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Where To Find The Best Personalized and Custom Wedding Gifts

So you’re not quite sure what to get for the couple that has it all, or maybe you want your gift to stand out. If you are looking for something unique that they will look at and smile then you have come to the right place. Personalized wedding gifts are one of the best wedding gifts. So much thought and creativity go into personalized gifts. If you’re looking for a sign to get that special couple a personalized gift then this is it.

You can get personalized gifts that have names, initials, pictures, or coordinates. There are so many ways you can play with personalized gifts. Maybe they love their dog as if it was a child, get their puppy put on something they use regularly. Custom gifts would be more like getting their favorite tv show or book incorporated into something for them. If they love a tv show you can find a lot of cool gifts that have been made for that show. Some gifts don’t need to have a purpose you can just get them something you know they’d get a laugh out of, or something that will make them smile when they look at it. You can also take a look at all of the best wedding gifts for this year for additional inspiration.

Should you buy a personalized wedding gift?

The first place you should look is the registry. The couple may already have some items on there that are personalized. See what kind of things are on there to get a vibe of what they like best, and if you see something that would be even better personalized then absolutely do it. You can find most things personalized or custom made, so why wouldn’t you make it perfect. You don’t have to choose something off the registry, but if you don’t know their style then definitely take a look. If you do know the couple well, and you know that having something custom made will bring smiles to their faces, then you can run with that and use some of our ideas to help.

Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas

If you are looking for gift ideas to get the creative juices flowing then we’ve got some for you. Personalized gifts don’t have to have their name printed on it like most people think, it could just be a design or a favorite show that is shown on items. Something they love incorporated into their everyday life use.When thinking about things to get; think for every room in the house.

So, the kitchen could need personalized hand towels, a cutting board, or even pots for plants. Charcuterie boards are really popular right now, and they are so cool when they are personalized. Not only will they use it, but they will always have that memory when they do. Move over to the living room and you can do pillows, blankets, or the most important one hanging decor. We love the star charts of the night they met, or a special day in their journey. Having those not only look like good decor, but they have sentimental value without being in your face about it. Although a cute blanket with your favorite photo of them is also adorable. Whatever type of couple you are shopping for they definitely have a soft side for something sentimental.

Of course, this will just help you get some ideas if you think of it that way. People often don’t think of personalized items to buy for themselves, so this is the perfect opportunity to give them something they don’t have.  You can find great art works or cool star charts that can be specified for the couple. If they like to play games you can find a customized connect four or cornhole. There are puzzles that can be made from a picture. It does not have to be a huge item, but having one cute custom item will really make the gift special. You probably know the couple well, and these tricks should help you think of the perfect thing for them.

Where to Find Personalized Wedding Gifts

The best online stores offering personalized and custom wedding gifts.


Free Shipping and Endless Options

One of the largest assortments of custom wedding gifts.

About Amazon

Amazon has some of the best personalized gifts. They have everything from keychains to jewelry. Personalized gifts from amazon never disappoint, and you’ll get them on time. One of the best things about amazon is if anything is wrong with it they will do everything to make it right. The variety of options is absolutely endless for amazon. If you’re a last minute shopper, it’s okay me too, then you will definitely be happy when you see prime next to it.


Support Independent Creators

Custom gifts made by artists around the world.

About Etsy

Etsy is one of the perfect places for personalized or custom orders. The creators are always easy to talk to and want to make it perfect for you. Etsy is the first place I would go for getting a customized gift. Their variety is never ending, and most shops will make something specific for you if you ask. Etsy is great, but always check the reviews to make sure you’re getting what you want. They are always really great about making sure you’re happy, so if you want to support a small business then etsy is perfect for you!

Things Remembered

Everything’s Personal

High quality custom gifts with engraving services to personalize everthing.

About Things Remembered

Things Remembered is great at customized gifts. They have occasions you can choose from, so if you need gift idea help then definitely go here. They have a very organized website that makes it easy for you to find what you want. They specialize in making custom gifts, and they are really good at it! This is one of the best places to check out if you have been looking too long and can’t find anything. They will absolutely have something you can choose.

Uncommon Goods

Nothing Ordinary

Uncommon Goods hand picks creative, original gifts and experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

About Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods is the perfect place for unique gifts of great quality. You can find some unique things that can be personalized on this website. Uncommon Goods lives up to the name and actually makes things that can’t be found everywhere; which is really awesome when you want to give a special gift.

Williams Sonoma

Find the Perfect Gift for the Cook

Find Monogram cookware, tools, cutlery and more.

About Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma has top tier quality that cannot be matched. This well known brand also personalizes their items. You can get almost anything monogrammed in different fonts, so if you want to get them a cool cutting board you can also get their initials on it. William Sonoma is the perfect place for gifts in general, and with the monogramming it really can’t get much better than that.

Closing Thoughts

You should absolutely go get that special couple a personalized or custom made gift. Having something like that made specifically for you is a feeling that cannot be matched, and it will definitely be a favorite gift. They don’t have to be huge gifts. It can be something small and from the heart. Customization can cost a little more, so always know what you’re willing to spend. The customizations are absolutely worth it! Make your gift stand out and give them something they will always remember! They are going to be grateful for any gift they are given, but when they see that it is personalized for them they will fall in love all over again. You will also look like the more caring person for knowing them so well, and getting something they love.

All couples are going to have a list of what they want, but you can pick from that list and get personalized. Some couples may not include things that have their interests in them, but if you know them well then go for it. They might want those silly aprons, they just didn’t want to put it on their list. Personalized gifts are great to be paired with a bigger gift, or you can find some really awesome big personalized gifts. I do recommend trying to find a little something personalized to them if you can because it will immediately become special to them. Trust me the look on their face when they see that it is personalized will really make it stand out among the rest. Give something you feel good about, and know that they will too just by adding a little personalization.




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