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Mens Black Wedding Bands for an Alternative Look

The black wedding bands move away from the traditional gold or silver look, but still keeps it classy..

Black wedding bands are a simple and beautiful alternative that will always be in style. The black wedding bands move away from the traditional gold or silver look, but still keeps it classy. The material is one of the main reasons people look for black wedding bands instead of others. The metals used for black wedding bands are more resistant to everyday wear. These wedding bands also are perfect for both men and women because of the variety they offer.

Black Wedding Ring FAQs

What does a black wedding ring mean?

Black wedding bands have had many meanings throughout history, but often symbolize strength, power, and 100% commitment. Although, nowadays that is to be expected from any wedding ring, so black wedding bands are now just a personal choice in style.

Why choose a black wedding ring?

Black wedding bands are often made out of tungsten which is a much stronger metal than gold and silver. The black look is always a sleek and comfortable look. The materials are scratch resistant and they can handle a lifetime of wear because of the metals. If you work with your hands, or just don’t want the stress of worrying about your ring then black wedding rings are the best way to go.

What are black wedding bands made out of?

Black wedding bands can be made out of many different types of materials, but are most commonly made from steel, tungsten, or carbon fiber. Of course, like any other type of metal you can personalize them and add diamonds or designs onto the ring based on your personal tastes.

Black Wedding Band Styles & Materials


Tungsten: Tungsten Carbide Black PVD

This ring has a classic look, and will always be in style. It comes in multiple widths which allows you to get what you prefer, and that also means it can be worn for any gender. It is made to be comfortable, so you won’t have to worry about any irritants with this ring.



Titanium: Black Matte Finish Titanium Wedding Band

This ring is a great price and has a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. This ring has a classic look, but with a little more design than just plain black. It has glossy sides and a matte inside which gives it a beautiful two tone look. It is made from strong materials and meant to last.


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Stainless Steel: Black Ion-Plated Stainless Steel

This ring has a beautiful design that will add originality and personality to the look. Black wedding bands can stand out more than people often think, and this is a good example of it. The band is made of stainless steel and has a black iron plate finish which makes it durable and made to be worn without taking damage.



Silicon: Classic Elements by Enso

If you want the classic look of a black ring, but are looking for optimal comfort then the black silicone wedding band will be perfect for you. Since it is black, at first glance people won’t even realize it is not a metal band, and you will be saving a chunk of money by getting silicon. This band is perfect for busy hands, and for someone who wants a ring without feeling like they’re wearing a ring.


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Best Black Diamond Wedding Rings


Mens Black Diamond Band – Tungsten

This black wedding band has a black 1/20 ct diamond and two toned inside and outside look. Has a beautiful dark blue on the inside of the ring and black on the outside with a small black diamond for style. Simple and elegant look that takes the black wedding band look to the next level.



Neil Lane Black Diamond Band ½ ct and 14k White Gold

This elegant ring features a white gold band edged with small black diamonds around the top and bottom edges of the band. This band is unique and has more personality than the simple black bands. The white gold looks amazing with the black diamonds, and this look is perfect for someone who wants a change from the traditional look.


Best Places to Find Black Wedding Bands Online

Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers Black Wedding Bands

With over 30 black wedding rings in a variety of styles,materials, and prices, Kay is a great choice to find your next wedding band. Rings come in Tungsten, Stainless Steel and Titanium. They feature design elements from simple bands to diamond encrusted, carbon fiber or wood inlay.


Black Wedding Rings at SuperJewler

If you are looking for affordable rings, SuperJewler has you covered. With black wedding bands starting at $19.99, you are sure to find an affordable black ring.


Zales Black Wedding Rings

Zales offers a huge selection of Black wedding bands with over 50 options to choose from. From carbon fiber lined to black sapphire lined rings, you can find a design that matches your style and your budget.


Find Black Wedding Bands on Amazon

You can find nearly anything on Amazon, and black wedding bands are no exception. With a huge selection of black wedding rings in a variety of budgets, you should easily find one that fits you.

Closing Thoughts

Closing Thoughts
You cannot go wrong with a black wedding band. They are made from superior materials that keep them looking new after years of use. They also can be found at a really good price which relieves any stress of ever losing or significant damage happening to them. They come in so many different styles that you can truly make it your own. They are ideal for sustainability, pricing, and look. Black wedding bands are in the end a style choice, and they are becoming more and more popular because of their reliability. They keep it classy while not breaking the bank or breaking on your finger.


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