How to Honor Indian Wedding Traditions with Modern Twists

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Indian weddings are rich with tradition. If you or your significant other are of Indian ancestry and want to honor that heritage, there are several ways you can bring the Indian culture into your big day.

Here are five tips to honor Indian wedding traditions without having to commit to an entire Indian-themed wedding.

Indian wedding tradition


Incorporate Indian Traditions Into Your Modern Wedding Ceremony, But with an Explanation of the Rituals

If you’re incorporating Indian rituals like mehndi or vivah-homa into your wedding, ask your officiant to explain these traditions.

An explanation helps clue in those guests who might not be familiar with the customs and makes them feel like they’re part of the wedding. Similarly, if you’re looking to have traditional Indian games included as part of your wedding, signage or an announcement about these games can help everyone feel included.

Indian wedding food


Include Indian Food on the Menu

Food is one of the most integral parts of any wedding ceremony. It is also one of the easiest ways to infuse culture into your big day.

Find a caterer who specializes in making your favorite Indian dishes. Then, choose a menu that offers local and Indian flavors. A well-curated menu is a perfect way to honor your Indian heritage and introduce your guests to the culture.

Indian wedding groom


Let the Groom Arrive in Modern Style

In Indian culture, it is customary for the groom to arrive at their wedding ceremony on a white horse. If you wish to incorporate this tradition into your wedding, consider a more modern mode of transportation.

From golf carts to ATVs, electric scooters, and even bicycles, there are plenty of options for your groom to arrive at the wedding ceremoniously. To keep to the Indian tradition, be sure to decorate your modern mode of transportation with red and Indian symbols.

Indian wedding culture


Bring Indian Culture in Through Wardrobe and Venue Decor

If you have a traditional wedding ceremony in the United States, there are still plenty of ways you can incorporate Indian culture in the colors, decor, and attire for the day. For example, red and gold are traditional colors worn during Indian wedding ceremonies.

Plus, the bride typically wears red instead of the U.S. tradition of wearing white. Consider the Indian traditions that speak to you, then work them into your wedding venue decor or what you plan to wear on the big day.

Indian wedding music


Have Your DJ Play Indian Wedding Music

An Indian wedding venue in Bucks County says that second only to food, music is one of the top components of any wedding. If you’re having a western ceremony but want to work Indian culture into your wedding, music is a simple but effective way to do that.

With plenty of Bollywood hits to choose from, your wedding guests will love the traditional Indian elements woven into popular wedding songs like “Pyaar Tenu Karda Garbru,” “Punjabi Wedding Song,” and “Tere Bin.”

Closing Thoughts

Your wedding should be absolutely perfect, no matter what kind of traditions you wish to honor.

To ensure that your day turns out exactly as you dream, find a venue that will work to accommodate and incorporate your mix of traditional and modern cultural elements into your event.


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