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A luxurious wedding is the cherished dream of girls.

They have been thinking about it since childhood, planning every detail: a gorgeous wedding dress, adorable jewelry, graceful shoes, lovely bridal bouquet. On this day, every woman wants to be spectacular, beautiful, irresistible, in a word – to be perfect.

Many brides who wear glasses on a daily basis doubt that this indispensable and so familiar accessory will go well with their fancy wedding ensemble. Indeed, glasses, which are a mega-popular accessory in the business environment, are rarely seen on brides; instead, they prefer to wear contact lenses on this significant day.

The question of how to improve visual acuity during a wedding celebration can be solved in different ways. Should you give up glasses on this day if you wear them all the time?

Without a high-quality means of correction, the bride can miss important moments of her own wedding – there is no joy from the celebration if everything is blurred before your eyes. Should you refuse your eyeglasses in favor of lenses on your wedding day? Contact lenses cannot be called the ideal option for everyone, although they do not bring dissonance to the bride’s image.

What contact lenses should you prefer if you don’t wear them at all? According to experts, daily lenses on your wedding day are the ideal choice both from an aesthetic point of view and in terms of comfort. Wearing daily contact lenses is cost-effective and effortless.

You don’t need to look after them by purchasing a solution and lens storage container. You put them on in the morning, celebrate your special occasion, and take them off in the evening – really the most comfortable alternative!

However, this option may not suit everyone. Lenses often turn out to be unsuitable and cause allergies. Some girls who are accustomed to “hiding behind glasses” feel discomfort without the usual accessory. And sometimes the glasses are such a part of a lady’s personality, it’s hard to imagine her without.

Therefore, if you feel most comfortable and the most “you” when wearing glasses, you should not part with glasses on this important day in your life. You should definitely enjoy choosing the right stylish pair of glasses to complement your outfit perfectly.

Your favorite pair of glasses is fine as your everyday go-to, but your wedding-day look deserves an upgrade. It is worth using the stylist’s tips, which recommend that brides choose inconspicuous frames in traditional shades under a traditional white dress and veil. This might be a slim full-rim frame in soft pastel colors, or silver, gold, or rose gold frame that ties into an engagement ring or metallic décor accents, or a more subtle pair that’s closer to the skin tone.

If you’re looking for a more minimalist look, a rimless pair is the simplest way to go! Ultra-lightweight rimless glasses from the strip3p titanium collection from LINDBERG will look incredibly sophisticated. For brides who prefer minimalism in accessories, these glasses without unnecessary elements such as screws, rivets, or welded parts are a great chord to complete a flawless look. By the way, rimless frames fit almost all dresses and styles. This is especially true where it is necessary to change several outfits during the ceremony.

All glasses wearers are aware of the reflective glare that appears in some photos, and some brides are afraid that this could be a problem with their wedding snaps. Therefore, when buying new eyeglasses, be sure to ask about anti-reflective options – they’ll be best not only for wedding photos but also for your daily use.

They eliminate the reflective glare you see (at night, for example), as well as the reflections others see when they’re looking at you. With these glasses, you will certainly remain happy with the final wedding pics!

Carefully selected eyewear can become a highlight of the bride’s image, so do not give up this accessory in favor of newfangled lenses. Unlike a wedding dress, which is often purchased for a single day, glasses can be worn for many years.

So luxury wedding glasses are a great investment. The main thing is that you like them, that you feel comfortable wearing them, and let your wedding eyeglasses remind you of a wonderful moment in your life!


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