Cheap Beautiful Wedding Dresses: 5 Styles under $100

There are thousands of cheap wedding dresses out there, and we scoured the web to find the best deals that don’t compromise on looks or quality.

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5 Beautiful Wedding Dress Styles Under $100

Cheap wedding dresses are hard to come by…

With all of the costs involved with a wedding, most people would agree spending thousands of dollars on a wedding gown is not realistic. For the truly budget-savvy shoppers out there, you have come to the right place.

The affordable weddings gowns featured in this article are elegant, and won’t break the bank. The best news is, not a single gown is listed over $100 during the time of writing.

One of the main benefits of paying less for your dress, is the money you will save for your honeymoon or other big-life events such as purchasing a home together.

Without further ado, check out our favorite cheap wedding dress ideas below for all silhouette types.

Our Top Five Affordable Wedding Dress Styles

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The A-Line Dress

One of the most popular wedding dresses, the A-Line style dress is fitted around the body, and flows freely out to the ground, resembling an A to give it the classic name. Because of its popularity, there are plenty of cheap & affordable A-Line wedding gowns available to choose from. Perfect for any occasion because of its classic style, the A-Line dress will fit in during any type of ceremony, in any location.

Beyond this, the A-Line style wedding dress is also perfect for any figure. Most body shapes look great in this dress style, especially women that have larger busts. Women with “pear” shaped bodies also look amazing in the A-Line dress because the natural flow of the dress easily hides any curves that you may not want to flaunt on your special day.

Our Favorites

Double V-Neck Sleeveless Wedding Dress by Abaowedding

This ivory gown is made of chiffron and lace, with a touch of sequin and beading. A floor-length gown perfect for an elegant night wedding. If you need any custom sizing, contact the company and send them your details for a custom-tailored gown..


  • Reviews: 431+
  • Average Rating: 4/5 Stars
  • Average Price: $4.86 – $89.99

Beach Bridal Lace Wedding Gown by JAEDEN

A chiffron bridal gown with beautiful lace applied along the top, this high-quality yet low-priced dress is sure to turn heads. With a double V-neck style and back zipper with a securing button, you can rest assured this dress won’t fall apart on you.


  • Reviews: 53+
  • Average Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
  • Average Price: $15 – $118.89

Sheer Vintage Tea Length Wedding Dress by APXPF

This lace, tulle, and satin-lined dress is fully lined throughout, and even comes with a built-in bra for support. Adorned by beautiful tied lace in the back, and flowers along the front, this cheap wedding dress looks like a million bucks!


  • Reviews: 26+
  • Average Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
  • Average Price: $69.90 – $95.90
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The Empire Line Dress

The Empire Line style has a definitive waistline that starts raised much higher than a traditional wedding dress. The raised waistline starts right below the bust, and normally flows down from there. Styles differ from free flowing to more fitted & slim. The Empire Line dress is perfect for most body shapes, and is a great choice for women with smaller chests, as the focus is on the flow of the fabric, and the defined neckline the style creates.

Perfect for pregnant and plus size beauties as well, the Empire Line design naturally flows over a growing, expecting mother’s belly, and hides unwanted body features such as large thighs, legs, and hips. It is always great to be loud & proud of your body, but for those who want a traditional style that also offers good coverage, the Empire Line is an amazing choice.

Our Favorites

Sleeveless Empire Line Lace Chiffon Gown by Erosebridal

The lace-up closure and beautiful floral imprint is sure to stun your guests as you walk down the aisle. Made of chiffon and lace lining with a beaded waistline, you don’t have to compromise looks for the pricetag.


  • Reviews: 288+
  • Average Rating: 4/5 Stars
  • Average Price: $11.99 – $109

Sleeveless Lace Evening Style Wedding Gown by OYISHA

Made of lace and tulle, this affordable wedding gown has a zipper for easy, stress-free dressing on the big day. With a stunning closed front, and elegant open-back design, this dress is sure to turn heads.


  • Reviews: 7+
  • Average Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
  • Average Price: $79.90 – $89.90

Spaghetti Strap Backless Beach Wedding Dress by XJLY

Perfect for a beach or outdoor wedding, this cheap wedding dress stuns with a long chiffon bottom, and pattern top with thin straps that connect to a revealing backless design.


  • Reviews: 18+
  • Average Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
  • Average Price: $99 – $109
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The Ball Gown Dress

Perfect for any princess or lover of Disney movies, the Ball Gown style wedding dress has a fantastic flared skirt that flows from a fitted waist. Perfect for an array of body types, the Ball Gown looks great on slender figures, as well as bustier brides who want to rock the hourglass shape with the dropped waist this gown provides.

Be careful not to go too over the top, and match the dress to your body. Since Ball Gowns are often very wide, we recommend taller brides choose this option to really stand out and steal the show. Since these gowns also usually appear more elegant, it is probably not a great choice for beach or outdoor weddings, where the bottom of the dress can easily get ruined.

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The Sheath Dress

If you have got it – flaunt it! The Sheath style wedding dress will hug your curves and leave little to the imagination as a straight-cut and fitted dress with no real waist or defining seam. While normal sheath dresses come in a variety of lengths, your wedding dress will most likely go to the floor.

Often confused with the Mermaid style dress, the Sheath style is great for lean figures at any height. The main difference between Sheath and Mermaid styles is the missing flared bottom, but both don’t hide much when it comes to your body! If you love fabric, Sheath is a perfect option as it often looks great with longer sleeves to create a complete body-wrapping effect.

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The Mermaid Dress

Similar to the Sheath style, a Mermaid wedding dress will fit tightly to your body from the upper-chest down to around the knees, where it then flares out in tremendous fashion. The Mermaid dress style is extremely sensual and looks great on a confidant woman. Whether you’re thinner or plus size, Mermaid cut dresses can still look great, but obviously do not hide much if you’re looking for coverage.

If you’re ready to show the world your curves, the Mermaid style gown is perfect for you on your wedding day. Remember that due to the design of the dress, mobility is somewhat limited unless you have an open-leg design with a slit. If you love to dance, bring a back-up dress for more free-movement out on the dance floor.

Don’t let your wedding dress eat your budget

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