Ring Bearer Outfits for a Stylish Ring Bearer

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Finding the Perfect Ring Bearer Outfit

There are a few important steps to take before you get to say your “I do’s.” One of course, is the flower girl, but another one that is important is the ring bearer. The ring bearer has a couple important jobs, carrying the ring and being the second cutest thing to walk down the aisle. Your ring bearer can be a younger sibling, cousin, or nephew. You don’t have to have a family member if you’re close to someone and their kid then you can do that too. Ring bearer is traditionally for little boys, but you can do a little girl if you would like, or both. You can have more than one if you want to; it is all up to you.

What is a Ring Bearer?

The ring bearer carries the rings down the aisle to give the groom the set of rings. The ring bear is usually between 4-8 years old. You want him old enough to walk on his own, and be able to do what’s expected without any complications. However, you can go a little younger if you know it will be okay. Usually if they are older than eight they are better off being a junior groomsmen if you are interested in doing that. Your ring bearer does not have to be a boy, you can have a little girl be your ring bearer as well. An even more popular ring bearer is puppies. Many people have their dog as the ring bearer. They are part of the family as well, and you can find cute doggy outfits.

What do you Need for a Ring Bearer?

Your ring bearer will need some fancy clothes, and we will include some of our favorite looks below, usually they dress a little fancier than regular guests. The next thing is a pillow for the rings, or any alternative you would like to have the rings carried on. For this he usually holds fake rings just to be safe, and these are usually provided by the bride and groom. And the last thing you’ll need is plenty of space on your camera to take a bunch of pictures.

Important Ring Bearer FAQs

What does the Ring Bearer wear?

Traditionally a ring bearer wears a tux, but you can also do a suit. They should be dressed fancier than regular guests, and they should generally be dressed in the colors of the wedding. If it is a winter wedding it is more typical to have them in a tux because it is warmer, but for summer weddings it’s a good idea to go with a nice suit. You generally should ask the bride and groom what colors or look they want for the ring bearer. If they say it’s up to you then you can go for any of the standard colors; black, navy, grey, ect. Usually you will want to have the wedding colors mixed into the look somehow.

If you end up having a ring bearer who is a girl then you would get a dress that matches the flower girl, and you can even have them go down the aisle together. The rules are generally up to the wedding couple, but the options are never limited. 

You should also consider the age of the ring bearer. They can be younger than four, and there are many options for this like them being pulled in a wagon. If they are younger then you should consider their comfort over anything else. You can get away with a little more when they are older, but comfort should be important no matter what. They will be in it all day, and to ensure there won’t be any fussiness you should always check for comfort. 

What Size Should a Ring Bearer Pillow be?

Usually the pillows the ring bearer holds are about 10 inches, but you can use whatever you would like if you have a pillow that you love. It just should be what you want in your pictures, and what you know will look good. Just consider how small your ring bearer is; you don’t want them to be walking with a big pillow.

What can the Ring Bearer Carry instead of a Pillow?

You can have a lot of different options if you don’t want to use a pillow. You can use a box, boxes are the second most common thing people use. They can get engraved and be used as a jewelry holder afterwards. If you do end up having your dog as the ring bearer, most people will attach them to the collar. You can be as creative as you want with this, and if you have something else you want you can definitely use that.

Should the Ring Bearer Carry Fake Rings?

Yes, it is a good idea to have fake rings on the pillow, or whatever you decided to use. This ensures the safety of the rings, and that sense of comfort that you know exactly where they are. You can get cheap fake rings and attach those. You can use your real rings, and for pictures you will definitely want to have the real rings. I would recommend you leave the rings with the best man just for safekeeping. 

Where to Get Ring Bearer Outfits Online


Nearly Endless Options 

Fast shipping and an assortment of options and styles from one of the largest online marketplaces.

Why we Love this Brand

Amazon will give you a bunch of options, with an unbeatable amount of styles. We love them because they are size inclusive, and you will definitely be able to find what you need. They have great shipping time, and if you need returns they will make that happen for you. Their comment and review section is one of the best parts because you will be able to see the quality of it before you buy it. 

