Best Alternative Wedding Bands

From stainless to wood and fully custom rings, these unique and alternative bands are sure to stand out.

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Alternative Wedding Rings

Alternative wedding bands are becoming more popular than the standard wedding bands. They are the perfect wedding band for someone looking to have a unique ring. These rings are customized just specifically for you and your tastes. There are so many alternative options to traditional wedding bands, and the perfect one for you is here. You can find the traditional look for only a fraction of the cost, or you can find one uniquely to your taste. Unique wedding bands are made so you don’t have to stress about the price tag; they are here so you can find something that looks good at a reasonable cost.

Materials and Styles:

Diamond Mens Rings

Diamond wedding bands are a flashy statement piece. They are perfect for someone who still wants the traditional silver or gold wedding band, but also are looking for more originality to make it a hip mens wedding band. These often are a cluster of small diamonds all along the band, or they can be made into a design. Diamond is a very strong crystal that will maintain durability for a long time.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is a very durable material that you will not have to worry about breaking on your finger. The material makes the wedding band last forever. These are great alternative wedding bands because they still look like a traditional band, but cost significantly less. Stainless steel wedding bands can come in multiple colors, not just silver, and they are easy to clean. They can sustain everyday wear with minimal damage.

Tungsten Rings

Tungsten rigs are becoming the most sought after unique mens wedding bands. They are built to be sustainable, and they are scratch resistant. Tungsten is a very visually appealing ring that usually comes in black, but can be customized to have many unique looks. It is the best men’s wedding band material on the market that won’t come with a big price tag.

Wood Rings

Wood rings are a non traditional wedding band, but they are perfect for a couple that is looking for something unique and made just for them. Wood bands are eco-friendly and they are beautiful in a simple way. If you do not prefer flashy rings or the simple look fits your aesthetic the wood rings may be perfect for you. They also are very easy to get customized for a decent price.

Silicone Rings

Silicone bands have become one of the most popular alternative wedding bands out there. They are often chosen because of durability. If your job requires the use of your hands, or even hand washing then silicone rings may be perfect for you. They are very comfortable to wear, and there is no fear of losing them or damaging them because they are so inexpensive. They also are the safest option for anyone worried about ring avulsion injuries.

Unique and Custom Rings

Unique custom rings can be made from any material, or from multiple materials. If you save money on the ring itself then customization is perfect to make that ring feel extra special. Customizing is the perfect way to make that special ring even more unique to you.

The Best Mens Diamond Rings


The Neil Lane Men’s Diamond Wedding Band

The Neil Lane Men’s Diamond Wedding Band is not a traditional choice, but it shows class and is simply beautiful. The wedding band is 14K white gold with a row of round diamonds encrusted on the front half; it has a total diamond weight of 1K. The diamonds only being on the front half stop discomfort from happening between the fingers and inside the hand.  Since most damage to rings happens to the part on the inside of your hand it is good the diamonds do not wrap all the way around.


WHY WE LOVE The Niel Lane Diamond Band
The Neil Lane Men’s Diamond Wedding Band is a good alternative wedding band for someone who likes the look of traditional bands, but wants some originality and uniqueness to their band. This band is currently on sale, and Kay Jewelers offer a payment plan. There is also an option to get a service plan with it for an extra cost, but with diamond rings it is important to consider getting a service plan that will cover repairs for life.

Mens ¾ Ct. Champagne Diamond Solitaire Wedding Ring

This Champagne Diamond Solitaire Wedding Ring is a beautiful 14K white gold and rose gold ring with a champagne diamond in the middle of it. It has a beautiful design of the white and rose gold combinations, and the diamond is set into the ring, so it is not sitting on top of the ring. This design allows for everyday wear without the ring snagging on anything.


WHY WE LOVE This Diamond Solitair Wedding Ring
This ring not only has a unique design to it, but it also has a champagne diamond that makes it look timeless and beautiful. The champagne diamond is referring to the color of the diamond which makes the diamond blend in with the rose gold, and it keeps the ring from looking too flashy. This ring is currently 20 percent off and Zales offers a payment plan for this ring that can be set up for monthly payments, and Zales will cover any damage that comes to your diamond for no extra cost.

