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Create a Wedding Website Easily

Creating a website for your wedding may be something you have never considered doing, or maybe you already know that it is something you need to do eventually. Wedding websites are great for helping you plan and organize everything you need for your big day. They can go from sending out the RSVPs and doing the basics all the way to finding hotels in that area for your guest if they have to travel.

There are free websites and some that require you to pay for their services, and all of these websites come with templates to help plan. They also have ideas from other couples if you ever get stuck on something. There are so many things that wedding websites can do, and they really do help take the stress off.

People tend to hire wedding planners, and these sites can make it so you can plan it all yourself without feeling like you’re going to mess it up. If you’re looking for something to make your big event feel less stressful then you should really consider making a wedding website, and having a way to do everything all in one space.

Should you create a wedding website?

Wedding websites have become more and popular because of how useful they are for planning. Many couples start a website because they are using it so all the guests can be fully informed on the wedding, whether it be location details or what to wear.

However, it may be convenient, but it is not at all necessary. Creating a website can be easy if you do it through a website specifically for that, and these websites are super helpful if you don’t exactly know where to start with the planning.

If you feel like the extra step of making a website is not for you, and maybe you don’t want your ideas to be public or you just don’t think it will be worth the time, either way it is up to you and you choose what works best for you.

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What to include on your wedding website

Your wedding website should consist of everything you want your family and friends to know. The most important stuff like what day/time, what to wear, best way to contact you, and where the wedding will be held.

If you have guests coming from out of town then you can supply a few hotels near by, and things that can be done in that area. You should include a little bit about you and your partner, like how you met, and what your future plans are.

You’ll want to include your registry details and your honeymoon plans. Some of the smaller things to add would be pictures of you and your spouse, and your families/wedding parties. Anything, you feel like you want to share should be included on there for everyone to see.

This is used as a primary form of communication, so if you ever get any questions you can add it to your site in case someone else was also wondering the same thing. 

When is the best time to create a wedding website?

You should create your wedding website at least 6 to 9 months before your wedding. Of course, the sooner the better if you do not want to feel rushed.

Some people do not want to start too early, and then they feel like their guests are annoyed with all the changes, so if you’re someone who likes to start things early consider keeping it private until everything is officially set in stone. You then can make it public, at least 6 months before, and then some slight changes won’t seem like a big deal.

Also, consider how long your engagement will be for, and if you’re having a big or small wedding. The most important information to get out to your guests is the save the dates, and from there you can build what you need in that time frame.

It will be different for every couple, so you really just have to see what works for you, and the time frame that you have. 

Best Wedding Website Builder in 2021

Explore some of the best options to create your wedding website. This list includes both paid and free wedding website builders to fit any couple’s budget!

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ZOLA Free Wedding Website Builder


*Includes over 250+ free website designs


  • Zola has 250+ Templates for creating the website design which also has matching wedding invitations, if you want to follow a theme.
  • Has a guide and tips along the way, so if you get lost they will help you.
  • You can make certain things on your website private, and other public.


  • It is limited if you do not use their specific registry which tends to only have really high priced items.
  • Does not offer things like finding hotels near by for your guests.
  • Some templates may be locked until you purchase your domain for $14.95.

Why Choose Zola

Zola’s wedding website is one of the most well-known wedding websites. It is free and super user friendly, for both the creator and the guest. Zola helps you along the way by being a guide, and giving you all the wedding secrets. Zola’s wedding website makes you feel like there are real professionals helping you along the way.

How much is a Zola account?

There is a free version, or purchase your domain for $14.95.

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WIX Wedding Website Builder


*Advanced plans start at $14/mo



  • Wix uses ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) which allows for endless designs and easy editing for those endless designs.
  • You can password protect your site, making it public or private.
  • All the tools are easy to use.
  • They have a lot of modern designs that can be styled to your preference.
  • They have a premium version for $14 a month which will give you your own domain.


  • It has fewer templates than sites like Zola.
  • If you use the free version then they keep their logo on your wedding page.
  • There is no registry sections, so you’ll have to manually upload all your items.
  • Doesn’t provide any tips or guides for wedding help.

