10+ Best Wedding Sneakers for 2021  

Hannah Warren // Senior Writer & Editor

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Choosing a Wedding Sneaker Style

Your wedding day should be one of the best days of your life, so you should feel like you on that day (even if a much more put-together version of you). Wedding magazines and blogs are filled with images of other people’s perfect days, and it can be easy to get swept up in the latest trends.

But what do you really want? What precious memories do you want to have? Your wedding day should be full of laughter, reminiscent storytelling, delicious food and plenty of dancing. One thing you don’t want to have on your special day is pinched feet, blisters, and sore ankles from uncomfortable shoes. 

More and more brides and grooms are choosing to turn away from the traditional wedding shoe toward something unexpected. Many people value comfort over all else, and with good reason! Even if you want to spend money on that perfect wedding-day heel or brogue, why not switch to something more comfortable once the formalities are over?

If you’re thinking of embracing wedding sneakers on your big day, read on for our best advice and top pick of sneakers!

Can the bride or groom wear sneakers for a wedding? 

Here’s the thing: it’s your day. It’s all about you and your partner! Some people may argue that certain wedding attire traditions should be adhered to, but it’s your special day, so wear what makes you happy.

Can you wear a wedding dress and sneakers?

If you want to wear a wedding dress and sneakers, we say go for it! The right pair of wedding sneakers can feel just as unique and special as traditional bridal shoes. Your wedding day will be amazing, but all that planning can be stressful, so you may appreciate a little extra comfort. With your wedding sneakers on your feet, everything from mingling with guests to dancing will be a piece of cake (no pun intended!) 

As long as you feel beautiful and comfortable, nothing else matters much, so follow your heart and get those dream sneakers!

Can you wear sneakers and a suit for your wedding?

If you’re wearing a suit on your wedding day, you can wear whatever you please on your feet! While men’s shoes aren’t as infamously uncomfortable as heels, you may feel slightly uncomfortable in dress shoes that you only wear once every few years. 

For extra cute couple points, you can match your sneakers with your partner’s. And if you’re a woman wearing a suit, you can easily pair your suit with any of the gorgeous sneakers we’ll list below.

Best Places to Find Wedding Sneakers Online

One of the most time-consuming things about planning a wedding is researching your options. You have to choose a venue (or two), a band or DJ, a cake flavor and style, a color scheme for the bridesmaids and best men, a wedding car, catering, and so many other things! To help you save some time, we’ve found the best 2021 sneakers for weddings:


Completely Customizable Wedding Shoes

Design custom wedding shoes for the entire bridal party to match the aesthetic of your wedding vibe

Why we love Converse

Converse has long been the choice for basketball players, hip teens, and anyone who loves a cool, comfortable sneaker. Their signature white and black sneakers work perfectly for anyone in the wedding party, or you can mix it up with bright colors.

Can you customize Converse wedding sneakers?

Did you know you can also customize your Converse? This is a great option for bridal parties as you can have a bespoke pair made for each bridesmaid. And if that wasn’t enough, Converse also sells a pair that say “just married” and bride and groom sneakers! 

Converse is famous for selling great quality sneakers at extremely affordable prices, and their all-white range is perfect for comfortable nuptial celebrations!

Neiman Marcus

Premier destination for luxury fashion

Offering Curbside Pickup, Personal Fashion Advisors and Virtual Fashion Events

Why we love Neiman Marcus

This website has a diverse selection of shoes, from espadrilles and loafers to slingbacks and wedges. Their extensive sneaker range features designers like Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Givenchy. From ultra-casual to extravagant designs, Neiman Marcus offers a huge range of designer sneakers. So, whether you’re looking for high-top, low-top, slip-on or even platform sneakers, Neiman Marcus might have what you’re looking for.


Delivering WOW Through Service

Offering excellent service and the best shoe brands.

Why we love Zappos

Zappos sells clothing for everyone, outdoor gear, homeware, pet products and sports equipment. They’re well known for their incredible customer service, so you can rest assured knowing everything will be perfect for your wedding day.

But it’s Kate Spade’s bridal sneaker range we’re really excited about! With glitter, pearls, bows and studs, this range combines the classy with the casual. These sneakers average at about $80 per pair, which is reasonable considering how much you could be paying for your third pair of shoes for the night!


