Roaring 20’s Themed Wedding Ideas For The 2020’s

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Roaring 20s wedding ideas from 1920 to 2020

It’s officially been a century since America was captured by the glitz and glamour of the roaring 20s, so it’s a perfect time to break out the beautiful beaded dresses and long pearl necklaces and have a glamorous and classy wedding all your guests will remember.

The best part of this theme is that it’s relatively easy to bring to fruition and, unlike some other theme ideas, is actually difficult to make look cheap or garish. Here are 10 ideas to create your 20s themed wedding.

5 Roaring 20’s Wedding Ideas

Create a stunning 1920’s themed wedding for the 2020’s


Ticket Invitations

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“They’re not your typical wedding invitation and they definitely make an impression.”

The 1920s was a huge era for film and railroads had become a normal part of life for many Americans. If you and your partner love watching old movies or traveling across the US together, consider using train or theater tickets for your RSVPs or invitations.

Most RSVPs and wedding invitations all look the same, so you can easily stand out and set the tone of your wedding.

A great way to share your wedding schedule is to create a miniature theater “playbill” or “train schedule” with all the details your guests need to know about what’s happening when and where they need to be.

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Retro Travel Postcards

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Courtesy Bonayuanda

“These postcards added a great element to our vintage travel themed wedding. We used them on tables, on walls, on backdrops behind the punch, etc. They added a nice element, and some people wrote messages to the bride and groom on them!”

All couples and guests love to record messages and memories of the day with a guest book with heartfelt advice and best wishes, so instead of providing a standard guestbook differentiate your wedding with printed “retro photos” that guests can write on.

Either find an old set of photos you love and print them out and ask guests to write their messages on the back for you. These 1920s vintage travel poster postcards make another great option!

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Feathers & Beads

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“BABEYOND is a dedicated, passionate team with a wide range of skillsets and professional work experience within the vintage dressing industry.”

This dress from BABEYOND is the perfect mix of classic vintage style paired with beautiful beads. Add a feather headband to complete the look!

Give your wedding even more of a Great Gatsby feel by adding feathers and beads to your floral table centerpieces, wrap strings of pearls around your bouquets, and use tall, thin vases and stands for your floral arrangements.

The key to using feathers is to stay away from brightly dyed feathers (like you’d find in a kid’s craft kit) and stick to white, black, cream, pastels, and natural feathers (these ostrich feathers are beautiful) – and the same goes for beads.

Don’t choose cheap Mardi Gras-style plastic beads, instead choose look-alike pearls, freshwater pearls, and take a day or two to go thrift store shopping and find long strands of stone beads.

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Glamorous Gold

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“Your guests will love finding their way with these beautiful tea plate table numbers.”

To achieve the glitz and glamour of the 20s you need to accent your black and white decorations with touches of gold.

Choose to use gold-colored chairs, gold-edged napkins, gold-accented flatware, and anywhere else it makes sense to do so. If you can, stick to the angular 20s shapes that were seen on the time.

You could even use edible gold leaf on your desserts to add a decadent touch!

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Headbands & Ruffles

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Courtesy Red Dress

“Who needs a tiara when you can wear me?”

Suggest the girls and ladies attending your wedding wear 1920s-themed dresses, and decorate with feathers, beads, and ruffles.

Headbands like these at Red Dress that are 20s themed are affordable, and you could even put out a basket of accessories for guests to use and take home as a memento.

You could even ask your maid of honor to throw a 1920s themed bridal shower and ask a makeup artist and a hairstylist to show guests how they can alter their makeup and hairstyle to look a little more 1920s on the big day.

For some extra fun, make a day out of it and go shopping with the girls at different vintage stores to find the perfect headband for you!

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Closing Thoughts

We hope these roaring 20s themed wedding ideas have given you inspiration to help plan your perfect wedding! Have some more ideas to share? Tell us in the comments below!


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