Best Pokemon Wedding Rings and Bands: For Him & Her

by Lauren Robinson – Writer & Editor

Best Pokemon Wedding Rings & Bands in 2022

“I choose you”, the most loving words to come from your avid Pokémon fanatic partner.

A wedding band symbolizes an unbreakable bond of love for one another through time. What better way to show your love, than to have a Pokémon wedding ring representing a timeless love, much like the series.

Do you want something so perfect, with a design detail showcasing how much you care? Are you looking for a pair of Pokémon wedding bands that no one else is wearing? Here are the best Pokémon wedding rings and bands.

His & Hers Pokémon Wedding Rings

Pokémon rings come in many different kinds. You can find both men’s and women’s wedding bands and engagement rings. They also can come with different Pokémon on them, have a subtle Pokémon holding a small diamond, or just have a Pokémon engraving on a band.

Are There Pokémon Wedding Rings Bands for Men?

The design in men’s wedding rings has really taken off in the last 10 years. You no longer have to settle for that boring, thin gold wedding band anymore.

A Pokémon lover can now express himself with a wide variety of Pokémon wedding rings. From silver, classic gold, tungsten, silicone, to white gold, the choices are almost endless online.

Are There Women’s Pokémon Wedding Rings Bands?

Like always, women have the most variety when it comes to Pokémon wedding bands. You can get both Pokémon engagement rings and wedding bands in any style you like.

They make so many different options to meet everyone’s style. From cute classic rings, to statement pieces, you are sure to find the Pokémon ring for your liking.

4 Best Places to Find Women’s and Men’s Pokémon Wedding Rings

There are many online stores that offer breathtaking Pokémon wedding bands for you to choose.

The best stores will offer excellent craftsmanship, customizations, warranties, and multiple rings to choose from.

The 4 best online places to find your dream Pokémon ring are:

1. You Can Find Pokémon Wedding Rings on Amazon

One of the best places for Pokémon rings would be on amazon. You can find almost any style, color and setting for the Pokémon ring you would like to buy.

Below is a good link to take you to a general Pokémon engagement ring search. They also offer cool Pokéball engagement ring boxes and more. Some notable rings on Amazon include Garnet sterling silver Pokéball ring, Pikachu wedding band ring and Pokémon 14K white gold plated wedding ring.

2. Pokémon Center Wedding Rings

The Pokémon Center also offers numerous wedding rings featuring some beloved Pokémon on them. You can click the link below and in the search bar type in rings.

Some beautiful rings are: sterling silver running Pikachu ring, sterling silver RockLove: Sylveon rings and sterling silver RockLove: Pikachu stacking rings.

3. Go Through Venus Tears Website and Shopify to Find Pokémon Wedding Rings

Another website to find unique Pokémon engagement and wedding rings is Venus Tears. They offer a huge Pokémon collection featuring gold, silver or two-tone engagement rings and wedding bands. They also have more traditional looking wedding rings.

They sell both men’s wedding bands as well as couples wedding bands as well. All their wedding rings are made of true high-quality materials as well as high quality craftsmanship.

Their Pikachu engagement ring has a lovely design featuring Pikachu holding a small diamond. This ring really encompasses the starting of a new life for both you and your partner.

They also offer a very unique couples wedding band set that features gold plated Pokéballs all around the ring meeting one master ball in the middle.

Venus Tears Shopify store also has a vast inventory of men’s wedding bands for the Pokémon loving husband, or anyone else who just likes the designs. Some of their wedding bands have a wave or curve to the ring. This allows the ring to complement your finger by making it seem slimmer and producing a more elegant look.

This men’s platinum and 18K yellow gold electric Pikachu wedding band is absolutely alluring. It features an electric Pokémon running around the band that encircles the inspiration of your devotion of your love being as electrifying as the start. This band will pair perfectly with a Pikachu engagement ring for a special moment that will surely last forever.

Despite being a fan favorite, there are not many Charizard wedding rings available online.

4. Great Selection of Pokémon wedding rings for guys and girls on Etsy

A wedding ring is the symbol of your official union of marriage and is a good idea to get something that not only looks inviting but also something that you absolutely love. This ring will be worn everyday by you and getting something that you would love to wear all the time is very important.

Pokémon wedding and engagement rings can also symbolize a special bonding over Pokémon that you and your partner share. Etsy is also a very good choice when it comes to ring shopping. You can order the ring just like it is in the description and depending on the seller, you can also get the ring customized.

One of the most unique men’s wedding bands on Etsy would have to be the engraved men’s rings. You can absolutely get anything Pokémon related to be engraved on your ring. Much like this very handsome Pokémon band that features the phrase “I choose you” symbolizing the everlasting bond of marriage.

Etsy also features your more traditional wedding rings made of sterling silver or plated gold. This fully customizable Pikachu engagement ring can come in sterling silver, 10K white gold or 14K white gold and is a perfect example of how you can truly get a one-of-a-kind unique ring for your partner.

