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Silicone Wedding Bands for Women

by Lauren Robinson – Writer & Editor

Best Silicone Wedding Bands for Women: Our Top 6 Picks

So, you’re getting married. There is so much to do and plan but what you are going to do about one of the most long lasting assets of the wedding, the wedding rings.

This is a particular pain point if you are someone that wants to wear a wedding ring, but will struggle to due to the nature of your occupation.

This article aims to find you the best silicone wedding bands for women and what you should look for during the buying process.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Silicone Wedding Bands for Women?

There are a plethora of choices available to choose from when it comes to silicone wedding rings, but let’s take a closer look at some of the points that are helpful to consider when making your choice.

How Stretchy Are Silicone Wedding Rings for Women?

Most people think that silicone is an elastic material, but this is not true. Silicone is very similar to rubber, which means it does have some give to it.

However, the difference in the two materials lies in their stiffness. While they both are able to stretch out, silicone doesn’t bounce back like rubber would.

How to Clean Silicone Wedding Rings for Women?

Silicone wedding rings are a great alternative to traditional metal rings and can be worn in the shower, at the beach and even while you’re doing housework and working out.

But silicone rings tend to get dirty over time, and cleaning them is a really important part of the story. The secret to cleaning your ring is giving it a quick wash in warm soapy water at the end of the day, as you shower or after any strenuous activity.

How to Measure for Silicone Women’s Wedding Rings?

Measuring for a silicone wedding ring is slightly different from a traditional wedding band.

Whilst you should consider using a traditional sizer as a guide, you will find that the best way to fit for a silicone band is to be able to fit it on fairly easily as it will be harder to remove, it shouldn’t be too tight that it leaves a deep mark or restricts movement of the finger.

That’s why most manufacturers use ‘small’ ‘medium’ or ‘large’ sizes to better assist in the fitting process.

Who Makes the Best Women’s Silicone Wedding Bands?

There are a number of trusted suppliers who make a great selection of silicone wedding rings that come in numerous shapes and sizes and can make the buying process simple which are all included in our choices as part of our best silicon ring guide.

What Are the Best White Silicone Wedding Rings for Women?

An emerging popular choice for many women having a silicone wedding ring, is to choose a classic white silicone wedding ring, the below suppliers all stock a range of colored bands and are trusted in terms of customer service and stock.

6 Best Silicone Wedding Bands for Women for 2022

Below is the list of the five best women’s silicone wedding bands you can find today.

Groove Life Pewter Thin Ring for Women

Groove Life

Thin Silicone Wedding Bands for Women

Groove Life Women’s Silicone Bands

Groove life offers a variety of silicone wedding bands for women in unique styles and colors. This collection of silicone wedding bands also include the Tin collection which are breathable rings with active lifestyles.

The solid thin pewter style silicone women’s wedding band is a great choice if you’re looking for something a little different to a traditional gold or silver color. This band is also slightly thinner than some of the other rings offered which is helpful for more dainty hands.

Groove Life offers a vast array of silicone rings which are designed for busy lives. Rings also come with a 94 year warranty! Products from Groove life are made with 100% medical grade silicone and benefit from maximum breathability with its well-designed inner band.

Saferingz Stackable gold silicone ring


Gold Women’s Silicone Wedding Bands

With a comprehensive sizing guide available and a range of classic rings to choose from Saferingz offer some really great options when it comes to quality and price from an experienced manufacturer.

This ring uses metallic colorants to produce a finish that looks like the real deal but in a ring that keeps your finger safe during strenuous activities.

White Maui Rings silicone womens

Maui Rings

White Silicone Wedding Bands Women

If you are looking for a white silicone ring with a hint of something different, consider checking out Maui rings.

One of our favourite makers has come up trumps providing a white silicone women’s ring that you would be proud to wear for years to come.

Enso silicone wedding Rings for women

Enso Rings

Classic Rubber Wedding Bands for Women

For a silicone ring that’s something else make sure you check out Enso rings. This iridescent mermaid ring is a total showstopper.

Enso rings offer so many original designs that you could even purchase several for different looks as they are stackable too. Browse the rest of the Enso collection and take a look at the thousands of 5 star reviews the company boasts.

Qalo rubber women's wedding ring

Qalo Rings

Stackable Geometric Women’s Rubber Wedding Rings

Qalo offers an extensive range of women’s silicone rings but has a particularly great selection of shaped and stackable rings. The geometric shape of this ring is inspired by Jackie O and the 70’s.