The Current Culture Marketplace

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Why we love StockX

StockX is one of the largest online reseller networks for NEW sneakers, streetwear, handbags and watches. They pride themselves on ensuring you are recieving authentic items from top brands such as Nike, Adidas, Gucci, Dior and so many more. With a wide range of prices, brands and styles, you may find the perfect pair of sneakers for your wedding to bid on. You may even find the perfect watch to complete your outfit.  


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5 of the Best Wedding Bridal Sneakers

There are hundreds of thousands of sneaker options out there, but we’ve narrowed it down to five of our favorites:

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Lace Crochet Sneakers from David’s Bridal


About These Sneakers

Reviewers are raving about these sneakers. They’re lace, which lends itself to a traditional bride look, but they’re also so cute. If you’re looking for a nice pump to go under your wedding dress, these are an excellent option. And at $29.95, they’re an absolute steal!

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Roger Vivier Viv Crystal Buckle Slip-on Sneaker


About These Sneakers

Want to skip the heel entirely and just wear a sneaker for the whole day? Well, no one will think it’s strange when you’re wearing these! These sneakers are the perfect mix of wedding luxury and slip-on comfort and are worth every dollar! Roger Vivier does an entire range of lux sneakers, so if this coloring isn’t for you, take a look at the others available.

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Nike Blazer Low-Top Sneakers


About These Sneakers

For the sporty bride who plans to wear her sneakers for years to come, the Nike Blazer is ideal. These sneakers are only $75, which again is considerably lower than you’d expect to pay for a pair of bridal heels. These lace-up sneakers are padded for comfort with a chunky rubber sole in that classic (and very in) flat-soled style. What more could you want from a comfortable wedding shoe?

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J. Adams Bow Flatform Slip-On Sneakers


About These Sneakers

These tennis-style sneakers are super comfy and perfect for wearing as you dance the night away. The bow on the top of these shoes has a bridal theme and keeps everything looking soft and feminine. This sneaker comes in 6 color options, all of which work well for a wedding!

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Santoni Embellished Sneaker  


About These Sneakers

Looking for a little sparkle? These embellished sneakers are the perfect balance between all-out sparkle and something that’s still wearable. The flat chunky sole will keep your feet from getting sore, and the embellishments will catch the light as you dance your heart out!

 5 Best Wedding Sneakers for the Groom

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Custom “Groom” Wedding Chuck Taylor All Star Converse


About These Sneakers

While this shoe is absolutely perfect for the couple who bonded over their love of pop-rock, the style is so classic that it can work for anyone. These fully-custom converse are comfortable for all-day wear, and why not get them customized with “groom” so there’s no mistaking whose shoes they are?

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John Lobb Holme Monk Sneaker  


About These Sneakers

John Lobb designs sneakers with a wedding-day price tag but are smart enough to not look out of place with a suit! These Holme Monk sneakers have buckle detailing that adds a little silver detailing to your look, but they also make more subtle options.

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Puma Men’s El Ray 2 Sneaker  


About These Sneakers

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly sneaker with a premium look, these Puma sneakers have a streamlined, simple design, and come in a range of colors that can work for you and your groomsmen. Puma makes ultra-comfortable shoes, so your feet will be happy all night long!

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Dolce & Gabbana Portofino Leather High-Top Sneakers


About These Sneakers

If you want to go all out on your wedding shoes but want something you’ll love long after your wedding day, these are perfect. They’re a little pricey at around $680, but if you’ll wear them a lot after your wedding, it’s worth the investment.

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Cosidram Men’s Summer Sneakers


About These Sneakers

Don’t be put off by their uninspiring name – these sneakers are absolutely perfect for weddings. In fact, don’t be surprised if people never realize they’re sneakers at all! These sneakers are breathable, stylish, budget-friendly, and have a range of leather-look options that make these shoes more than wedding-appropriate.

Closing Thoughts

Your wedding day doesn’t have to equal sore feet and blisters – you’re not alone if you’ve attended weddings where the bride is barefoot by the second course! So, why not skip the stiff, uncomfortable shoes you’ll only wear once and simply buy comfortable sneakers you love?
Modern weddings don’t have to conform to traditional norms, and so you are free to pick whichever footwear (and clothes!) you really want, so why not pick from our top sneakers above?



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