The Best Wedding Tumblers for 2021

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Go green with fun personalized wedding tumblers

Are you looking for a way to combine some portions of your wedding to save some money? Wedding tumblers might just be what you’re looking for!

Tumblers are often listed as great bridesmaids or groomsman gifts, but did you know that they can be so much more than that on your big day?

Tumblers are a fun & eco-friendly way to check off multiple boxes at once from the wedding planning list.

Keep reading to see all the creative ways you can incorporate tumblers into your wedding, and where to get your own personalized wedding tumblers online!

“Tumblers are a fun & eco-friendly way to check off multiple boxes at once from the wedding planning list”

What is a tumbler used for?

A tumbler is used to keep water or your favorite drink nice and cold. They are often insulated and use either a closed cap or lid that allows a straw.

They do not have stems, and are perfect for transporting a lot of liquid at once to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Can you put hot water or coffee in a plastic tumbler?

Make sure that any plastic you use does not contain Bisphenol-A (BPA), which can be released when exposed to high heat and enter whatever hot liquid you have in your cup or tumbler.

We recommend shopping eco-friendly and sustainable tumblers for your wedding day as they will last longer too.

How can I incorporate tumblers into my wedding?

Below are just some of the reasons why you should consider incorporating weddings tumblers into your wedding planning.

01. Tumblers are eco-friendly

One thing we love about tumblers in general is that many are sustainably made and eco-friendly. Stainless steel tumblers last forever and prevent any harmful chemicals that plastic tumblers have been known for.

02. They make great wedding party gifts

Tumblers such as a stainless steel tumblers are sure to actually be used for a long time by your close friends and relatives.

You can also get them a tumbler that matches their style in design, or features their favorite sports team for an added personal touch.

03. Tumbler cups can replace your wedding glassware

Giving your guests tumbler cups, mugs, or wine glasses to use means no broken glass, fun for all ages in attendance, and easy refills!

Not only that, if you decide to use tumblers or tumbler cups instead of glassware, they can double as your wedding favors!

04. They can be a useful wedding favor for guests

Tumblers are one of those wedding favors that your guests or wedding party will actually thank you for and use. Everyone always wants a tumbler, but hardly anyone thinks to pick one up when they are out shopping. Not many stores carry tumblers, so that is why it’s easiest to shop for one online.

The Best Personalized Wedding Tumblers for 2020

Now that you’re feeling more inspired, where can you find some fun, personalized, or eco-friendly wedding tumblers? We count down the best places to find amazing wedding tumblers for 2020 below


Tervis Tumblers

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Why we love Tervis Tumblers

With a slogan of “made for a better life”, Tervis puts sustainability in everything they do. Started in 1946, Tervis invented the very first insulated tumbler, and helped make the 16oz tumbler popular in the 1980s.

Nowadays their lineup has personalized tumblers, artist inspired designs, tumblers that support a cause, and tumblers featuring your favorite sports teams, animals, movies, and TV characters.

Shop the latest Tervis Tumblers


  • Personalized options
  • Eco-friendly options
  • Tons of colors & collections
  • Big brands like Disney , DC, & Harry Potter


  • Some tumblers can be pricey
  • Not as many options as others



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Why we love Amazon for wedding tumblers

Amazon is an obvious choice to get your wedding party tumblers. They offer many options from a ton of vendors in their marketplace. You can get fun designs, matching tumblers or insulated mugs, and much more.

The only major downside is that most tumblers are pre-made and can’t be customized. If you’re into sustainability, there is also no guarantee that the vendor you end up buying from has been properly vetted by Amazon.

That is why we recommend sticking to popular brands or products with a lot of reviews when shopping on Amazon for wedding tumblers.

Shop tumblers on Amazon


  • Tons of affordable options
  • Discount bulk orders available for large parties or wedding favors
  • Prime shipping on most tumblers


  • Limited personalization
  • Low quality control of vendors selling Tumblers


Etsy Marketplace

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Why we love Etsy wedding tumblers

Etsy Marketplace has almost everything for sale by real artists – wedding tumblers included! With over 32,000 tumblers to browse through, it could take a while!

The best part about Etsy is that you know you are getting a handcrafted and unique wedding tumbler that can be special to you and your wedding party or guests.

Due to the personalization, most tumblers are on the pricier side and will cost you more than $20 after shipping.


  • Huge collection of personalized tumblers
  • Unique, custom made options by real artists
  • Can find great affordable deals if you search long enough


  • With 32,204 results, almost too many to choose from
  • Due to customization, most tumblers are expensive and may take a while to ship

Closing Thoughts

We hope this list of inspiration and the best places to get wedding tumblers online help you pick the perfect wedding gift of wedding party favor that is both fun and sustainable!

What are some of your eco-friendly wedding tips? Tell us in the comments below!


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