Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

by Lauren Robinson – Writer & Editor

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas in 2022

Your bridal party is made up of your closest family and friends that will be by your side from your wedding planning until the big day.

They have been there from celebrating your engagement, to planning your bachelorette party, and are sharing one of life’s biggest milestones with you.

Giving your bridal party a gift is a way for you to show how much you care about them, value them and for being a part of your big day.

Picking out bridesmaid gifts is one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding. With all of the trending bridesmaid gift ideas, here are some of the best gifts to give to those in your bridal party.

What Are the Best Bridesmaid Gifts Ideas?

There are so many different types of bridesmaid gift ideas: wine tumbler gift boxes, spa boxes, silk robes with custom hangers, slippers, champagne flutes with their names on it, etc.

You can go all out on an expensive gift box, or you can DIY a great personalized box for each bridesmaid’s personal tastes. The best gifts are gifts your bridesmaids can use long after your wedding day has passed. Awesome coffee mugs, jewelry boxes, makeup bags and totes are all good options.

How Much to Spend on Bridesmaid Gifts?

You should generally expect to spend between $75 and $100 per bridesmaid. How much you spend will generally depend on your wedding budget.

Your bridal party will be spending a good amount of their own money and you want to show your appreciation accordingly. A maid of honor is a key figure in your wedding planning and your wedding day, and you will want to be a bit more extravagant when picking her gift.

The 23 Best Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for 2022

After extensive research, and huge amount of fun, we have found the 23 best bridesmaid gift options you can think about.

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Bridal Shower Gift Ideas From Bridesmaid


Why We Love This Gift

Unlike the wedding gift, bridal shower gifts are considerably smaller in size and value. Many bridesmaids opt to pool together and get the bride a single gift from the group, or they can individually buy a gift.

This bride to be gift is a great choice for a bridesmaid to give a bride to be at the bridal shower. It includes a bath bomb, candle, body spray, body butter, lip balm and some other cool customizable items.

Bridesmaid Gift Box Ideas


Why We Love This Gift

This chic bridal box is the perfect gift box to give to your bridesmaids. You can use this as either a thank you gift or a bridesmaid proposal.

This gift box includes a customizable tumbler, or water bottle, with your bridesmaid’s names on it. And it also comes with either a t-shirt or tank top with your bridesmaid’s titles on each shirt. Starting out at $20, these gift boxes are a great present to give to your bridal party.

DIY Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

DIY Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Why We Love This Gift

Good skincare is an important thing to have when planning a wedding. A good DIY gift that everyone will be sure to love would be a DIY body scrub or body butter. These are gifts that you can customize however you would like and you can 100% control what ingredients you put into your gift, guaranteeing the best quality.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Cheap


Why We Love This Gift

This bridesmaid gift is a very thrifty gift at only $5. It includes a champagne flute with a personalized vinyl name on the side.

You can customize the name, vinyl color and add a rose gold, gold, silver or white straw. This comes included in a box with shredded tissue paper. You can give this gift as is, or include a small bottle of champagne or a candle to go along with this.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift Ideas


Why We Love This Gift

This bridesmaid proposal box is the best gift when asking if someone will be your bridesmaid. This gift set includes a marble-colored box with their name on it, and 13 customizable items in it.

Everything from a gold mirrored compact, to rose water toner facial spray. For $60, this gift includes so many different personalized items, it really is a bang for your buck that any bridesmaid would be ecstatic to say yes!

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas For Wedding Day

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas For Wedding Day

Why We Love This Gift

Every bridesmaid needs a wedding day bridesmaid robe to make the busy morning of getting ready, more comfortable and relaxing.

These robes come in a variety of different sizes and are customizable for each bridesmaid, for only $19. These robes are made of a silky satin and are super comfortable and would pair great with a nice glass of champagne.

Bridesmaid Gift Bag Ideas


Why We Love This Gift

These bridesmaid gift tote bags are absolutely stunning. The possibilities for these tote bags are endless. Because these tote bags are only $7 each, they are cheap enough for you to put lots of cool stuff in them.

You can put a thank you card, nail polish, face masks, shirts, coffee tumblers, ect. The possibilities for these gift bags are endless.

Bridesmaid Gift Basket Ideas

Bridesmaid Gift Basket Ideas


Why We Love This Gift

This is one of the most diverse bridesmaid gift basket ideas. This basket offers a custom name monogram on the basket and gives you the freedom to include anything you want in the basket.

The most popular items in this basket include: custom tumblers with bridesmaid names, sunglasses, t-shirts, nail polish and small bottles of wine. For $9, these are a really great deal that offers you the flexibility to make each gift individualized.

Bridesmaid Thank You Gift Ideas


Why We Love This Gift

As a bridesmaid thank you gift, this would be the perfect way to thank those who were with you every step of your wedding journey.

This gift includes a customized greeting on the inside of your box, pink sugar scrub, face mask, lip balm, peppermint foot scrub and soap. For $42 per box, you get such a great value to truly give each bridesmaid a gift that will let them know how grateful you are to have them.

Cute Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

from she custom designs

Why We Love This Gift

Bridesmaid gifts can be super cute and simple. The perfect cute bridesmaid gift is this beautiful bridesmaid necklace.

This petite ribbon shaped pendant is finished with 14K white gold and is embellished with clear crystals, surrounded by a 7mm round cut Cubic Zirconia stone. At $50, this is a very cute bridesmaid gift that is practical and thoughtful.

Bridesmaid Jewelry Gift Ideas

from love leigh gifts

Why We Love This Gift

Bridesmaid jewelry doesn’t have to be plain and wedding related. This bridesmaid today, friend for life necklace is a piece of jewelry that your bridesmaids can wear even after the wedding.

