A-Line Dresses for Stylish Women

by Shannon Capri – Writer & Editor

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A-Line Wedding Dresses Are Always Stylish

‘A-line’ is not to be confused with ‘A-list’—although the two do often go hand-in-hand.

Your closet is always incomplete without an A-line dress. Fitted at the top and widened towards the hem, A-line cuts are a common style for coats, skirts, and dresses alike.

In the case of A-line dresses, you will generally be wearing something fitted to your torso and widening downwards from the hips. Occasionally, this widening can start as early as the bust. Even more occasionally, A-line clothing can widen from the shoulders to the hem, ignoring the waist and hips entirely. The overarching principle is that the garment resembles a capital letter ‘A’—just as a T-shirt resembles a capital letter ‘T’.

Unlike its hourglass counterpart, an A-line silhouette is generally as achievable as throwing on a tailored dress.

4 Fun A-Line Wedding Dress Ideas

Here is a sample of A-line dresses for stylish women.

The Caelia Dress

This A-list A-line maxi dress is a flurry of white ruffles. Combining sweet with sexy, the Caelia Dress features the pure white and puffy sleeves of a milkmaid dress—and the sultry side slit and plunging neckline of a Jessica Rabbit ensemble. This backless beauty also has a cut-out waist. Stylish women will enjoy the smart tessellation of skin and white eyelet fabric.

The perfect day dress, this A-line design deviates from the classic theme. Instead of clinging to the waist, it decides to do away with the waist altogether. The Caelia Dress is a bold choice for women who aren’t afraid to let their bodies speak for themselves. Who needs a fitted waist when you’ve graced everyone with an A-line silhouette of your own?

The Arina Dress: Black Edition

Level up your look with our figure-flattering A-line Arina dress. Short and sweet and so petite, this mini dress is a twist on your classic little black dress. Its skirt balloons outwards from the fitted waist, sending ruffled ripples across its whole appearance. It is grounded by its off-the-shoulder sleeves, which shift the focus to the bodice. You can’t get much more A-line than that.

If you’re after something a bit shorter, you oughta give the black Arina Dress a try. It’s perfect for an evening outing.

Arina and Caelia: yin and yang

The Arina Dress couldn’t be more different than the Caelia Dress. The two are like yin and yang respectively—and not just because one is black and the other white. Whilst Arina is short, Caelia is long. Whilst Arina rocks the off-the-shoulder look, Caelia is all about the puffy sleeves. Arina emphasises the waist, but Caelia doesn’t have a waist at all. Like yin and yang, it’s fascinating how such contrasting designs can be either side of the A-line coin.

The long and the short of it, however, is that A-line dresses aren’t always so black and white. We’ve got time for one more A-line example, this time in colour.

The Cassidy Dress

The Cassidy Dress is a stunning lilac A-line design. Another mini dress, this garment is fairly straight up and down, save for its puffy princess sleeves. Each sleeve is fashioned into segments to create bold statements. The fabric itself has a subtle floral pattern that adds a nice finishing touch to this mini.

Without the extra bells and whistles, the Cassidy Dress exemplifies the A-line design. (Although this is one of those rarer examples where the garment widens from the bust downwards.) The further down the torso it travels, the wider the dress becomes. From the straight skirt to the fitted bust, the letter ‘A’ is so clear that you could trace a triangle along the torso.

Take this dress for a spin if you’re attending a slightly fancy event—or if you just want to look like a princess!

Closing Thoughts

Finding the right A-line dress is as easy as ABC


A-line is a common dress design. As you’ve seen, they don’t necessarily need to have a back, an elongated skirt, or even a waist. So long as your skirt descends and widens from a fitted focal point, you’ve got yourself one A-list A-line beauty. Shop around for the best options at Alamour The Label today!

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