Neil Lane Men’s Black Diamond Wedding Band

The Neil Lane Men’s Black Diamond Wedding Band is a beautifully crafted ring. It has small balck diamonds on both outer edges of the ring and 14K yellow gold in the middle. The balck diamonds look like small clusters by having different sizes of diamonds used. The black and gold coloring makes the rings appearance very striking and handsome. The diamonds are only on the front of the ring which stops any discomfort from between the fingers and the inside of the hand. This ring itself is very unique for having the black diamonds, but it is also unique for design of them as well. Since the diamonds are small and not sticking off the ring it is good for everyday use, but coverage for any damage would be smart to purchase with this ring since the diamonds are on the outer edges of the band. In case anything happens it is always better to be prepared with coverage.


WHY WE LOVE This Black Diamond Ring
This design is not the traditional wedding band look, so it offers a great alternative look to the style of the diamonds and the band overall. Kay Jewelers currently has this ring on sale, and they offer monthly payment plans. They also offer a service plan for this ring.

Top Stainless Steel Wedding Bands

Stainless Steel Bands
Stainless steel wedding bands are a cheaper alternative to the classic gold and silver bands, but also can be cheaper than designer tungsten as well. They have a variety of colors that can be chosen from and are a durable material.

Rose Ion Plated Stainless Steel Ring

This stainless steel wedding band is black with rose iron plating in the middle of the black stainless steel look. This alternative wedding band is 8mm in width which is a standard size for mens wedding bands. This band looks very similar to the designs of many tungsten bands, but it is a much lower cost. This band is currently on sale at Kay Jewelers and since there is no stone on the ring warranty won’t be needed. This ring is made to be able to withstand everyday life without any damage coming to it.



Damascus Stainless Steel Ring

The Stepped-Edge Comfort-Fit Wedding Band is a silver stainless steel that has a flowing pattern. The damascus pattern looks like wood rings or flowing lava; this pattern goes throughout the ring even on the inside. The rounded edge if the ring provides comfort for between the fingers. The width of the band is 7mm which is a standard width for men’s wedding bands. This wedding band has a unique look to it with the design wrapping all the way around. The comfort-fit band is a good non traditional alternative that is unique to your style.


Best Tungsten Wedding Bands


Three Keys Jewelry Tungsten Ring

This Three Keys Jewelry tungsten ring is a hammered grey design on the outside and rose gold on the inside. This ring is under $20 which can scare many people away because that is associated with bad quality. However, This ring has five stars and since it is on amazon there are free returns. Tungsten can be found at these low prices because of how inexpensive it is to make, so don’t let the price tag scare you. This ring is the perfect cheap alternative to a classic wedding band, the outside is a textures silver that looks like it can withstand everyday use, and the inside is rose gold plated which allows for comfort. This ring also comes in 4,6, and 8mm width, so you have options for what fits your finger best.



Triton Men’s Engravable Brushed Brick Pattern

The Triton Men’s Engravable Brushed Brick Pattern ring is a black tungsten with a brushed satin finish. This ring is perfect for someone looking for a unique pattern without anything too eye-drawing. This pattern almost looks similar to a gear because of the outer edge. This durable ring is made for someone who uses their hands, and does not want to worry about damaging their ring. It is a 7mm ring, and because of the design, the size keeps it from looking heavy. This band is currently 20% off at Zales, and they have a discount if you want to customize with an engraving on the inside.



Brushed Yellow Tungsten Carbide Ring

If you are looking for a wedding band that looks traditional then the Brushed Yellow Tungsten Ring is perfect for you. This ring looks like a standard gold band, but at a fraction of the cost. This 6mm band is perfect for both men and women. This band is the perfect alternative you’re looking for. It is simple and elegant, while still being made of one of the strangest materials that won’t break on you. You can find similar items to this in our article on the best tungsten rings. This ring is currently on sale at Kay Jewelers with a monthly payment plan if necessary.