This necklace can be customized with either rose gold or silver and for $18 this is the perfect gift to say thank you to each of your girls for being part of your special day.

Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

from personalization mall

Why We Love This Gift

Personalized gifts for your bridesmaids are a way for you to let them know how much you truly value their friendship and help.

This bridesmaid engraved keepsake box allows you to give a gift that can be treasured for years. You can personalize the name with up to three lines of text and the keepsake box is silver plated. This high-quality keepsake box is a great gift at $18.

Indian Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

from etsy

Why We Love This Gift

This Desi bride survival kit is the perfect Indian bridesmaid gift. Each kit contains 10 different items to help every Desi bridesmaid have an amazing and unforgettable weekend.

The henna aftercare balm and the yerba mate wake up eye gel are some of the most popular items. This wonderful kit is for sale for $30.

Cool Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

from etsy

Why We Love This Gift

This custom bridesmaid wedding key-chain mini flask is the perfect cool gift to give your bridal party. You can include each bridesmaid’s name and title, along with your wedding date on each flask.

This doesn’t necessarily have to have alcohol in it. You can put coffee, water, pop or tea inside. For less than $7, this is one of the coolest bridesmaid gifts you can get.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas For Beach Wedding

from etsy

Why We Love This Gift

This bachelorette swim cover up would be the perfect bridesmaid gift for a beach wedding. You could pair this nicely with some beach sandals, sunglasses and a beach hat or towel.

You can also personalize this with your bridesmaid’s names or title on the back. For $20, this swim cover up would also be perfect for a swim photo shoot.

Childrens Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

from etsy

Why We Love This Gift

This junior bridesmaid gift is the perfect gift for a junior bridesmaid. It comes with the cutest little charm bracelet, a tumbler cup, sunglasses, makeup bag, and a scrunchie.

Any little girl would be over the moon with this gift, and starting at $17 this gift is completely customizable with what you include in the box.

Etsy Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

from etsy

Why We Love This Gift

This personalized jewelry box is a number one seller on Etsy. This gift allows you to completely customize what you put in the box. You can put your bridal parties’ earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets in here.

For $14 this jewelry box comes with a leatherette case, zipper closure with velvet lining and a personalized name with UV embossing. This gift allows you to create something personal for your bridesmaids.

Vintage Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

from etsy

Why We Love This Gift

This hand stamped vintage spoon is perfect for anyone who loves vintage gifts.

This is a beautiful gift for your bridal party that can be used as an actual spoon or a decorative piece. These up-cycled vintage coffee/teaspoons start at $16 and can be completely customized.

Classy Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

from hebeos

Why We Love This Gift

If you are looking for something classy and cute, look no further. This classy bridesmaid gift box is available for $35 from Hebeos.

This gift includes a cashmere scarf, candy box, lamb doll, lamp, mug, soap flower and more. This would be the perfect classy bridesmaid gift for all four seasons.

Nerdy Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

from etsy

Why We Love This Gift

A personalized birthdate zodiac candle would be the perfect nerdy gift idea. You can completely customize each one for each bridesmaid with their name and birthdate on the front label.

These are soy luxe candles that are hand-poured with love and positive vibes. For $21, this is the perfect gift for a nerdy, astrology obsessed friend.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Hipster

from etsy

Why We Love This Gift

Macrame name keychains have to be the best hipster bridesmaid gifts ever. This is a completely hand-made cotton keychain with an option to have different colors.

This also comes with a card and a small bouquet of flowers all for $11. This is such a unique gift, and so beautiful you may need to order an extra for yourself. You can easily pair this with a soy candle, or just give this gift as is.

Funny Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

from etsy

Why We Love This Gift

If you want a funny, yet practical bridesmaid gift, this bridesmaid necklace will be perfect! You can use this gift as a bridesmaid proposal or a gift the day of the wedding.

The necklace has 4 different style options and is made with 14K white gold and cubic zirconia stones. For $50 you can gift this to your bridesmaids and be sure to get a good laugh out of it.

Bridesmaid Photo Gift Ideas

from zazzle

Why We Love This Gift

This photo collage fleece blanket would be the perfect photo gift idea for your bridesmaids. Available in 3 different sizes, this blanket lets you completely customize it however you want.

You can add your favorite photos of you and your bridesmaid, and a quote or saying on the bottom. This photo collage fleece blanket is around $50 for a medium size.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas FAQ

Right here, we answer some of the most common questions we receive about choosing bridesmaid gifts.

When is the best time to give bridesmaid gifts?

Many people like to give the bridesmaids their gifts at the rehearsal dinner or the morning of the wedding day. Some people feel that it is easier to give the gifts at the rehearsal because it will be less chaotic than the day of the wedding.

What is the best place to buy cheap bridesmaid gifts?

Etsy has some very high quality, but cheap bridesmaid gifts. You can either buy gift boxes, or buy small gifts and put them into a nice bag. Either way, you can personalize the gifts for each individual.

What is the best way to send bridesmaid gifts?

Some websites will allow you to put the recipient’s address down for the mailing address. Or if you are putting together your own bridesmaid gift, you can easily send them via USPS.

What is the best way to wrap bridesmaid gifts with a hanger?

You can wrap the gift that is on a hanger in some very nice tissue paper and be sure to put it into a bag that is big enough. Then cover the top with some more decorative tissue paper.

Closing Thoughts

With all of the other wedding preparations taking your time, finding the right gift for your bridal party can be challenging.

Bridesmaids put in a lot of time and thought into making your big day absolutely perfect for you, so you do want to give them something in return.

Giving bridal party gifts has been a very long tradition, and it’s something that you can make really exciting and personalized.

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