You can also now find some of the best silicone wedding bands match up to traditional bands in term of style and design.

Best Non Metal Wedding Ring Materials

Discover some of the best alternatives to traditional rings with these non metal wedding ring options

Manly Bands Tungsten Rings

Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten is increasingly popular due to its durability, affordability and range of styles.

Not everyone sees tungsten wedding bands as the best option out there, but they do provide you with the comfort and durability you may be looking for and are often much cheaper than precious metal bands. Learn more about this unique wedding band below to see if it is the right choice for you.

Similar to wood wedding bands, buying a tungsten wedding band is a great idea if you want another material that isn’t the usual silver or gold.

Best Silicone Wedding Bands For Men and Women

Silicone Wedding Bands

Perfect If You Always Lose Your Ring

Silicone is one of the best non-metal wedding bands because of how comfortable they are. They’re bendy and can mold to the finger, so they have all day comfort. These are the perfect bands for anyone who worries about damaging their rings or possible ring avulsion. These bands have been making their way to being more popular because of the great price and reliability.

Chryssa Titanium Steel Carbide Ring with Brilliant CZ Diamonds

Titanium Wedding Bands

Get All The Shine Without The Price Tag

Blue Nile’s incredible collection of men’s titanium wedding bands includes a variety of band widths and accents, so find a ring style that’s uniquely yours.

Platinum Non Metal Wedding Bands

Platinum Wedding Bands

For a symbol of power and purity

Blue Nile has an even more extensive collection of men’s platinum wedding bands that represent strength, unity and purity and are tailor-made for the modern groom.

Best Wood Wedding Rings

Wood Wedding Bands

A Truly Unique & Natural Non Metal Ring

Wood wedding rings are a great non-metal alternative because of their durable material and smooth feel. These are great if you want a ring that is more unique to you, or if you really love nature. Wood rings are great for both the bride and the groom’s ring, so if matching is what you want then these are a good alternative for you.

IkonFitness Carbon Fiber Silicone Wedding Bands

Carbon Fiber Wedding Bands

Durable Material With A Modern Look

Carbon fiber rings are one of the best non-metal alternatives because they are so similar to the traditional rings, but are a better price. You can find a lot of cool designs made of carbon fiber, and they are made out of stronger materials than the traditional wedding bands.

Best Non Metal Wedding Bands: Silicone

See our top picks for non metal silicone rings below

Groove Life Zeus Silicone Wedding Band

Groove Life Rings

Ultra Durable Rings With Tons Of Designs

Groove Life Silicone Wedding Bands

#1 Groove Life

Most Options

Deal: Get Free Shipping

Groove Life has been moving it way up the ladder of great silicone wedding bands. These have the design that stops the finger from getting sweaty, and dry quickly after washing your hands. Groove Life also is focused on making sure you have a comfortable ring that will keep your fingers safe.

You can read our full in-depth Groove Ring review for 2021 here.

SafeRingz Silicone Wedding Band Review


The Original Silicone Wedding Band

SafeRingz Titan Silicone Wedding Band

#2 SafeRingz

MADE IN USA | The Original

Deal: Save 15% on all rings

Safe Rings was one of the first companies to create silicone wedding bands, and also are made to break and save your finger. They’ve been creating rings since 2005, and have not had any fingers damaged by their rings. This company is a high quality at a low cost option. The only downside is there’s only a few opinions for style, but they are perfect for a professional workplace or anytime a metal ring could create a hazard.
Maui Silicone Wedding Bands

Maui Rings

A Unique Symbol of Love

Maui Rings Adventure Arctic Silicone Wedding Band For Men

#3 Maui Rings

Most Unique

Maui rings are high quality rings that are made from hypoallergenic materials. These rings have a special design that stop the ring from getting too sweaty. Maui rings has a wide variety of silicone rings for both men and women, and are perfect for the outdoorsy couple.
Maui Silicone Wedding Bands

Enso Rings

Tons Of Traditional Options

Enso Rings Classic Elements Silicone Wedding Band

#3 Enso Rings


*Enter email & Save 10%

Enso rings are some of the safest silicone wedding bands. Not only do they come with comfort, but they are made to break if enough tension is put on them, so instead of ripping your skin off they will snap and leave your hand undamaged. Not only will that save your finger, but they are also fairly cheap rings and you won’t have to stress about buying another one.

Interested in More Silicone Bands?

Learn more about silicone rings, build quality and reviews of 20 top silicone bands.

