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Small & Affordable Wedding Venues in Houston Don’t Need to Look Cheap

When it comes to trying to plan a cheap wedding in Houston, one of the most difficult things you will encounter is trying to find an affordable wedding venue that suits your style and your budget.

And this will most likely come after purchasing your wedding dress. You’ll be lucky to just find a cheap wedding dress, let alone an affordable venue!

If you’re considering a wedding in Houston but struggling to find an affordable wedding venue to host your special occasion, then keep reading!

We have compiled a list of the best affordable wedding venues in Houston to help you plan your special day.

Affordable Houston Wedding Venue Guide

Houston is considered by many couples planning their dream weddings as one of the most beautiful wedding destinations in the United States.

Houston is home to some of the most amazing outdoor wedding destinations and trying to narrow down your search for an affordable wedding venue in Houston is never going to be a simple challenge.

When you’re planning your wedding, you’re always torn between choosing the destination of your dreams and making the wedding a one of a kind occasions for your guests and family.

When Should I Book My Inexpensive Houston Wedding Venue?

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States, and this large population means that you’re going to have to get in early when you’re looking for the best affordable wedding venues in Houston.

High population means more demand and longer waiting periods to secure your dream wedding venue. Houston’s beautiful weather means you’ll need to worry less about the date and more about the venue and location of your wedding.

You’ll be able to choose from a great party night with friends and family, intimate celebration of your vows or even a high-society downtown event that people will be talking about for years.

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Cheap Places To Get Married in Houston

Houston is renowned for offering some of the best affordable wedding venues through to high-society galas that will make your head swim!

When you’re planning your wedding in Houston, there are some important things which you’ll need to consider when it comes to looking for affordable venues.

Remember, the last thing you want to do is plunge yourself into debt and blow your entire budget on the venue when you have so many different factors to consider.

Houston Wedding Venues Tips

01. Plan Ahead

Due to the extremely high-population base in Houston, you’ll want to start looking for wedding venues as soon as possible.

To secure your dream wedding venue, it may even be worth adjusting the date you were planning on tying the knot and working around the availability of the venue rather than a set time or date.

If you have a certain date in mind for your wedding, then don’t leave it too late to start checking the availability of different venues.

02. Opt For The Great Outdoors

Houston offers wedding planners an almost year-round opportunity to plan and host outdoor weddings because of its warmer climate.

This opens a lot more flexibility to you when you’re planning your wedding and will allow you to consider more outdoor venues which could save you a lot of money.

There is no rule which says that an outdoor wedding can’t be just as glamorous as an indoor wedding and Houston’s beautiful climate could make that happen.

03. Go For The Off Season

June, October, and December are currently the most popular months for getting married in Houston and its surrounding areas.

Try to work out early how many guests you’re planning to invite to your wedding, which dates any important guests and family members may not be able to attend and where you would like your wedding to be.

The more that you plan and the sooner you do it, the more you’ll be prepared for your wedding.


To make things a little easier when you’re deciding on the best affordable wedding venue in Houston, we have come up with a list of some of the most popular low-cost Houston locations

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Shirley Acres Weddings

217 Woerner Rd, Houston, TX 77090

This amazing budget wedding venue in Houston has both stunning indoor and outdoor event spaces for your big day

About Shirley Acres

Shirley Acres is a family owned property located in Houston that has been hosting amazing weddings for over forty years. Shirley Acres borders the beautiful Cypress Creek and offers guests a grassy courtyard for outdoor weddings.

Venue Information

The grassy area is surrounded by oak trees, pine trees, palm trees and an amazing custom-made cedar arbor that makes a fantastic central focal point for any wedding. There are two indoor reception areas, the Pavilion, and the Gordon Room to choose from.

Estimated Costs

The cost of Shirley Acres is between $1,100 and $3,000 and has a capacity of 400 people. As a bonus, there are limited on-site guest accommodations available for anyone from out of town.

