Baby Wedding Dress: Cute Baby Flower Girl & Wedding Day Outfits

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Todler & Baby Dresses for Weddings

Baby dresses for weddings are so adorable, and they are the perfect chance to play princess! This is the perfect time for you to make your little girl look just like the princess she is. Little girl dresses are the cutest thing out there. You can choose to have her match you and your partner, if you want those cute matchy pictures. You can also just find what works best for you. She is going to be the cutest thing there in her little dress. We have a bunch of options for you to consider.

How to Dress a Baby Girl for a Wedding

How should you dress your baby girl for a wedding? Depending on her age you should consider the location, the dress code, and the weather. You will have to change diapers throughout the day. Most people get a dress and then choose to put leggings under the dress, or some type of bottoms. Dresses usually come with built in bottoms which is great, but an extra layer may help. You can put tights on underneath, but that will be a big struggle to take on and off multiple times a day. If you are worried about sunburns you should also think about that beforehand. You can find so many cute little dresses, and generally just try to match the dress code that you are following. You can find jumpers alternatives if you don’t want to do a dress, and of course whatever you choose and what makes her the most comfortable will be perfect.

How to Dress your Baby as a Flower Girl

The flower girl outfit is usually picked out by the bride. She generally will tell you what she wants the flower girl to wear, and then you do what you can to get it. However, if she doesn’t tell you and says to get whatever then you will want to look for a dress. These dresses usually are long and go to the ankles, and sometimes the bride chooses for them to be a shade of white. Check with the bride to see what color she wants her to wear. Depending on the type of wedding you can choose different options. Church weddings will be more traditional, and backyard weddings will be a little more casual. As long as you find something within the dress code you should be all good. You will definitely want to talk to the bride about it and see what her ideas are, so you can build from there.

How to Dress your Baby as a Wedding Guest

You can dress your baby girl in a variety of things. You want her to be comfortable for as long as possible, and sometimes those cute princesses type dresses get really itchy. You can go with a dress, even something simple like a sundress, or a  cute little romper/jumpsuit. You will definitely want to find something to go on her arms, a little sweater or shawl. Not only to keep her warm in case it is cold, but also one that will keep her from getting sunburnt.

How can you dress a newborn for a wedding?

Newborns are not expected to be dressed according to dresscode. You can absolutely find some cute little dresses and go with that. However, the most important thing is to make sure she is comfortable enough to sleep, and is ready for a diaper change at any moment. You will want to bring an extra outfit just in case anything happens because things always seem to happen. You should not stress about how to dress your newborn. She is going to be adorable because she’s a cute little baby, so whatever she is in will be perfect.

Ideas for Baby Girl Wedding Dresses

Four baby girl wedding outfit ideas. Dresses available in a variety of sizes for infants, toddlers and older children.

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LZH Baby Dress

Price: $4 to $23

Why we Love this Dress

This cute dress is perfect for flower girls, or just guests as well. You have a lot of variety with the color options, and it comes with a cute headband. This dress is soft and absolutely a favorite. It looks so cute on and it’s got a zipper on the back so if you need to change it will be nice and easy.

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APRIL GIRL Flower Girl

Price: $11 to $29

Why we Love this Dress

This dress is very boho chic, and adorable. The lace looks perfect, and there is coverage on the arms. This dress is better for girls old enough to walk because it is a little shorter than full length, but it is perfect for flower girls. One of our favorites if you want something a little simpler without the bows and fluff.

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Satin Flower Girl Dress with Tulle

Price: $80 to $110

Why we Love this Dress

One of the best things about David’s Bridal is the options they have for little girl wedding outfits. This dress is elegant and will look great in pictures. The satin dress with the tulle combo is one that always looks good, and there are a variety of colors for this dress. 

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Heart Cutout Ball Gown Flower Girl Dress

Price: $140 to $170

Why we Love this Dress

This dress is absolutely princess worthy. The lace top and tulle bottom is stunning, but the back of the dress has a heart cut out by the shoulderblades. It doesn’t get much cuter than that. We love the color options and the style of this dress.

Where to Buy Baby Girl Wedding Outfits Online

The best online stores carrying wedding outfits for baby girls

Davids Bridal

Wedding Dresses for All Ages

One of the largest bridal stores online offering one of a kind baby wedding outfits.

Why we Love this Brand for Baby Dresses

David’s bridal is a great place to start. They have a wide variety for ages, and they have sections for flower girls if you need to look for a dress for flower girls. Their staff is always super helpful, and if you are not too sure what size you need then they can definitely help you find out. They have a large selection, and they all have a very classy look. 


Independently Made Dresses

The best online marketplace for finding handmade and one of a kind items.

Why we Love this Brand for Baby Dresses

Etsy baby wedding outfits, are some of the cutest ones out there. They are usually made by parents who know the struggle of what is needed for you baby to be happy at a wedding. They also have a good variety for newborn options; which can be harder to find. Etsy is a great place to look because their styles are usually very unique and priced well. Most of the venders on etsy will make adjustments to their outfits if you ask, and that can be really great if you know what you are looking for. 


Worlds Largest Online Marketplace

With prime free shipping and top tier customer satisfaction, Amazon is a top choice.

Why we Love this Brand for Baby Dresses

Amazon has it all. They have a great selection of baby wedding dresses, and most of them come in a huge variety of colors and sizes. You really can’t go wrong with amazon. They have prime shipping if you are a last minute shopper and need that dress right away, or if you get one and need to return for a new size then Amazon is a great place to go. They do not disappoint in the variety of options, and of course the ratings and pictures from other customers will be extremely helpful.

Closing Thoughts

Baby girls wedding outfits are not to be stressed over. Your little girl is already winning by being the cutest thing out there, and now you get to put her in a princess worthy dress. You should always find something that is going to be comfortable for her. You should consider leggings for underneath the dress and a jacket for over. She may not need it during the ceremony, but you wont regret having it. You should also bring a back up outfit in case there are any accidents. You can never be too safe, but you can be unprepared and you want to avoid that at all costs. You may also want to add an extra pair of shoes to your accident ready bag. If your little girl is old enough then do your best to find something along the dress code requirement, but if she is just too little then whatever she is most comfortable in works. She will be cute in anything! 


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