We think choosing this style of silicon wedding ring would really turn heads, especially if stacked alongside an engagement ring of contrasting colour or shape.

Knot Theory Silicone Wedding Bands

Knot Theory

Beautifuly Crafted Rings With A Full Design Team

The Best Knot Theory Silicone Ring for Women

If you want a more traditional band and an extremely comfortable fit, go with the Knot Theory Silicone Comfort Fit Silicone Band.

The Knot Theory comfort fit ring is designed with a custom curve inside to promote air circulation and giving what they claim a much more comfortable fit!

Made from micro-blasted molds, these rings are completely smooth in appearance, for a luxurious and high end look. They also proudly state that their silicone bands are designed to prevent “finger-muffin-top” effects from being too tight.

Honorable Mentions: Good Quality Women’s Silicone Rings

Best Rinfit Silicone Ring Design For Women

Be completely comfortable while remaining stylish with this unique ring design.

This patent-pending design offers a smooth look and feel that doesn’t stick to the finger and is engineered for active lifestyles.

There is also a warranty replacement guarantee if anything ever happens to your silicone band.

Best Thunderfit Silicone Ring Design For Women

We love this unique and abstract diamond design on this stackable silicone band.

An elegant design at an affordable price. This ring starts off a bit rigid but loosens over time. The best part about these rings is you can stack them with your engagement ring, or pair them with each other.

With 81% of people giving this ring 5 stars, we can see why hundreds of people love this truly unique silicone ring for women.

Best Women’s ROQ Silicone Wedding Bands

Glitter lovers be warned – you may not be able to get just one set.

These affordable and unique women’s silicone rings feature beautiful marble and metallic coloring. Made with medical grade silicone and at 5.5mm thick it is the perfect replacement band to pair with a cute outfit.

ROQ also offers a 100% money back satisfaction guaranteed, so if you don’t end up loving them, choose of their many other color combinations, although we love this one!

Colorful Honor Gear Ring Set For Women

Perfect for a woman who likes no frills, the simple design is an easy wedding band replacement.

Made in steel molds, the simple and plain Honor Gear Eternity band will serve you well. If you don’t care about custom designs, logos, or patterns then Honor Gear is the way to go for a simple affordable silicone ring.

Silicone Wedding Bands for Women FAQ

We answer some of the most common questions we receive about women’s rubber wedding rings.

How Long Do Silicone Wedding Bands for Women Last?

Depending on the maker, most silicone wedding bands are extremely durable. They can be expected to last for many years, however, it should be mentioned that by the nature of the material, if they are pulled too hard, they will snap.

This is actually an important feature of this type of ring to ensure the wearer does not damage their finger or hand whilst working with machinery if their ring was to get caught. After a few years, you may find that your silicone ring starts the stretch out slightly.

This is very common, so you will find that several of the business’ above are happy to offer lifetime warranties on their rings, meaning you simply get your old band exchanged like for like.

Where to Buy Silicone Wedding Bands for Women?

Whilst the internet is packed full of choices of silicone wedding bands, the above suppliers are sure to provide quality goods along with a great customer service and aftercare instructions.

We love Groove Life and Enso for their long quality guarantees.

Why Are Women Getting Silicone Wedding Bands?

As we mentioned, silicone rings for women are becoming more and more popular owing to the fact that women are now looking for a durable solution that can be worn in the workplace and in a social environment without compromising on style.

How to Remove Women’s Silicone Wedding Bands?

When fitted correctly, women’s silicone bands are very simple to remove by gently ‘stroking’ the ring off.

If the ring is too tight you will find it harder to remove, leaving a mark on the skin, this is a great thing to keep in mind when trying the ring on. Check out the different companies’ ring measuring techniques so that you get a great fit for the first time.

Why Are Silicone Wedding Bands for Women Popular?

Women in the sports and fitness, the medical professions and engineering should explore the silicone wedding band options available if they want to wear a wedding ring day to day in the workplace.

These days they are a stylish and inexpensive way to be able to continue wearing your wedding ring in the modern workplace.

Why Do Medical Professionals Wear Women’s Silicone Wedding Bands?

Medical professionals often look to silicone bands as a way of being able to wear their wedding bands day to day due to the antibacterial properties the ring has meaning it is less able to harbour bacteria.

Closing Thoughts

It’s easy to see why many women are now considering purchasing a silicone wedding band and we hope this article goes some way to showing you the best silicone wedding bands for women along with the best places to purchase and what you should be looking for as part of the buying process.

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