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Source: Jonathan Ivy


Paraiso Maravilla (Formerly Las Velas)

5714 Fairdale Lane Houston, Texas 77057

Formerly known as “Las Velas” for 25 years, Paraiso Maravilla is a beautiful outdoor space with lush greenery perfect for pictures

About Paraiso Maravilla

If you’re searching for old-world charm and elegance, then Paraiso Maravilla Houston could be the wedding venue you have been searching for! If you have dreamed of a Tuscan wedding, but can’t travel to Italy, then Paraiso Maravilla could be just the solution.

They have recently renovated, and have re-opened for business as of September 2019 along with their new name “Paraiso Maravilla”.

Venue Information

Paraiso Maravilla offers palm tree lined gardens, hand-carved stonework and impressive fountains. There are some great photo opportunities at the grand staircase and brick archways found throughout the grounds.

Estimated Costs

Paraiso Maravilla is priced between $4,700 and $6,800 and has a capacity of 250 people.

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Royal Oaks Country Club

5714 Fairdale Lane Houston, Texas 77057

Royal Oaks is a sprawling country club perfect for a traditional style wedding that is sure to stun guests and family

About Royal Oaks Country Club

If you’re looking for a more traditional wedding with lower costs, then the Royal Oaks Country Club may be perfect for you. There are several different options available at this 185-acre property.

Venue Information

You can choose from the grand and chandelier-clad Versailles and Fleur de Lis rooms, the Formal Lawn overlooking a series of waterfalls on the 18th green, and the Terrace or poolside Palm Grille that are perfect for small and intimate ceremonies.

Estimated Costs

The cost for the Royal Oaks Country Club starts at $1,000, and it has a capacity of 250 guests.

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Source: Pelazzio


Pelazzio Reception Venue

12121 Westheimer Rd ste 127, Houston, TX 77077

An affordable all-inclusive wedding venue in Houston that takes care of everything for you

About Pelazzio

The Pelazzio describes itself as “intimate, yet worldly” and “sophisticated yet cozy” and we agree! They have been providing happy couples in Houston an affordable place to get married for over 20 years. They offer all-inclusive packages that take care of everything for you.

Venue Information

There is a grand ballroom with high ceilings and rustic chandeliers, and another area that is normally used for business meet-ups. Their venue holds up to 200 people, and offers special pricing for larger groups.

Estimated Costs

There are several packages available to choose from. The Exclusive Rental Package starts at $35 per person and includes 6 hours of event time, tables and chairs with lines, china, and a dance floor.

Their Premier Package is $45 per person and adds catering to the list, as well as drink options such as iced tea.

They offer a Superior Package which includes catering for $59 per person and includes a 4-hour well open bar and nicer linens.

Their Extravaganza Package is $69 per person, and includes upgraded materials, is fully customizeable, and has a DJ and catering included.

Lastly their Paradise Package is $89 per person and includes everything you may ever need, such as extra time in a special separate room, 4-hour premium open bar, fresh-cut flower centerpieces, a DJ, and 8 hours of photography.

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The Gallery Houston

6303 Beverly Hill St, Houston, TX 77057

A venue that has it all – photo shoots, a rehearsal dinner, and more are all included at The Gallery Houston

About The Gallery

The Gallery is an affordable event space in Houston perfect for an affordable wedding. Located in the Galleria district, their French Mediterranean design is sure to wow guests. A great alternative to expensive hotels or resorts, The Gallery offers an intimate experience both inside and outside, with soft lighting and beautiful greenery.

Venue Information

The venue can seat up to 300 people both inside and outside. You can rent the space for up to 5 hours, although the 4 hour packages are cheaper. The Gallery takes care of both the 3-hour set-up, and the 1-hour teardown at the end of the night.

There is also a 4-hour bridal photo shoot included, and a 1-hour rehearsal dinner on either Wednesday or Thursday before your wedding day. All these features for an overall low-cost venue means you can have a big party on a small budget.

Estimated Costs

There are packages available for 4-hour and 5-hour events. If you can keep the speeches short and watch the clock, you can save some serious cash by having your wedding at The Gallery.

Find A Cheap Wedding Venue in Houston Today

Houston is one of the most beautiful places to get married in the United States, and we hope this list of affordable wedding venues got you one step closer to making your big day perfect!

What other places in Houston provide affordable wedding packages? Leave us a comment below!

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