Best Non Metal Wedding Bands: Wood

If you are looking for something more durable and natural, check out wood band options below

Santos Rosewood Ring

Santos Rosewood Wedding Ring

Fully Customizable Ring

Berch Jewelry uses santos rosewood that is lightweight and provides a unique look. Perfect for a non metal wedding band or 5th anniversary gift.

Berch Jewelry makes beautiful handcrafted wooden rings, and since they are made of wood each ring will be its own unique look. They do make rings with designs, and different sizes. They have a great variety to choose from because of how many different types of wood there are. These rings are made to last a lifetime.

Amara Ebony Bentwood Ring

Amara Ebony Wood Ring

Handcrafted Bentwood Ring

This handcrafted ring from Berch Jewlery features two types of wood and is made using Amara Ebony and English Sycamore (Maple). Perfect for a unique two toned alternative wedding band or a 5th anniversary present.

Interested in More Wood Bands?

Learn more about wood wedding bands, materials used, pros/cons and styles.

Best Non Metal Wedding Bands: Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber rings are a modern and stylish alternative to more expensive metals like gold and silver

The Ash by Manly Bands

Manly Bands Ash Ring

Manly Bands Offers Tons of Carbon Fiber Rings

Completely carbon fiber, The Ash ring is a perfect alternative wedding band in a smoky black color.

Manly Band Carbon Fiber Rings are some of the best quality rings you can find, and they come at a low price. These carbon fiber rings are made for hands that are always doing a lot of work. Manly Band’s has a huge variety to choose from and their main priority is to make sure you’re satisfied with your choice.

Pure Black Poya Rosewood Carbon Fiber Ring

POYA Pure Black Carbon Fiber Ring

Carbon Fiber Exterior with Natural Rosewood Interior

This POYA Metal carbon fiber ring is made of black carbon fiber with a rosewood inlay. This allows for a stylish two tone ring featuring carbon fiber and a comfortable fit.

POYA metal has a huge selection of non-metal wedding bands. They have a great selection for the Carbon fiber rings if you are looking for a specific design. These rings are high quality for a low price, and they still look just as good as the traditional band. These rings will be extremely durable and will last through everyday wear without showing signs of damage.

Non Metal Rings: FAQ

What can I use instead of a metal ring?

The best Non metal wedding rings which are growing in popularity are silicone rubber wedding rings. Their hypoallergenic properties and stylish look make them suitable to people who are looking for non metal wedding bands. Silicone wedding bands are also an affordable choice for people that work in professions where they must operate heavy machinery, medical professions and those in particularly active roles such as personal trainers or military. If you are looking for a ring that is unlikely to irritate your skin, these rings could also be a great choice in this instance too.

What rings are hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic means that the material is unlikely to cause any allergic reactions due to not containing or containing very low amounts of a material that is known for causing allergic reaction. Nickel is an allergen for a lot of people who are wearing a ring day to day so it could be a good idea to look into a silicone wedding ring for day to day. If you are set on a metal ring however, you could try platinum. A platinum ring contains far fewer allergens than traditional silver or gold but with this, comes with a much higher price tag.

What is the best metal for rings for sensitive skin?

There are several options available if you are set on a metal ring but are sensitive to wearing some metals. The best metal could be thought of as platinum, it looks great and has great longevity however you will find platinum rings to be at the higher end of pricing. Tungsten carbide is another great option depending on several factors but it is extremely strong and contains no nickel, unfortunately however, because of its strength it is not suitable for some professions and women’s ranges particularly are quite limited.

Are metal rings bad for you?

Whilst metal rings are not inherently ‘bad’ for a person, you may find that certain people have existing or develop certain sensitivities to the metal, usually the nickel element used to make up the metal. This can make day to day wear a problem so it’s important that if you are sensitive to any metals that you look into purchasing different options other than a traditional metal wedding band. Almost all metals will be mixed with other metals to help with their longevity and composition so its important to remember that just because a ring says 18ct Gold, it doesn’t mean that it’s made from pure gold, and nor would you want it to be as pure gold is much too soft to wear day to day, so it is mixed with other alloys such as nickel to make the final produce.

Can you be allergic to metal rings?

Many people are allergic to metal rings due to some of the different allergens present in the metal. Most people with sensitivity to metal rings have a mild allergy to the nickel contained in most rings. As discussed, some metals, however, such as platinum and tungsten carbide contain far less nickel. Non metal rings such as silicone rings are a great alternative for day to day wear.

