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Choosing the Bow Tie for your Wedding Attire

A bow tie is the perfect way to change up the traditional wedding look while still keeping it classy.

Bow ties started in the 17th century; when men decided they were tired of accidental nip slips, and they needed something to keep their shirts closed. They are often associated with intelligence, but they are moving in the direction of representing a fun and playful side.

Bow ties are a type of necktie that are tied the same way you would tie a shoelace, however; there are many creative ways you can tie a bow tie.

A wedding bow tie can be more traditional and be black silk or cotton, or you can use any color/pattern you want. Many couples like to match their ties/bow ties to their wedding theme colors. It can be hard to find ties in the right color, but because bow ties are more quirky , you can find a huge selection for wedding bow ties.

This is also really helpful for grooms bow ties since they are often a color that is not black.


“Summer weddings are perfect for a casual bow tie and suspender combination.”

Should I Wear a Tie or Bow Tie?

This really depends on your personal style and the style of your wedding. A more formal wedding would typically have a black tie and black suit, or you could switch the black tie for a blck silk bow tie.

Both of those are still considered formal. An informal wedding or a casual wedding would be perfect for a bow tie of any color/design.

Summer weddings are perfect for a casual bow tie and suspender combination.

So, when choosing between wearing a tie or a bow tie for your wedding really depends on the type of wedding you’re having, and if you want to incorporate color then bow tie would be a better option.

Self Tie or Clip on Bow Ties?

If you are struggling to choose between a self tie and a clip on for your groom and groomsmen, self ties is always the best option.

Clip ons and even pre-tied bow ties are looked down upon, but they are perfect for children who would struggle with making a bow tie.

Self tie bow ties can be done in multiple different styles, so you will be able to change it up for different occasions.

Clip on bow ties usually look cheap and it is pretty noticeable that it is a clip on. Self tie bow ties are sophisticated and you won’t be embarrassed to wear it.

What are Popular Bow Tie Brands?

With a wide range of prices, these are the top places to find your next wedding bow tie.


Tie Bar

The Tie bar is a company that started because they wanted to make good quality mens fashion at a price that won’t break the bank. They were founded over a decade ago in Chicago, and pride themselves on being the ultimate wingman. 


Tom Ford

Tom Ford gained experience through multiple companies like Yves Saint Lauren, Gucci, and Marcolin group. He worked on women’s fashion, sunglasses, men’s fashion, make up, ect. He jumped into multiple industries making his brand well known and trusted


Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is an italian luxury brand that is well known for great quality and luxurious style. Armani cares about their customers, and always wants to give the best quality. You will get great quality, but you are not only paying for good quality but being able to say it’s Armani.


Haws & Curtis

Haws & Curtis started over 100 years ago in the UK. The two, Haws and Curtis, created many men’s styles and fashions that are used today. They also created pieces for many different royals in the 20th century. Haws & Curtis is a trustworthy brand that has been cultivating fashion and giving the best quality to their customers for over 100 years.


Ties stays true to their slogan, “better quality, better service, better value.” They originated in California, and they want to give high-quality at a low price. They have superior products that are ethically made at a good price.

What are the best bow ties?

See the 5 best bow ties, perfect for your wedding or any formal occasion


Solid Satin Black Bow Tie

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Pricing from: $22

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Courtesy TieBar

Why we love the Satin Black Bow Tie from Tie Bar

The perfect alternative to a black tie is the satin black bow tie. You can get this tie pre-tied or as a self tie. Classic with great quality, and it’s affordable. This tie is available in Boys, Pre-Tied and Self-Tie types to appeal to everyone.

You can also find a variety of additional colors and styles for this bow tie to match your wedding theme

Pricing from: $22


Tom Ford Classic Evening Bowtie

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Pricing from: $260

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Courtesy Tom Ford

Why we love the Tom Ford Evening Bow Tie

A classic luxury bow tie that is perfect for formal and casual weddings. This bow tie comes pre tied and looks stunning on. Another black bow tie that can be used as a substitute for a black tie.

Pricing from: $260


Bulletin Dot Bow Ties

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Pricing from: $25

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Courtesy TieBar

Why we love the Bulletin Dot Bow Ties

These bow ties are perfect for incorporating wedding colors into your look. Can be for the groom or the groomsmen depending on the look you’re going for. Bulletin dot bow ties add a unique look perfect for your wedding day.

Pricing from: $25


Armani Silk Satin Bow Tie

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Pricing from: $175

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Courtesy Armani

Why we love this Silver Armani Tie

This is a refined alternative to a black tie, the silver color makes it look formal and classy. The satin material really makes this bow tie beautiful. You can get pre-tied or the self-tie.

Pricing from: $175


Haws & Curtis Ready Tied Bowtie

Classic Red Ready Tie
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Pricing from: $39

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Courtesy TieBar

Why we love the Ready Tied Bow Tie

Beautiful satin bow tie that comes pre-tied for those who are intimidated by self tie bow ties. These are perfect alternatives that look self-tied because of their good quality.

Pricing from: $39


Dog Bow Tie

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Pricing from: $7.90

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Courtesy Amazon

Why we love Amajiji Formal Dog Bow Ties

Don’t forget man’s best friend. Get your puppy a cute bow tie for the big day. It will be extra cute for family pictures and in your wedding photos.

Pricing from: $7.90

Closing Thoughts

Change up your wedding style by adding in some bow ties. You can find the formal look by getting a black satin bow tie, or you can change it up for a more casual/modern wedding. Bow ties have a large selection or colors and designs. This allows for some personality to show through, and it can match to your wedding colors. They have multiple different knots and styles that will allow for beautiful bow ties. It also comes with the option of getting them pre-tied or clip on, in case you don’t want to stress about getting that perfect look.


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