Why Choose Wix

Wix provides a customizable website that you can adjust the way you like, but you don’t have to build it from scratch. The three creators of Wix wanted to build a website that didn’t require knowledge of coding or website design, so it is easy to use and really helpful for people who do not have a lot of time to put into their site.

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SQUARESPACE Wedding Website Builder


*Save when you bill annually


  • It has a wedding cash registry, so they can just give you money instead of picking a gift, or both.
  • You can customize to your heart’s content, whatever you want on your site you can do it.
  • You can create a photo album and attach it to your site.


  • Fewer templates than some of the competitors.
  • Does not have any wedding help since its primary function is not weddings.
  • You only get two weeks free, and then it feels like there’s always a hidden fee. You have to pay the $20 for your domain and then the monthly payment.
  • It is pretty expensive, and it does not have any wedding tools.

Why Choose Squarespace

Squarespace is one of the most professional websites you can find, so detailed you would think you coded it yourself. Squarespace is $12 for 12 months or $16 month-to-month, or you can buy your domain for $20.

How much is it to use Squarespace?

$20 for the domain, and then $12 a month for 12 months, or $16 month-to-month.

Will you use the features provided by the premium package?

The premium features they offer are not necessarily wedding related, so you’re paying for features you probably won’t use.

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The Knot Wedding Website Builder


*Site lasts for one year after your wedding date


  • Matching wedding invitations
    Free professionally designed templates, 150+ to choose from.
  • Provides a guide to help you with your wedding planning.
  • Actually has a registry that links with your retail ones.
  • You can message your guests through the app, for RSVPs or other information.
  • It has everything you could think of… really everything


  • RSVP isn’t customizable, so you can’t ask for song requests or vegetarian food requests.
  • The app cannot do any big editing to your site, so it is slightly limited.

Why Choose The Knot

The knot is a website made for weddings. This site is one of the biggest wedding sites out there, and for good reason, it is really easy to use and has things you will actually use. One of my favorite things about The Knot is that they have an app, so if you’re not near your computer and need to add something quickly you can do it through the app. You can also purchase your domain for $20, or just use it for free.

How long does The Knot keep your wedding website?

1 year after the date of your wedding they will no longer keep your site, unless you buy the domain..

Can you add music to The Knot wedding site?

They have a section called Guest book where the guest can put in a song request. If you want your site to play music while people are on the page like Myspace then unfortunately, no your page won’t play music.

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Minted Wedding Website Builder


*Get a $50 credit towards wedding stationary when you use a minted wedding site


  • Websites are designed by independent artists and they are unique.
  • Easy to use with a guide to help you along.
  • They have cool options to find wedding decor that matches your wedding site.


  • Not very customizable.
  • You’ll have to upload your registry.
  • Limited unless you buy the premium version

Why Choose Minted

Great for couples who want their wedding website to match with their invitations and stationary. It has some beautiful designs that make the sites look modern and professional.

Webnode Logo


Webnode Wedding Website Builder

Get started for FREE


  • No card required to get started
  • Sign up with an e-mail
  • All data safe and encrypted
  • Use tablet or phone to create
  • Tons of premade layouts


  • Not very customizable.
  • Hosting has additional costs

Why Choose Webnode

Webnode offers fresh and modern wedding website designs, as well as an array of other customizeable styles. Choose Webnode if you are thinking about continuing to use your website, or are thinking of starting a new website in the future as you can easily upgrade your hosting plan to include more websites.

Closing Thoughts

Depending on what you’re going for and what style you want there are many options for you. These sites are some of the best out there for wedding planning. Wedding planning can be made easy with these sites, or some of these sites will allow you to do it all on your own. Based on these wedding website builders if you’re looking for one to offer you a helping hand along the way on what to do for your wedding then you should look at The Knot, Zola, and Minted.

If you want a site that you can design it yourself and basically make it into exactly what you want, then you should consider Squarespace and Wix. All of these sites will help you to build that perfect wedding website you’re looking for, but some of these will make it easier than others. You also do not want to go for a site that will make you pay for things you don’t need.

Based on you and your personal style you can decide what site works best for you, or maybe try out a couple and decide from there. They will definitely become a life savior, and help you along the way!


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