Eco Friendly Alternative Rings: Wood Wedding Bands


Black Rosewood Ring

The Black Rosewood ring is a dark wooden color that comes in 18mm. This gauge ring has great durability while still looking sleek. It is very inexpensive, and is great if you’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative for a wedding band. This ring is durable because of its size and still light because it is wood. This ring size is also good for someone who has to use their hands. You can find more wooden rings that are perfect alternatives similar to this one though our article on best wooden rings.



The Glen

The Glen is a beautiful handcrafted wooden ring that is made with grey maple and has a silver inlay with a bird’s eye maple sleeve. This grey wood has a silver band showing on the outside of the ring, and on the inside it has the maple sleeve that allows for comfort. The Glen is a wooden alternative for those who like the look of traditional rings and tungsten rings. This ring has it all, and with its protectant coat it has the durability to last. This wooden ring is the perfect alternative wooden look.


Silicone Wedding Bands



Groove Life is moving to the top of the list for best silicone wedding bands, and the reason is simple. They have fully developed the perfect silicon ring through finding what works best for everyone. Our Groove Live Review goes into full detail of why that company has come so far in the advancements of silicon rings. These rings are one of the best alternatives out there because of the comfort they give. They have many different style options, so originality can easily be achieved.



Enso Rings

Enso Rings is also a top competitor for one of the best silicone rings, and you can find their origin story for more information on their company in our Enso Ring review. These rings are known for being a stylish alternative because of all the options these rings come in. They also are great if you have not found your style yet, but know that you need something durable and won’t damage your fingers.


Best Custom and Unique Wedding Bands for Men

Unique Materials
Unique Materials: If none of the materials above were your style, then maybe what you’re looking for is a little more unique to just you. Here are some more alternatives to traditional rings that will make you feel like you got something more special than gold.

Meteorite Ring

This Meteorite ring is simply out of this world. This charcoal grey one is exactly what you would imagine when you hear your ring is made out of meteorite. The outer sides of the ring are black and smooth for comfort, and the center is the charcoal grey meteorite. This ring is truly unique to the one who wears it.



Carbon Fiber Ring

Carbon Fiber rings are also a very durable alternative to the traditional ring. This ring, The Pavement, is a dark grey carbon fiber with a brushed finish. The design of this ring is simple, but very original on its own. Its flat design makes it very comfortable to wear and it has a one year warranty.



Dinosaur Bone Ring

There is nothing more original than a dinosaur bone ring. The T-Rex has balck zirconium on the outer edges and red dinosaur bone inlay on the inside of it. This ring looks similar to tungsten rings, and wooden rings because of the way bone looks. This ring comes with a lifetime warranty, and has free custom engraving.


Fully Custom Rings

The Most Unique Ring is Custom

Custom Rings are perfect if what you are looking for is something no one else will have. The Manly Bands website gives the option to completely customize your own ring. You can send in a design and work with their team to make one that is originally yours.

$500 – $1000+

Tattoo Rings

A Nearly Permanent Wedding Ring

Tattoos are another alternative to getting a wedding band, or doing both has become very popular. Wearing a band when you can, and always having the tattoo underneath if you have to take the band off. It is a cheaper alternative than buying a ring, but more permanent than a ring.

Closing Thoughts

Closing Thoughts
A wedding band should be unique to you, and by choosing an alternative ring it can be. Gold and Silver traditional rings are too expensive, they get damaged easily, and they have no originality. Deciding to switch to one of the alternative options will save your bank, and look better than a simple gold ring. However, the best part, if you love the look of a simple gold ring then you can find that exact look with one of these alternatives. You can have a classic look while still saving the bank. If you want something more unique to your taste then these alternatives are perfect for you, and many give the option to return if you are not satisfied. Our list of wedding rings will definitely get you in the right direction of finding what you want. These options are here to make sure your ring fits you inside and out. Go non traditional and find something that makes you feel special.


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