How do you stop ring irritation?

Firstly choose a ring option that suits your skin. This will ensure that your skin does not begin to be irritated in the first place. Wearing Non-metal wedding bands day to day is an easy and inexpensive option to stop irritation. Secondly, care for your ring and skin around the ring in the proper way. For most this means washing and drying your hands regularly using a sensitive soap. Ensuring hands are moisturised and remain un-chapped in winter and ensure that you do not clean your ring using harsh chemicals or cleaners. If you begin to experience mild irritation, it is worth speaking with your jeweller as they can provide other solutions that help with allergies and irritation that come with metal ring wearing.

Why am I suddenly allergic to my jewelry?

Allergic reactions happen for any number of reasons; a sudden change in temperature could cause a reaction, as well underlying medical conditions. In most cases a new reaction is just something to be aware of, but if you suddenly find that you are having a more obvious reaction then it’s worth speaking to your doctor. If you start developing a sudden reaction it could also be down to the cleaner or hand wash you are using so this can be a good place to start if you suddenly find yourself with an allergy to your ring.

Why is my wedding ring causing a rash?

Sometimes, people are sensitive to the compounds used in even stable metals like gold. Another cause of a rash under your ring is trapped water and sweat that can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Non metal wedding bands are a great solution to this as silicone rubber used in most rings is unlikely to cause a rash if washed regularly. If you find yourself with a rash under the area where you wear your ring, this is likely to be the problem. Simply take your ring off to wash your hands and thoroughly dry the area before putting the ring back on.

What rings have no nickel?

Non metal rings contain no nickel and are instead made of medical grade silicone rubber that in most cases skin is able to handle without causing a rash. These rings are designed to snap under too much pressure making them safer for some professions. It may also be worth looking into Tungsten Carbide rings, platinum or palladium. Despite all containing nickel in very low amounts, they are generally seen as hypoallergenic and unlikely to cause a reaction but always speak to your jeweller to make sure that metal rings contain no nickel or other allergens.

What jewelry does not irritate skin?

If you are set on a metal ring, something like platinum, palladium or Tungsten Carbide, a very pure metal, may be less harsh on sensitive skin. Non metal wedding rings are a good option if you find your skin struggles with some metals. If you are sensitive but not allergic, many people choose a standard metal ring but wear a non metal ring day to day at work for example, then switch to their precious metal ring to wear in the evening or for special occasions.

What kind of rings are non-conductive?

There are a few different types of non conductive rings available. Maybe you are an electrician or in another career where a non-conductive ring is necessary. There are a few suggestions when it comes to rings that would be suitable, these are namely ceramic rings, metal rings with a carbon fiber inlay as well as silicone rings. Take a look online before going into the store as you may be surprised at the range of non metal rings available.

What are those rubber rings called?

Non metal wedding rings come in a few different varieties but something that is really popular is the silicone wedding bands. They are non-conductive, reasonably priced and come in many styles suitable for men and women alike. Overall silicone rings are a great choice for many which is why they are growing so much in popularity. Jump online to find some of our favorite suppliers.

Are ceramic rings non-conductive?

Ceramic and other Non metal rings are non conductive, so are suitable for electricians and other trades where a non conductive ring is important. Silicone wedding rings are also designed to break when too much pressure is applied which is why they are a popular choice for so many electricians , tradespeople and military.

Are tungsten rings safe?

Pure tungsten is toxic, so is not used alone in the making of a ring, instead the tungsten is mixed with other allows to produce a safe, non toxic and hypoallergenic material. Tungsten rings are extremely strong so are resistant to scratches and breakages. However, it’s worth noting that because of this fact it means they are unsuitable for some people. For example, many people look to buy a silicone ring because of the fact that it will break after around 40lb of pressure is applied meaning it is safer for certain jobs.

Closing Thoughts

Choose A Non Metal Wedding Ring Today

If you are considering a non-metal ring, and you don’t know where to start then you should focus on how much you use your hands, if comfort is a priority, or if look is a priority. These non-metal options give you all three of those as a priority, but it comes down to personal choice on what you’ll like best. Non-metal rings are going to save you a ton of money compared to the standard more traditional ring, but these rings are becoming more popular because of the safety features they offer. If you cannot get used to the feeling of a ring on your finger, then non-metal rings are probably the right choice for you. They will feel light weight and they are going to be more comfortable than the traditional ring. You can all it all in one small ring.


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