The Best Cameras for Wedding Photography

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Finding a Wedding Photography Camera

Finding the best camera for wedding photography can be hard because of how many good options are out there. You also want one that is of good quality, and will last a long time. Cameras are not cheap, but they are absolutely worth the price. The saying, “you get what you paid for” is definitely one to think about when buying cameras. Their price can be intimidating, but their quality is worth it. Plus you can make a little money with them, and if you choose to do that then the camera will definitely pay for itself.

What type of camera should you choose for wedding photography?

If you are new to cameras you may want to start with one that is a little easier to understand. You can learn as you go, but if they are user friendly, or if they are made for people who don’t need a manual is something you should look for. Either way, what you are looking for is going to be between a mirrorless camera, DSLR, or point and shoot. You will want to find one with great performance quality, and preferably one that you can use in multiple different settings. Some of our favorite camera types to use are: 


DLSR, or Digital Single Lens Reflex, cameras are the tried and true camera of wedding photographers everywhere. With interchangeable lenses, a swinging mirror/viewfinder design, quality image sensors and a recognizable design, these have been used by professional photographers since the introduction of professional digital cameras.

DSLRs will offer the widest choice of quality cameras for wedding photograph


Mirrorless cameras are cameras that differ from DSLRs in the lack of the swinging mirror and viewfinder design. While offering interchangeable lenses and a smaller frame, mirrorless cameras have come a long way since inception. Today’s top cameras for both videography and photography feature a mirrorless design.

There is a smaller selection of  great mirrorless cameras that are perfect for wedding photography

Point & Shoot

Typical of the cheaper cameras found at the start of the digital camera revolution, point and shoot cameras have some similarities to mirrorless designs, without the option of an interchangeable lens. Typically, cameras in this category are for taking amature photos or quick snapshots that you would typically see people using their smartphones for today.

While some point and shoot cameras offer ease of use and specialty zoom lenses, typically they are not the first choice for wedding photographers.

What is the Best Camera for Wedding Photography?

There are tons of great cameras that can be used for wedding photography, and most of them will get the job done. However, if you want the best quality possible then you should consider some of these. They are the best one out there right now, and they are the most recommended ones by the professionals. We know these brands will deliver what they promise. You can find multiple versions of these, and judge what you prioritize in a camera, and what you can live without. This will help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Sony Alpha 1 Wedding Camera


Sony Alpha 1


Why we Love this Camera

We love this camera because it offers so much. It is not only great for photos but amazing for videography as well. This camera is top of the line and was made to impress. It has some of these amazing features and much more:


50.1MP full frame sensor (Full Frame is a 3:2 Aspect Ratio)
8K video at 30 Frames, 4K Video at 120 Frames
Wifi and Ethernet built in
5 Axis Image Stabilization
And much more..
Nikon D850 Camera Body


Nikon D850


Why we Love this Camera

The Nikon D850 is one beast of a camera. Its body feels like a professional camera; You know that the quality you are getting is real when you feel it in your hands. This camera can shoot 7 frames per second, but also has a lot of these other great qualities that make it perfect for more than just wedding photos: 


Weather sealed (water resistant)
Tilting LCD
Touch screen capabilities
45.7 megapixels
ISO 64 to 25,600
And much more..

What are the 3 Best Camera Brands for Wedding Photography?


Compact. Versatile. Powerful

Clearly capture high-quality still shots and videos with Canon cameras.

Why we Love this Brand

Canon is in the lead for the best cameras on the market. They continue to come out with great cameras, and they always bring new advancements into the photography world. Canon has been a favorite for a long time, and their variety from beginner to advanced is amazing.

Offering the highest sold DSLR bodys and a wide selection of powerful camera bodies, Canon cameras are a top selection for professional and amatuer photographers.


Legendary from F to Z

For generations, Nikon cameras have been trusted by photographers and picture takers of every caliber.

Why we Love this Brand

Nikon is right up there with Canon. They have great quality, and a lot of options based on skill level. Their lenses are some of the best on the market and they can make all the difference to the camera. They are one of the most trusted by professionals.

Offering both DX and FX varieties, Nikon offers some of the best cameras on the market. While usually coming in second to canon in terms of sales, the Nikon Lenses are considered among the best on the market.


Engineered to inspire

Sony is one of the largest electronics companies in the world, with product offerings in audio, visual, telecom, and much more.

Why we Love this Brand

Sony is a really great well known brand, and they do more than just cameras. They always deliver on what their supplies promise, and they have some of the best variety out there for beginners to advance.

Known for their Alpha series mirrorless cameras, these have been a top selection for photographers and youtube vloggers.

Best Places to  Shop for Wedding Photography Cameras


Best for Photo, Video and Pro Audio

Offering Expert Advice, Free Shipping on Most Orders and one of the largest AV stores online.

Why we Love this Brand for Cameras

B&H has everything needed for buying cameras. Their website is organized and easy to use if you are looking for the camera or just parts. They are one of the lead innovators in the photography business, and have a huge variety to offer. B&H is one of the most trusted places in the photography world because of the name they built for themselves.


Worlds Largest Online Marketplace

With Prime 2 Day Shipping on most items, find the camera you want in no time at all.

Why we Love this Brand for Cameras

We love amazon because they have so many policies set into play to make sure you’re happy with the product you’re getting. Amazon has a great return policy if something is not to your liking. They also have unbeatable shipping times if you are a prime member, and they also sell refurbished items if you want a little bit of a cheaper price.  But the best thing they can offer is reviews, if you want to see how other people like it then amazon is the place to go.

Where to Print Your Wedding Photos

Closing Thoughts

Finding the perfect camera is something that may require a lot of trial and error. The options are great, but that does mean you will have to shoot some bad shots before finding what is perfect for you. We have made this list based off of what the professionals most recommended, but if they don’t work for you then these brands all have a lot more to offer.

 The main thing that stops people from buying the best quality is the price, and we respect that decision, but if you can then you should go for the best possible quality. Cameras like these will pay themselves off, and you would be surprised how many people will ask you to take photos for them just because they know you have a great camera. Don’t forget that you may be getting this with weddings in mind, but you are not limited to only that and your camera will be able to do more than that too. Find the perfect one that will make you fall in love with photography again.




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