8 Best Custom Wedding Presents to the Newlyweds

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When you are thinking about wedding gifts, you will never run out of ideas because there is a wide array of choices that any newly-wed couple would definitely love.

The only thing here is that you have to make sure that your wedding gift is something unique, memorable, useful and of course, something that has personal touch or those that are customized.

Customized gifts are just one of the best ways to show the newlyweds on just how well you know them and surely, they will appreciate it. In this article, we are sharing eight of the best custom wedding presents to the newlyweds that are practical, unique and aesthetically appealing.

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Customized Wedding Anniversary Journal

The wedding anniversary journal will definitely be a part of the newlyweds’ journey throughout their marriage life. This journal will record their memories and milestones from their first anniversary until eternity.

The journal has a space wherein the couple could write the detail of every wedding anniversary or any special events that will make their relationship stronger and deeper.

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Wedding Cake Toppers Bobblehead Figures

The cake toppers from Lucky Bobblehead is a unique gift and a great way to mark the momentous occasion of the couple. Lucky Bobblehead makes customized bobbleheads for different themes, including weddings. They also do full-body customization and added small accessories will not charge extra fees.

This is a unique gift that does not only serve as a wedding topper but it can also be kept and cherished forever by the couple. After the wedding, bobbleheads can be placed in their desk, dashboard or anywhere that they can see to remind them of the love that they have.

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Personalized Wine Serving Trays

Couple who love to host in style would definitely appreciate it if you gift them with personalized wine serving tray that comes with their surnames or their first names together with the date of the wedding.

Additional Tip: to make it more fun, you might want to pair this tray with their favorite bottle of wine or whiskey which they will drink on their wedding night.

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Adorable Home Sign

This thoughtful gift is sure to be treasured forever by the newlywed couple. The home sign personalized with their surname will give excitement as this will remind them that they are now officially a family. This home decoration can be displayed anywhere in their home.

Aside from adorable home sign, you may also add personalized door mat which will be a perfect addition to their new home and make their entry way more welcoming.

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Customized Chopping Board

Looking for a gift idea for couple who loves to cook? Well, the customized chopping board is the answer.

A cutting board engraved with their names or their favorite recipe would definitely add character to their kitchen and is great for preparing their everyday meal. This classic chopping board would add style and personal touch to every meal prepared.

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Engraved Accessories

This is best recommended for fashionable couple who wants to add style by putting up some accessories.

Aside from their wedding rings, you may want to gift them with matching accessories, such as necklace, watches and bracelets engraved with their surnames, wedding anniversary or any figure that is related to them as a couple.

It is best to choose timely pieces with classic designs so it will never get out of style. And it is a bonus point if these couple accessories would match the couple’s wedding ring.

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Wedding Clock

To remind them how their love stood the test of time and circumstances, a customized wedding clock would be a great wedding gift idea. A classic and eye-catching personalized wall clock will add style and functionality to the newlyweds’ home. This gift would also always remind them the importance of “time” in a relationship.

Aside from their names, surnames or their wedding date, you may also choose to design it with a motivational love quotation or a verse from the Bible that talks about unending love.

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His & Her Coffee Mugs

For cozy couples who love to enjoy the morning with a hot cup of coffee or spend one lazy afternoon with a hot tea , a couple coffee mugs is a good wedding gift idea.


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