Mens Wearhouse

Boys Clothes from Designer Brands

From Ralph Lauren to Calvin Klein, these styles are perfect for Ring Bearers

Why we Love this Brand

Mens wear house is a wedding favorite. The staff is always really helpful, and can point you in the right direction if you don’t know what you are looking for. They will help measure you for sizing, and can even do alterations if needed. Mens wear house is a must stop on the journey of finding a good suit, and even better if you need kids sizes since they can be difficult to find.


Unique Styles by Independent Artists

Support small and independent artists with amazing styles and options.

Why we Love this Brand

Etsy has very unique styles that cannot be found in generic stores. They always look so good, and they are good quality. We love etsy because supporting small businesses during this time is really important. Most of the venders will make alterations to the look if you ask, and they are happy to work with you. You can give exact measurements and not worry about it not fitting. They may take longer to ship if you get customizations, so don’t wait until the last minute to order from etsy.


Complete Ring Bearer Options

Find everything you need for a perfect formal ring bearer outfit.

Why we Love this Brand

Nordstrom is another great place to go to. They have a bunch of different styles that can be tried on. You will find name brand looks here, and you will get great quality. They are one of our favorite places to go if you want to see what is in style right now; you won’t have to worry about being out of the trends if you shop at Nordstrom.

Where to Get Ring Bearer Outfits Online


Nearly Endless Options 

Fast shipping and an assortment of options and styles from one of the largest online marketplaces.

Why we Love this Brand

Amazon will give you a bunch of options for the perfect pillow. You can do all of the stuff you need for your ring bearer here, so if you want a one stop shop then you already know to go to amazon. They will give you a variety to choose from if you don’t want to do the typical white pillow, and maybe want it to match your wedding colors. You should always check amazon first to see what they have to offer.

Davids Bridal

Largest Wedding Dress Destination

More than 330 stores throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom

Why we Love this Brand

Davids Bridal will give you the traditional ring bearer pillow that you are looking for. If you don’t know where to start then you should start at Davids Bridal. They will be some of the most helpful people who can point you in the right direction of what you are looking for. They will have the traditional items, and even some seasonal ones. They are a great place to get ideas from, and if you have any questions they will have the answers. 

Bonus: Dog Ring Bearer Outfit

Making your Dog a Ring Bearer

One of the cutest things to do right now is have your dog be the ring bearer. If you don’t have a family member, or know anyone who you would want to be the ring bearer then you should definitely consider using your doggy. This can be a really special moment if you and your spouse raised the dog together, and you know you want to include them in the wedding. You should always make sure your dog is good with crowds of people because they will awwww at the puppy  and probably want to give it pets while it goes down the aisle. Just make sure if you consider this you also thought about your dog. It will be one of the cutest moments, and absolutely a crowd favorite.

Kuoser Dog Tuxedo

Kuoser Dog Tuxedo Dog Suit

$15.99 – $18.99

Why we love this Dog Suite

This dog suite comes in sizes small to XX-large. We love this suit because it looks very formal, and makes the dogs even cuter. It is comfortable for the dogs, and they look great on them. This is the classic look that will always work. You want them to look fancy for the occasion, and this is one of our favorite looks. 

Closing Thoughts

Ring bearer outfits should be one of the easier things in the wedding planning process. Of course, this will be up to the ring bearers parents because overall they have the say in the situation. However, as long as the kid is happy everything will go perfectly. You should consider how you want the ring bear dressed before making the decision, so you can tell them what you want. If you want whatever is easier for them then that is perfectly fine too. 

You will have a ton of options of where to get suits for little boys. Their sizes can be a little complicated because of how quickly they grow during this time of their life, so you should wait until closer to the wedding to ensure that they will fit in their outfit. You will want to take advantage of the rehearsal dinner in this situation, and it will make them feel more confident on the day. You have tons of good options for their outfit, and there is no bad outfit for a kid. They just need to look cute, and be comfortable. They will already be so excited to be in the wedding, and you have a lot of freedom in how you want them to go down the aisle. You already know what will work best for them, so don’t be scared to do something original in this process.




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