17 Best Beach Wedding Decorations For Beach Bums in 2019

If you are planning to have a destination wedding, you basically win at life. Here are some beach wedding decoration ideas to make sure the day is perfect!

Last Updated - July 8, 2020

by Dustin Otterspoor

February 17, 2017

A beach wedding is something that is exciting and fun for everyone involved, but thinking of beach theme wedding ideas for the reception and how to decorate the flat and barren landscape can seem daunting and confusing at times.

We want you to have a gorgeous, meaningful, and colorful wedding that is accented by beach wedding reception decor that matches your style and personality. You’re probably also going to have to think about what beachy wedding dress you’re going to wear on the big day as well.

That being said, we know you’re probably already spending a ton of money on travel costs and the venue itself already. That’s why we’ve put together some cheap wedding decorations for you to look at for inspiration!

How To Decorate For A Beach Wedding

Beach wedding decor is actually a lot easier to pull off than you may think. Because of the natural space, you will not need much besides chairs, some tables, and perhaps a tent. We have put together some awesome decorating ideas below to help take some of your stress away.


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Our Favorite Beach Wedding Decoration Ideas

Browse our list of fun beach decoration ideas to spruce up your wedding!


Candles In Glass Jars

This is a cheap beach wedding decoration idea that can help provide a beautiful ambiance to your wedding at night. Purchase some pure wax candles in bulk, and make sure they are not teacup candles because your guests will be able to see right through these jars.

Hold your candles by the wick and place them inside each glass jar, this way each candle is ready to light as the jars are placed along the table or aisle. The length of the glass jars should prevent wind from blowing out the candles, giving you that beautiful and natural light that only real candles can provide.

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Funky Cool Pinneaple Guy

These funky dudes are super easy to make, and will have guests entertained for hours! Great for a quick laugh and selfies, simply place some cheap sunglasses on a pineapple on each table, and adorn them with solar powered string lights.


Battery Powered Candles

There is something inherently romantic about candle-lit settings, but beachside weddings make this extraordinarily difficult due to strong ocean winds and breezes. Using battery powered candles eliminated that problem, and still gives you the overall ambiance that real, fire-lit candles provide without needing to worry about relighting anything throughout the night.

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Beach Wedding String Lights

Stringed lights really took off in popularity throughout 2016, and its expected that their popularity will only keep growing. They have a unique quality about them making them look both rustic in the light and romantic at night. Lighting is probably the most important aspect of a beach wedding as there will be little to no access to electrical outlets, but most stringed lights come available with battery packs to avoid this issue.

TIP: If you plan to use solar string lights at your wedding, make sure you set up your lighting early in the morning at least one day early so that your lights have a full 24 hours to charge, ensuring your party doesn’t end early!

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Circle Lanterns

It’s obvious that the bride & groom want their wedding to be memorable. Even though circle lanterns are traditionally used around New Years, why not give your guests that wow factor yourself but creating your own “festival of lights” to celebrate your love. Using circle lanterns as decoration and to provide light for your guests will add both beauty to your wedding and symbolize knowledge & wisdom.

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Tiki Torches

There are two benefits to using tiki torches at a beach wedding. The first is that it helps provide light for your guests as the sun goes down, and the second is that the smoke emitted from the burning oil naturally repel flies and other insects. A beach wedding really wouldn’t be complete without a tiki torch, and contrary to popular belief, not only Hawaiian or tropical themed weddings can pull off fire torches. Even the most elegant beach wedding can only have its character and atmosphere improved by the addition of tiki torches.

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Solar Powered Lights In A Jar

By utilizing smaller, solar powered lights in a beach environment, you can set & forget these decorations, and have peace of mind that the sunny skies will keep everything charged for the night festivities.

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Mini Fans & Misters

Less of a decoration and more of a “need-to-have”, providing your guests with small misting fans will ensure they have a good time and grandma doesn’t have a heatstroke. You can obtain electrical fans that attach to a small water reservoir, or look into simpler hand-held paper fans that still provide relief when guests are stuck under the burning sun. What’s great about this small favor is that guests can easily refill their misters down by the ocean if they run out of water!


Use Natural Driftwood

Before your wedding, take your partner down to the beach and collect driftwood along the shore. Your favorite pieces can easily be incorporated into the design, such as being placed on a table with candles and flowers.


Barefoot Beach Sandals

Who wants to wear heels while walking around in the sand? Take a practical approach by providing flip flops for beach wedding guests as wedding favors while also ensuring your wedding is blinged up.

We hope these beach themed wedding decoration ideas help make your wedding extra special. Are you looking for more ideas to make your beach wedding unique? Ask us questions below by leaving a comment!


Rustic Ladder Drink Table

Break out an old family ladder or buy one at the store to create this amazing and affordable beach wedding decoration! Add some simple wooden boards between the steps to create sturdy drink holders.

Our favorite thing about this idea is its versatility – you can put pictures, food, flowers, or anything you want on the steps of the ladder. Whatever you do decide to showcase, it’s sure to keep guests talking all night!



Create An Underwater World In A Wine Glass

Use your own wine glasses, or buy some cheap plastic glasses to create your own underwater oasis. Collect some sand from the beach and fill each glass to the halfway line. Then add your favorite shells and even a candle for a decoration your guests are sure to love, and that does not break the bank.


Rustic Wooden Signs

Buy or DIY – a cute sign like this is not only helpful to guests, but creates a great photo-stop for your guests to officially mark their entrance to your big day. If you do decide to build your own sign, get creative and write your own message of love to your guests!


Sea Shells In A Mason Jar

This simple and cheap beach wedding decoration is super easy to put together before hand and not worry about until the big day. You can customize this idea with your favorite shells and even sand, but we recommend using white shells when paired with either candles or solar-string lights to get the most beautiful effect at night.


Get Comfortable With Big Beach Pillows

Keep your guests out of the sand and comfortable with big fluffy beach pillows. Not only will this give your guests comfort and resting space between dances, it also makes the whole event look more put-together. One of the biggest concerns couples have with beach weddings is keeping their guests comfortable, and this is a great way to ease that concern!


Relax On Tweed Mats

Keep your guests out of the sand and comfortable with big fluffy beach pillows. Not only will this give your guests comfort and resting space between dances, it also makes the whole event look more put-together. One of the biggest concerns couples have with beach weddings is keeping their guests comfortable, and this is a great way to ease that concern!



Get super-tropical with coconut cups that hold drinks for your guests. Not only will these be great talking points, they will elevate the overall feel of your beach wedding to make it a truly celebratory event.

Closing Thoughts

Some parting beach wedding decorating tips

Keep It Simple

The main reason you’re have a beach wedding is to get away from all the stress of everyday life. Simple beach wedding decorations will save you time and money – white ribbon and flowers go a long way on the beach.

Keep It Secure

Chances are, it will be windy on your wedding day. Make sure your flowers and decorations are securely set so that they don’t fly away or fall over during the ceremony!

Keep It Light

Make sure you have plenty of wind-resistant lighting such as Tiki Torches or battery operating candles – this will help keep people warm and provide light once the sun sets.

Keep It Safe

Because there could be sharp or dangerous items under the sand, lay heavy tarp or blankets where there will be heavy foot traffic. Also make sure you keep a first-aid kit on hand in case anyone cuts their foot or steps on glass.

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