Printing Your Wedding Photos: A Guide

Heather Kuplast // Writer & Editor

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Why Print your Wedding Photos

Wedding day pictures are a whole separate event themselves. You will have thousands of pictures taken from your photographer, or even your friends phone. These photos get put on some USB that ends up disappearing waiting to be found for an anniversary twenty years later. Getting some of your favorite pictures printed and made into a collage, or getting them made into canvases and display them to remind you of one of your happiest days together is the perfect way to make use of those photos.

Prints are also great to include in thank you cards, or you can give them to family members to put up in their home.  They are physical reminders of your love, and there are many classy ways to include them in your home without just having a bunch of portraits of your face everywhere. The artsy one or candid pictures are always so beautiful to display without it looking like the stock photo that came with the frame. You want it to feel natural and show where your story began.

How to Print and Frame your Wedding Pictures

01. Select Your Ideal Wedding Photos

Selecting the perfect photo or photos is the hardest part. You have so many beautiful ones and you don’t want to choose. Maybe you look good, but your partner doesn’t like the way they look.  It is a difficult process, but don’t shy away from selecting the photos that are different. It could be a landscape, photo of the altar, or your back. The perfect photo will stick out when you find it. The gut feeling you get when you see it will let you know which ones to get printed.

02. Get Full Size Images

Make sure to ask your photographer for the full sized image because when you go to make prints you don’t want it to get pixelated from being stretched.

The digital image quality will be affected by the size of the print you get. Making sure the overall megapixels don’t ruin the picture is one of the most important things to remember. Your photographer will know what the best option is, but most professional digital cameras are well over 12 Megapixels, which at the least allow for 20×30” Prints.

03. Edit Images If you Want

Most photographers will have editing images included in the package that they offered you. You can get a variety of filters added, or even removal of things in the background that ruin the picture. You should talk about all the options with your photographer beforehand so they can do their best to make what you want come to life.

04. Print at Home or Use a professional Printing Service

You can print at home if you have a photo printer, but most people choose to get them done by professionals. Photo paper and ink turn out to be more work than they’re worth, but if you have it then it works. Using a professional service is easy and convenient which is why it’s often chosen. There are many places that print pictures for cheap, and there is almost always a sale.

What are the best Ways to Print Your Wedding Photos?

There are nearly endless possibilities and ways to print your photos to look stunning.

Large Format Prints

Large print photos have great quality, and are exactly as they sound. Your favorite picture but at a size that will add a pop to any room. These photos are where it’s important to get the full sized image from the photographer, so you get the best quality possible.

Glass Prints & Acrylic

Glass prints will have the desired photo printed right onto the glass which is perfect if you want something that looks more elegant than paper. However, acrylic prints will be a regular photo placed between two acrylic pieces that protect the image. They both give off the glass look, but glass does break if you’re concerned about that then acrylic is a good option.

Metal Prints

Metal prints put the photo right onto an aluminum sheet. These metal prints will come out look great and they will be durable without bending, scratching, or fading. They are waterproof so ultimately nothing should ruin these photos.

Wood Photo Panels

Wood photo panels are perfect for hanging up in the house. The natural look of the wood comes through the photo for a very organic look, and they always come ready to be put up, so you don’t have to worry about a frame.


Canvas photos are great to be hung around the house as well. These prints are right onto the canvas and you can choose matte or glossy looks. Canvas gives off the piece of artwork vibe if that’s what you’re going for.

Canvases can come as just the canvas itself or you can get a frame around it if you are looking for a more elegant look.

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Framed or Standard Format Prints

Standard prints are great for a scrapbook, or to give to family members. These prints are easy to frame and put around the house.

Where to Print Your Wedding Photos Online?

Here are our top options for online prints.



Create Photo Cards, Photo Books, Canvas Prints and Photo Gifts

About Snapfish

Snapfish is made for everyone. They are very user friendly and have their website set up so that the process can be as easy as possible. Their best feature is how easy it is to upload pictures, and you can upload them from almost anywhere. If your favorite picture is from instagram then you can choose to upload it from there. They make the stressful times easier.


Standard Prints – from $.09
Large Prints – from $9.99
Canvas – from $19.99
Maple Wood Panels – from $129.99
Acrylic Prints – From $99.99
Metal Photo Panel – from $79.99
And so many more options….



Free, unlimited secure photo storage, never deletes your photos, 100% happiness guaranteed

About Shutterfly

Shutterfly is a sister company of Snapfish, so all the things you love about them will be here too. They want to make your memories come out as good as possible. They will give you the quality you need to remember your big day.


Standard Prints – from $.15
Large Prints – from $7.99
Canvas – from $69.98
Wood Panels – from $89.99
Acrylic Prints – From $79.98
Metal Photo Panel – from $64.98
And so many more options….

Amazon Print


Prime members get unlimited, full-resolution photo storage, plus 5 GB video storage

About Amazon Print

Amazon prints are great if you use amazon photos. They have a large selection of things you can do with your photos, and they have it so you can select from the photos you’ve already uploaded. They also have it so prime members get free delivery, which is always a nice added benefit.


Standard Prints
Large Prints
Birch Wood Panels
Acrylic Prints 
Metal Photo Panel 
And so many more options….



Fast & free shipping, unmatched quality, and every order handmade in the USA

About MPix

MPix will bring you amazing quality, and if something comes out wrong they have 100% satisfaction guaranteed and will make the fix for you. They have a large selection of prints whether you’re looking for the standard of metal and wood prints. They also have a section specifically for weddings, which will make it easier to get ideas and find the perfect thing for you.


Giclee Prints* (Vibrant Color Prints)
Framed Prints
Canvas, Wood, Acrylic, Metal and more.

Canvas Champ


Over 2 million prints sold, 99+ year warranty, and a 100% love it guarantee

Amazon Logo
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About Canvas Champ

Canvas Champ is perfect if you’re decorating on a budget. They have the closest prices guaranteed and they have great quality. Their canvases have a lifetime warranty if anything happens they will fix it. They have a wide variety of options and you won’t beat the price.

Easy Canvas Prints


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About Easy Canvas Prints

Easy canvas prints make it as easy as possible for their customer, and they give it to you for a great price. They have museum quality canvases that are easy to design and fast to ship. They are also great if you’re on a budget but want good quality.

Closing Thoughts

Picking your favorite photos might be the hardest part, but finding where to get them printed shouldn’t be. Your wedding photos are forever, so get something that will last as long as your love will. If you want standard, metal, wood, acrylic, a little bit of it all, you can find it. Find the best quality for your budget and make those memories into a tangible thing that can remind you of your happiness every time you look at it. You have so many options to choose from, and they will all look perfect, you just have to choose what feels the most you. If you want the elegant and classic look then glass and canvas is going to work perfect. If you want something more organic and unique then wood and metal prints are going to give that vibe. No matter the aesthetic you will find the perfect look.


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