Best Wedding Accessories to Compliment Your Outfit

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Wedding & Bridal Accessories 

So it’s your big day and you want to add a little sparkle to it. You cannot leave out all the perfect wedding accessories. You have the dress, and that ring! Now you need to consider everything else. Grab some paper because this list will be important, but we got you covered. Whether you need shoes, undergarments, jewelry, ect. We got you from top to bottom!

What are the must have Wedding Day Accessories for the Bride?

These wedding accessories are must haves that are almost always overlooked, or forgotten about.  From head to toe we have you covered!


Do not overlook your undergarments! You will be sitting in these, and trust me you will want to be able to breathe. If you have a strapless dress you’ll need one that holds the girls up, and sucks it in. This is a really important accessory if you have a tighter dress and don’t want any lines to show. White is a beautiful color, but an unforgiving one. Find some undergarments that make you feel nice and comfortable. Now, if you have the garter toss on your list of things to do then you’ll want to find one of those too. Fine one that will not slide down while you walk!


Now shoes are either your favorite thing to shop for, or your least favorite. These are perfect for a pop of color, like blue satin or light pink, so a sprinkle of color may be a better way to say it. You can go all out and find some with jewels, or go for a more neutral look. You can wear flats, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Find the best shoe for you and your wedding venue; don’t try to wear stilettos to your beach wedding. Find something comfortable and make you feel beautiful. The day is about you, and if the one thing that screams you is converse then don’t let anyone stop you.

Coats & Wraps

Often forgotten about, but a coat or shawl will be a lifesaver for a winter wedding, or a night wedding. If you have a strapless dress and want a lace covering, or something a little thicker to keep you warm then do it. If you want a little more modesty then this is also a great way to get it without ruining the look. Find one that looks good with your dress for pictures, and it doesn’t have to be pure white. It will be really hard to match the wite of your dress unless it is lace, but you can find a cream of beige wrap that will keep you warm.


Gloves are around a lot less than the other accessories, but they are stunning and formal. If you want them just to take pictures then absolutely go for it, they look amazing in pictures. They have lace ones if you do not like the looks of the solid white ones, and they have the lace style that doesn’t go over your fingers.


Unless your dress has pockets, and if it does then drop the link because I want it too, you will want a small clutch. Something easy to carry around for your phone, some lipstick, and any other essentials. They also have so many beautiful options to jazz up your outfit. This is often something that will be left on a table or handed to someone. You don’t need one, but you may regret not having one.

What are the best wedding hair accessories?

A couple important things to consider when you’re looking at hair accessories is how are you styling your hair, and what kind of look are you going for. The tiara and veil are the classic look that many people are moving away from. Try it on for fun, and then find what you like. If your hair is up then some beautiful jeweled pins will look so amazing. Having your hair up will give you lots of options to add accessories to your hair. If your hair is down then flowers will look beautiful. There is no limit to what you can do, you just have to see what you like best. If you want a classic look then yes tiaras and veils are the way to go. You can experiment with flower crowns and full jeweled pieces. If you want to go for the minimalistic look you can find pins with sing jewels and have those incorporated in a braid.

Should I have a veil for my wedding?

Veils are traditional, and definitely try one on with your dress just to see and experiment. They don’t have to be worn over your face if you don’t like that part of it. Veils are up to you, and your preference. There are many types of veils out there too, so you have options if you like the look of them.

What jewelry goes well with a wedding gown?

Jewelry is one of the most important accessories! You already have that beautiful ring on your finger, and now what else do you need. A lot of people tend to get jewelry from their parents and grandparents to wear. You’ll want some beautiful earrings to compliment the dress, if your hair is up then get some cute dangly earrings. Most go for the iconic string of pearls, but a short necklace is also great. You want to stay away from anything too long and dagley. Short to the collarbone necklaces are beautiful, or if your dress goes all the way up then you may not even need a necklace. Don’t forget a bracelet too! If you have a simple dress htne go all out with your accessories, and if your dress is more flashy then don’t feel the need to get every singl;e one of these. Make sure you compliment the dress and your taste.

Where are the best places to find Wedding Accessories Online?


Davids Bridal

Creating head–to–toe bridal looks

One in three brides in the United States purchases her dress from David’s Bridal.

About Davids Bridal

David’s bridal will have all of the classic accessories you can think of. This is the perfect place to look if you want to try on or see all of the options offered to you. 


Sophisticated, Chic and Modern Styles

Lulus invest in superior construction and high-end finishes to make your Lulus purchase a true representation of affordable luxury.

About Lulus

Lulus will have more modern accessories, so if you want to see other styles that are more chic then Lulus is the place to go. This is the perfect place to look for a bride who wants to look a little sexy.


Support independent creators

Etsy is a global online marketplace, where people come together to make, sell, buy, and collect unique items.

About Etsy

Etsy will provide you with unique and beautiful accessories. If there is something specific you can’t find anywhere then go to etsy. Their sellers are so helpful, and if they do accessories they will customize them for you.


Earth’s most customer-centric company

Amazon offers fast shipping times and an outstanding satisfaction guarantee.

About Amazon

Amazon is quick and easy. You know what you want and you want it fast then Amazon won’t let you down. They have a large variety of things and always have what you’re looking for.

Gabriel & Co.

Designed with ❤️ in NYC

Pieces are born from passion and handmade with strict standards.

About Gabriel & Co.

If you are looking for a classic jewelry shop then try out Gabriel & Co. They have stunning jewelry and a huge variety. If you want classy and elegant they are perfect for you.

Kay Jewelers

Leading Jewelry Store in America

Virtual jewelry consulting, in store pickup, and several ways to pay with credit and financing.

About Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers is another great option that has been bringing love for years. They have all the essentials and some on top of that. They are one of the go to places for the best jewelry.


Because an outfit without accessories just isn’t the same

Continually strive to make your experience with them as seamless as possible with free shipping and returns.

About ASOS

ASOS brings you great accessories at an even better price. They also have undergarments and things other than jewelry. They have a small selection and are great for minimalistic looks.

Closing Thoughts

You already are going to look amazing in that dress, and now with those accessories absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Find what you like, and it is okay to not like the traditional look. You want to find what matches your personal style and what will make you feel good walking down that aisle. Whether you need more modest and traditional wedding accessory ideas, or you want to go for a fun and sexy look you can find the accessories that fit you.


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