Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas from 1st to 50th

by Shannon Capri – Writer & Editor

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Consider These Fresh Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Historically, each wedding anniversary is assigned a type of gift to give…

One year it might be paper; the next, it might be crystal or diamonds. We caught up with Les Jardins, a wedding venue in Montgomery County, who says that the kind of gift assigned to each milestone has changed in recent years — this means there’s plenty of options to choose from when it comes to anniversary gift shopping! If you have a wedding anniversary coming up for a milestone year, these are some of the most popular gifts for modern and traditional couples.

Best Milestone Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

First Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Traditionally, couples exchange paper gifts to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. The fragile yet substantial quality of paper gifts represents the newness of your marriage. Some popular paper anniversary gifts include tickets to a movie or local event, a handwritten letter, or an artistic depiction of a photo from your wedding day.

Now, paper isn’t your only option for a first anniversary. The more modern gift to give is a clock. From bedside table alarm clocks to fancy watches or smartwatches, a timepiece makes a beautiful first wedding anniversary gift.

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Wood is the traditional gift for a fifth wedding anniversary. That’s because wood symbolizes strength and endurance. You can find almost anything in a wooden option, from hand-carved wooden signs to wooden cookware, jewelry, and housewares.

For a more modern fifth-anniversary gift, silverware is appropriate. But think outside the box of forks and knives — a new salad tong set or a personalized serving tray are great alternatives.

10th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Traditional gifts for those celebrating their tenth anniversary are made from aluminum or tin. Like a marriage that has lasted that long, those materials are known for withstanding the test of time. Celebrate your marriage’s longevity with gifts like aluminum rings, tin picture frames, or guitar picks.

For those who want to go the more modern route, diamonds are ten year’s best friend. If you’re looking to go all out, you can’t go wrong with diamond jewelry. But if you’re not typically jewelry-wearers, consider a whiskey decanter set in the shape of a diamond or diamond-encrusted glassware.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Couples typically exchange china when they reach their 20th anniversary. That’s because, like fine china, your marriage has maintained a delicate balance all those years. If you’re not into the fancy plate ware, you can always opt for the modern 20th-anniversary gift — platinum.

Celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary in style with something platinum. Acceptable gift ideas include platinum jewelry, picture frames, and keepsake keychains. To make your platinum gift extra special, engrave it with something personal, like your wedding date, a favorite lyric or quote the two of you share, or simply your initials.

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

For a 25th wedding anniversary, the gifts are the same — silver. That’s because the precious metal is a solid and shining example of your commitment to one another. Popular silver gift ideas for 25-year anniversaries include personalized memento trays, tie clips, and even kitchen appliances. Of course, silver jewelry of any variety always works, too

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Much like 25 years, celebrating 50 years of marriage means the traditional and modern gifts are the same. Gold marks the momentous occasion, making your gift-giving options almost limitless. You can find almost anything made from gold — it really depends on what you’re willing to spend!

Closing Thoughts

Whether you recently said your vows or you’ve been married for several dozen years, these anniversary gifts are sure to spark your imagination. When you’re searching for the perfect anniversary gift, remember it’s not about the size of your budget but how many happy memories you’ve made and how many more are yet to come. Gifts that have a special meaning behind them are the ones that will count the most. Happy shopping!

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