Types of Pokémon Themed Wedding Rings

Pokémon wedding ring fire

Pokemon Fire Wedding Band

Why We Love Fire Pokemon Ring

Water, fire and grass, this trio is the most iconic design in Pokémon history. The Pokémon element trio rings are sure to take your breath away.

This beautiful 1.6 Ct Diamond Pokémon Fire ring features a Pokéball on an arrow. Showing similarities to the famous Cupid heart arrow. Surely the person who is wearing this is lucky to have a loving partner.

Pokemon Water Pokeball Diamond Wedding Ring

Water Pokemon Wedding Ring

Why We Love Water Pokemon Ring

This Water Pokéball diamond ring is the most spectacular example of a water ring. The design makes it feel as if it were truly a wave of love on your finger.

Pokemon Leafeon Wedding Ring

Grass Pokemon Wedding Ring

Why We Love Grass Pokemon Ring

This Leafeon inspired white gold emerald ring is the perfect match for a grass Pokémon lover. The band wraps around a green emerald with leaf-like hands, holding it in place.

Pokémon aqua magma wedding rings

Silver Blue Pokemon Wedding Ring

Why We Love Aqua Magma Pokemon Ring

This sterling silver blue diamond Pokéball ring would be the perfect match for any fan of water Pokémon. With beautiful blue flowers on the sides and a half blue Pokéball diamond on top.

Pokemon Flareon Engagement Band

Royalty Pokemon Wedding Ring

Why We Love Flareon Pokemon Ring

This beautiful Flareon inspired rose gold ruby engagement ring is absolutely breath taking and looks like it is made for royalty.

This ring come customizable with 10K rose gold, 14K rose gold or 18K rose gold and is a steal for the quality and look that you get. The ruby looks as if it contains magma. This ring would surely make any Team Magma fan’s eyes light up.

Pokémon Ruby Sapphire Wedding Rings

Pokemon Ruby Wedding Ring

Why We Love Ruby Pokemon Ring

Do not miss out on this ring if you are a Pokémon Ruby fan! This beautiful sterling silver and cubic zirconia has excellent craftsmanship and looks very elegant.

Pokemon Vaporeon Aquamarine Wedding Ring

Pokemon Aquamarine Wedding Band

Why We Love Pokemon Vaporeon Aquamarine Engagement Ring

This stunning white gold engagement ring is the perfect choice for any Pokémon Sapphire fan. The craftsmanship for this ring is astonishing, though with several customizations, you can make this ring even more personalized for your liking.

Pokémon Pikachu zircon silver rings for women wedding engagement set

Pokemon Pikachu Wedding Band

Why We Love Pokemon Pikachu Engagement Ring

This K18 yellow gold zircon Pikachu ring is beautiful. The silver band features two gold Pikachu’s running towards the diamond in the center. This simple, yet stunning feature, signifies both you and your partner’s love that you both share.

What to Look for When Choosing Male Wedding Bands Pokémon

One of the most important things you need to look for when choosing a male Pokémon wedding band is the quality of the craftsmanship. Just because the picture looks amazing, you still need to be cautious about buying jewelry online since you will want something genuine.

Buying from a quality jewelry store like Venus Tears or even handmade from a verified Etsy store is the way to go when buying male Pokémon wedding bands.

You also should check and make sure the ring also comes with a warranty for resizing or any damage to the ring due to regular wear and tear. Most Etsy sellers offer a 1-year warranty on their rings.

What to Look for When Choosing Pokémon Wedding Rings for Women

Much like with men’s Pokémon wedding rings, for women, you still need to look for the same things. Craftsmanship is one of the biggest factors to consider when choosing a women’s ring.

You may also want to find a ring that you can customize, to truly make this ring a one-of-a-kind ring that defines who you are as well as symbolizing your marriage.

Most Etsy stores offer customizable wedding rings where you can pick the band material, as well as engraving. Also, looking for warranties are must as well.

Many places will offer a 1-year warranty on resizing as well as fixing the ring. Some sites will offer these services, but they will charge you a fee to do so.

Pokemon Wedding Band FAQ

We answer some of the most common questions we receive about Pokemon wedding rings.

Are Pokémon Wedding rings and bands expensive?

Pokémon wedding rings and bands can get expensive. You can find some very decently priced rings made of sterling silver for around $30-$200. Some more high-quality Pokémon rings and bands can go for up to $2,000.

Can guys wear a Pokémon wedding band?

Yes! Guys can wear a Pokémon wedding band. There are many sites (Venus Tears and Etsy) that offer a men’s selection for Pokémon wedding bands.

Where is the best place to find high-quality Pokémon wedding rings?

The best place to find high-quality Pokémon wedding rings is Venus Tears. They have around 150 craftsmen working to make custom-made, unique rings to be loved and worn for a lifetime.

Closing Thoughts

A wedding ring is something that is truly a one-of-a-kind, personalized gift to your partner.

The best Pokémon wedding rings and bands not only incorporate your passion for Pokémon, but also your love for your partner with a high quality personalized ring.

Following the key points in this article will allow you to choose the best Pokémon wedding ring and band for a lifetime of love and happiness!

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