8 Simple Church Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget

Simple & Cheap Church Wedding Decorations

There are many cheap ways to decorate a church for your wedding and transform dull to glam without spending big bucks. Church wedding decoration ideas on a budget shouldn’t mean you need to skimp on quality, it only means you’re shopping smarter and that’s where we come in. From small church wedding decoration ideas to Vatican-style megachurches, wedding decorations for a church really depend on your personal style and persona.

Simple Church Decoration Ideas on a Budget

Quite often brides and grooms ask themselves and others ‘How should I decorate for a church wedding?’. We’ve got all the decoration ideas you can think of when it comes to your front of church wedding decorations, aisle decorations, and everything in between.

How To Decorate A Church For A Wedding Ceremony

You’re not going to be able to alter the actual church itself, so you’ll want to carefully consider how to blend your decorations before choosing them. A great way to do this is to head to Pinterest or simply Google your church name. This can give simple church wedding ideas that are often DIY to help save money. You might even ask the church if they have a lookbook as some churches that host a lot of weddings will keep photos of past weddings.

How Much Do Church Weddings Cost?

If you’re having a simple church wedding ceremony, your costs will be significantly lower. Where you’re getting married and your own personal style will really drive the church wedding decorations that you end up buying and how much they cost. The church you choose to get married at probably has a special significance to you or your partner as well, which will also influence the decoration style and how much you’re willing to spend on the experience. If you have a good relationship with members of the church, let them know what your plans are for the church decor in advance, and see if there are volunteers available to help set up and tear down the decorations.

Confirming Wedding Decorations With Your Church

It’s crucial to also speak to the event manager at your church venue to ensure any wedding decorations you plan on purchasing are allowed by the church. For example, some churches may not want potted plants in their venue to avoid spills and stains, while others may not want balloons due to their tendency to get detached and float to the top of the ceiling.

When putting this list together for you, we kept in mind that the aesthetic designs of churches vary greatly, so the church wedding decoration ideas and recommendations below are based on more formal church wedding styles.

What Decorations Are Needed For A Church Wedding?

Simple Church Wedding Decorations

Stairway & Aisle Lining

Line any stairways and beams with flowers if your wedding is during the daytime or lights if it will be starting in the evening.

Pew Bows

Aisle decorations for church weddings can be tough due to some churches having restrictions. Pew bows are the most traditional choice, although flowers or lights can create a unique experience as well if they are allowed.

Proper Lighting

Make sure you visit the venue ahead of time to ensure pictures develop properly and are not too dark. We recommend touring the venue with your photographer beforehand if possible to make sure any lighting issues can be addressed right away.

Natural or Electric Candles

Let there be light! Regardless of whether your church venue has natural sunlight or not, candles are a beautiful addition to any wedding that offer a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Aisle Runners

Don’t trip – make sure your aisle runner is secured to the floor with either double-sided tape or weights. Many brides and bridesmaids experience problems with their heels getting caught on their fabric or tarp aisle runners.

Flowers & Floral Arrangements

Flower power – this cheap church wedding decoration is not only cost effective but simple. Purchase or collect flower petals from your favorite flower, and sprinkle them along the aisle for a beautiful pathway leading to the altar.

Cheap Church Wedding Decorations & Ideas

To help you find inspiration on decorating your church for the wedding ceremony, we’ve put together some simple decorations perfect for any church venue! With all of that in mind there are some really cool decoration ideas you might want to consider below:

Indoor Wedding Aisle Runners

Normally guests don’t care about your aisle runner, let alone notice it! But during a church wedding some people may pay closer attention to your aisle decorations as they wait. In order to spruce up any venue, make sure to purchase an indoor aisle runner as most church aisles are worn down and will offset the overall atmosphere of your wedding.

Some churches may not have well-kept aisles, so an indoor aisle-runner will be necessary. The most common worry about setting up indoors are guests tripping or heels getting stuck. There are simple solutions to avoid those issues, such as taping the aisle runner to the floor, or using a heavier material like burlap.

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Church Aisle Pew Bows

Church reception decorations don’t need to be expensive or large to make a huge difference to your venue. Pew bows (often called ribbons) are one of the simplest decorations to transform your church into a beautiful wedding venue. Pew bows are easy to make yourself with the right material, and if purchased online, come in at a low cost helping save money.

Adding simple pew bows or ribbons with flowers can really make the room pop and enhance the overall atmosphere. Consider the colors of the church when deciding what color bow to purchase. In our opinion, traditional white colored bows will match almost any decor or setting.

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White Wedding Pull Bows with Tulle Tails

These cheap pew bows are a great option if you’re crafty. Simple to put together, these classic white pew bows are a fantastic deal for the price. They come in a set of 6, which is usually enough to cover one side of the aisle, so make sure you pick up two sets!

Ivory Ribbon Pull Bows

These bows require some handiwork to look great, but all you have to do is pull a string. There is an added benefit of being able to store these after use for future occasions as well.

Rose Petal Pink Ribbon Pull Bows

If you really want to spruce up your wedding and add some color, these large pink bows are perfect. When they arrive flat, don’t worry! Just pull two strings and they are ready to go.

Church Stairway Flower Linings

Chances are, the church you’re getting married in has a stairway or ramp. It’s also likely the steps are worn down and made of brick, and haven’t been cleaned for a while. Fear not! There is an easy way to spruce up your church steps and improve the overall ambiance of the event.

Purchase green brush flowers to cover the steps around the railing, and place roses or your favorite flowers throughout. Finish it all off with candles places along the steps to help illuminate the path at night time, and help bring a beautiful glow to the staircase.

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Potted Plants

Instead of using cut flowers, you can use potted plants for your church wedding decorations. It’s more fresh and caught attention to the guests and eco-friendly couple. Potted plants are good to line at the ceremony aisle. The pretty azaleas & kalanchoes, are the perfect potted plants that you can include as they are whites, pink, and coral colors. This can be a great idea for your church wedding decorations, because it’s simple, chic, colorful and utterly romantic.

You can also display them at the pews, church windows, outside and inside the entrance or anywhere which you think need some decorations to pretty up.

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Go Green & Add Some Flowers

Decorating a wedding venue with flowers is a great idea to create a cool atmosphere on your wedding day. Different options you can opt for include Small bouquets, Floral balls, Flowers and bow combination. Decorating the church with flowers can bring about a huge attractiveness.

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