9 Stylish Leather Handbags To Carry on Your Wedding Day

Tony Kantzavelos // Guest Contributor

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Leather On Your Wedding Day?

Your wedding day will be one of the most beautiful and memorable days in your life. Wearing the perfect dress and accessories is the dream of every bride, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Yes, the handbag choices are quite overwhelming, but after reading this article, you’ll be more than ready to start shopping for the perfect one.

If you’ve been searching for ideas and want to find the best leather handbag to carry on your wedding day, you have to check out these nine styles.

Should the bride wear a handbag to her wedding?

Whether you should wear a handbag to your wedding or not is up to personal preference. However, handbags are not only one of the most beautiful accessories that will elevate your look but are also extremely useful.

As a bride, you still need a place to keep your phone, lipstick, mirror, blotting paper, and all the other essentials. A stylish, fabulous bag can turn out to be the best investment aside from your dress and shoes.

What color should I choose?

Once again, there is no wrong or right. It all depends on what you like and the style of your wedding dress. There are no rules when it comes to what you’re supposed to wear, especially during times of a pandemic.

Accessories can either make or break a look; that’s why you should go for a handbag that you really love but also elevates the dress to a new level. Minimalist designs can easily be matched with printed, colorful, and white handbags.

Maximalist wedding gowns usually require a much simpler approach when it comes to accessories. If your gown features embroidery, heavy embellishment, or an eye-catching print, you can balance it out with a simple but stylish leather handbag.

Find The Best Leather Handbag To Carry On Your Wedding Day

Trying to figure out which leather handbag will work best with your wedding dress? Check out these nine styles and see which one you fall in love with!

Leather Pouch


The Leather Pouch

Ever since Bottega Veneta dropped their infamous pouch bag, the whole world is obsessed with this shape. The fact that it’s so versatile works with different fashion styles, and looks so cute makes it an even better fit for a wedding.

There are so many pouch variations to choose from, starting with various sizes, colors, and prints. Feel free to add a delicate chain so that you can throw it on your shoulder while you’re walking down the aisle or greeting guests.

Something Old


Something Old

Your favorite handbag can be your ‘something old’ for the wedding. If it’s a bag that you’ve had for a while, but you’re absolutely in love with it, it can now become a part of this special day.

Another way to go is to carry a handbag that has a special meaning. Think of the one that your mother wore for her wedding day, but it’s still as fashionable and gorgeous as it was back then. If the time took its toll, find a specialist that does the leather repair, and it will be as good as new in no time.

Something Old


Chic Clutch

A classic leather clutch in white or a gorgeous pastel shade will compliment your wedding look, plus it is the safest option for brides.

You simply can’t go wrong with this type of handbag, and you can easily make it even more functional by adding a chain strap. Want to take things up a notch? Find a simple clutch elevated with a unique knuckle ring embellished design.

Something Old


Something Blue

A cute blue clutch, pouch, bucket bag, or crossbody handbag is another unique choice to consider. Baby blue is one of the softest, most beautiful colors that look stunning with white, pink, yellow, green, and floral prints.

Something Old


Pearls and Leather

Pearls are the perfect way to celebrate a day as special as your wedding. They are timeless and just the right detail that you need to complete the bridal attire.

Pearls work best with minimalist slip wedding dresses, romantic floral gowns, wedding suits, jumpsuits, or a 20’s-themed wedding party.

Something Old


Pearls and Leather

A small leather bag with unique embroidery is all you need to stand out even more. The most adventurous brides will fall in love with the popular bucket shape.

If you’re seeking a handbag that is easy to carry, fits your essentials, and works wonders with boho wedding dresses, playful prints, simple white gowns that need a little oomph, and a sophisticated bride who doesn’t want to accessorize with a clutch on her wedding day, this is the one!

Something Old


Sparkly Perfection

Get that dose of glam on your wedding day with a crystal-embellished clutch! The leather clutch can feature stones, beads, sequins or crystals all over, or it can feature a stunning embellished flap or strap.

Something Old


Show-Stopping Fringe

Fringe is another detail that can deliver a little drama to your look. Even the simplest leather handbag becomes impressive when it’s upgraded with fringe.

Think of a cute little pouch in a unique shape decorated with beaded fringe. Sounds fabulous, right?

Something Old


Next-Level Feathers

What better way to glow on your wedding day than with a hint of feathers? A gorgeous handbag with feather details is one of those wedding accessories that won’t stay unnoticed. It’s a perfect match with both glamorous gowns and simple wedding dresses.

Closing Thoughts

Finding a leather handbag to carry on your wedding day will be the most straightforward task now that you know all these different designs that you can choose from. Start by deciding whether you prefer minimalist handbags or you want to opt for a bag that will leave everyone breathless.

Don’t forget to match your shoes to the bag! This is one of the smartest tips you’ll get, especially if you’re flaunting a midi or short wedding dress. If those fabulous sandals that will complete your look feature scratches, don’t hesitate to find a leather wedding shoe restoration specialist that will bring them back to life for your special day.

When deciding about wedding accessories, think about your dress’s color, and don’t be afraid to get a handbag that features colorful details.

About Tony Kantzavelos

Tony Kantzavelos is the owner of Love Your Leather – currently the largest leather cleaning, repair, and alteration company in Toronto and Southern Ontario. Tony has been altering and repairing leather items since 1987. He is a world-renowned expert in the leather restoration field especially when it comes to restoring high-end purses and handbags. He really loves what he does since it not only makes his customers very happy to have their favorite accessories rejuvenated, but it also helps to reduce the throw-away society that is responsible for the destruction of our natural resources and increase landfills. A lot of his clients call him the magician due to his ability to repair even the most difficult tears, scratches, and discoloration on leathers.


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