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Unique Father of the Bride Gift Ideas

You don’t have to worry about giving your best goat for her hand in marriage, but there usually is a gift given to the father of the bride.

This gift can be from daughter to father or son-in-law to father, maybe a joint gift from both. You want it to be sentimental and something you will feel good giving. Father of the bride gifts can be personal and centered around fatherhood, or it can just be something they’ll enjoy.

You can give it at the rehearsal dinner if it is something you’re okay with others being around for, or for a more personal setting you can give it on the wedding day. A lot of people tend to give these gifts during the getting ready time, so if you give a tie or cufflinks they can be worn during the wedding ceremony.

You can also take a look at all of the best wedding gifts for this year for additional inspiration.

Father of the Bride Gift FAQ

We answer the most common questions about father of the bride gifts.

Do you buy the father of the bride a gift?

Normally, yes the father of the bride is given a gift. It is usually as a thank you from the bride and groom. It is not done as much anymore, but if you’re having a more formal wedding then it may be expected.

Who should buy a gift for the father of the bride?

Usually the groom will buy the gifts, but it can be split or you can give individual gifts. It is common for the bride and groom to get a joint gift and give it as a thank you. However, traditionally it is the groom that normally buys the gift.

What should you get the father of the bride?

It should be something that is sentimental, and one of the best ways to do that is to personalize it. Personalizing will also make it so they always remember the special day the gift was given to them.
You want to find something they will like and actually use. Most of all you want to give it to them knowing that they will love it.

A unique father of the bride gift should be easy to achieve as long as it’s personal.

How much should you spend?

There’s no standard for how much to spend on the father of the bride gift. It can be anywhere from $50-$200. Picture frames or something small similar to that are common and then a gift card attached. However, those can be personal, but these options will definitely make it more unique.

The 10 Best Father of the Bride Gift Ideas

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Customizable Tumbler

You can customize a tumbler or travel mug that has a picture or anything he may like on it. This is perfect for someone who is always on the go and needing coffee. Make his new favorite mug the one you got for him.

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The Essentials Gift Set from Tie Bar


A tie bar is a very common one to give that most men will love. This tie bar is essential for anyone who wears suits often. It also is only $165, but there are also cheaper options if you do not need everything in this set.

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Navy Portable Flask


A portable flask is great for a fun dad, but make sure you fill it up before you give it to him. This flask comes in a little cover that also has four shot glasses on top of it like a lid.

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Custom Decanter and Glass Set


This decanter set can be customized with a name on it. It looks similar to the crown design and comes on the bottle and the two glasses.

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Father of the Bride Picture Frame


Beautiful picture frame that has a cute message from the bride to her dad, and will make the father of the bride feel special.

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Gold Watch


This customizable watch is great if you want to add a little personalization to it. Most watches can be engraved to say anything you would like, and they are great gifts that can be used every single day.

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Funny Money Clip


A cute and funny money clip that will give him a good laugh is always a great option. Plus they’re pretty inexpensive so you can put it with something else, or put some cold hard cash inside it.

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Custom Engraved Wallet


A nice leather wallet that can be personalized with a little love or quote that your dad loves. Everyone loves a new wallet after spending all their money.

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Gift Cards

The ultimate fall back option. If you cannot think of anything personal, or maybe you just need a little extra something to add to the gift.

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Reserve Bar Custom Engraved Liqour

If you want something fancy that will also be personal then this is a great option. They have a wide variety that can suit all tastes.

Closing Thoughts

A father of the bride gift should not be too stressful. As long as you feel like it’s personal and that you’ll feel good giving it, then he will love it. Don’t be scared to get multiple little things if you feel like that would be better. It doesn’t have to be one big gift, and if you split it between the bride and groom it won’t be too much on one person. Whatever he gets he will love because it came from you, but make sure it’s still good.


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