The Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her
(That She Will Actually Use)

We count UP the most important wedding anniversary dates & lay out the perfect gift ideas for each milestone that she will love

By: Lara Vukelich
Last Updated - October 24, 2020

Anniversary gifts, amirite? It’s hard to pick something that doesn’t look generic and won’t end up collecting dust. A good gift is meaningful and functional. In other words: paying a skywriter to fly overhead with a banner that says “Love You, Babe” may not be the best investment.

For better or for worse, there are traditional gifts associated with milestone anniversaries. For the first year, for instance, the appropriate gift is paper. Instead of feeling boxed in by traditional gifts, think of the etiquette as a helpful guide.

Need some ideas? Here are some of our favorite wedding anniversary gifts for her.


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5 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

You made it five years! And they said it you’d barely make it past the honeymoon. The traditional gift is wood, which doesn’t sound very romantic. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a custom gift that means something to your bride.

4.4/5 (114 Reviews)

Personalized Wood Cutting Board

Naked Wood Works


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Serve up a meat and cheese board, or spend your at-home date nights snacking on a fancy Cheetos arrangement. Either way, a woman who loves a creative food arrangement (and chopping things) will appreciate this customized board.

4.3/5 (87 Reviews)

Cullinan M Diamond Shaped Glass Decanter

Prestige Decanters


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If your beloved likes a strong nip of whiskey, this wooden decanter stand is the perfect original gift that will look great in any home. The diamond shape represents your love, and the glass design is resistant to smudging and cracks.

4.6/5 (50 Reviews)

Custom Made Design Folded Book Art

Boston Creative Company LLC


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Choose from your wedding date, initials, names, and more. Customize this anniversary gift for a touching and heartwarming present that can be hung up and displayed in the home as a reminder of your love.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

The traditional wedding anniversary gift for her after a decade is the very sexy tin. A tin can “telephone” system sounds cute but you’ll look cheap. We found some alternatives for you.

4.0/5 (22 Reviews)

10 Year Anniversary Tin Wedding Band



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This tin ring band can be paired with a wedding ring or sized for her right hand, etc. It’s simple, but you can always go get it engraved with a meaningful message to ramp up the romance.

4.1/5 (30 Reviews)

Personalized Tin Wedding Anniversary Sundial

The Metal Foundry


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Made with 99% recycled material, this small yet elegant tin sundial is a beautiful addition to anyone’s home or garden. Each sundial is handmade in England and has a “no quibbles” return policy if you are unsatisfied for any reason.

5/5 (2 Reviews)

Blackened Tin Fireside Lantern with Chisel Pattern

Irvin’s Country Tinware


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This large fireside lantern is 17.5″ tall and 8.5″ wide, and casts a beautiful pattern through its punched-hole design. Made in the USA, and wired with a 7-foot cord to never worry about burning through candles.

15 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Now we’re talking. The gift for 15 years is crystal, which means there are a lot of elegant options. Here are a couple of our favorite gift ideas for this anniversary.

4.8/5 (49 Reviews)

True Love Flute Glass Pair


$114.22 – $158.97

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Lift a cheers to a decade and a half of bliss (or something close) in a pair of crystal flutes. Maybe you can even break out the old chopping board and add a charcuterie arrangement to the mix. Imported, handcrafted crystal make these glasses extraordinarily stunning. They are both elegant and beautiful, and come in a box for storage. Waterford makes some of the highest quality glassware, so the price is warranted for truly high-quality crystal glasses like these.

4.8/5 (543 Reviews)

Nirvana of Phoenix Crystal Necklace

Kate Lynn Necklaces


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This necklace looks elegant without the hefty pricetag. Made with Swarovski crystal design by Kate Lynn, this necklace gives off a beautiful sparkle and shine and is sure to make her glow every time she wears it.

4.4/5 (15 Reviews)

3D Crystal Holographic Picture Frame

3D Laser Land


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This crystal picture frame is totally unique, placing your own photo image INSIDE of the crystal glass! Send your picture, and the specialists at 3D Laser Land will take care of the rest for you and send the finished product.

20 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Wowza! If you’ve made it two decades without filing for divorce, you’re practically bragging. The traditional gift is china, but you don’t have to buy an entire set to adhere to the rule. We found a cool option that falls within almost any budget.

4.3/5 (69 Reviews)

Blue Italian China 12 Piece Set



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Bring a smile to your loved ones face every time a special dinner is served with this practical and unique anniverary gift. This stunning Blue China set features hand-applied patterns that are both dishwasher and microwave safe.

5/5 (2 Reviews)

Anniversary Signing Plate



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This plate arrives blank, and then you use a pen to write down all of your feelings on it. Bake it in the oven, and the words stay forever. It can even be washed – so serve her breakfast in bed on it instead of sitting it on a shelf. It is hand-painted and made in the UK and comes with a baking pen and back-up plate. This makes it a perfect anniversary present, as you can use one plate to hang on the wall, and another to put on the mantle or use on special occasions.

4.7/5 (9 Reviews)

20 Down, Forever To Go Keychain

Tucker’s Trinkets And Treasures

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This cute and affordable anniversary gift has hand-stamped messaging that reads “20 down, forever to go” across two US dime coins. These are made from real dimes and can wear over time, so opt for the aluminum options if you keep your keys in your pockets all day.

4.4/5 (30 Reviews)

Mr & Mrs Always Right Coffee Mugs



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Perfect for the couple that loves to joke, these porcelain mugs read “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Always Right”. The number 20 is hand-painted in silver, so avoid microwaving the mug or running it in the dishwasher on hot cycles.

4.8/5 (22 Reviews)

Duchesse Encore Clear Flute Pair

Vera Wang Wedgwood


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Toast to 20 years of love with this set of crystal champagne flutes. To keep these clean after use, mix a quarter cup of ammonia with a mild detergent (preferrably lemon) and rinse with warm water in the sink – never put them in the dishwasher!

5/5 (23 Reviews)

Through The Years Bisque Porcelain Figure

Precious Moments

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Keep dancing the days away with this symbol of love from Precious Moments. A perfect anniversary gift that can sit on a desk at work or home. Hand painted on porcelain and approximately 5.5″ tall, this small gift is sure to go a long way in showing that you care.

25 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

The traditional material for celebrating a quarter century of matrimony is silver. You can go with a new set of cutlery if your bride is super practical, but we found a few options that are a bit more sentimental while still being useful. Leave the personalized coins to someone else.

4.4/5 (139 Reviews)

Tahitian Black Pearl Pendant



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This is one of our favorite silver wedding anniversary gifts for her because it works with anyone’s style. The Tahitian pearl in the center has a certificate of authenticity and the sterling silver chain will last.

4.3/5 (47 Reviews)

Antique Silver Jewelry Box



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This box can be used for jewelry, or your bride can use it for hair pins, buttons, or other small items. It fits perfectly on a vanity and it’s pretty enough to leave out in the open. Her bathroom organization will look more sophisticated than ever.

4.8/5 (154 Reviews)

Bond of Marriage Sculpture


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Made of molded resin material and finished with a beautiful silver, this sculpture shows loves true bond through the ceremony of exchanging rings. Mounted on top of a cherry-finished wood base, this is the perfect elegant silver anniversary gift to show off in the house.

30 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

A 30-year anniversary is really cause for celebration. Or, sitting on your front porch drinking a glass of tea and telling your grandkids not to bother you today. You’ve earned it, either way. The traditional gift is pearl, and we found our favorite way to honor it.

4.6/5 (93 Reviews)

Floating White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Pendant Necklace

La Regis Jewelry


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A full string of pearls can overwhelm an outfit, and it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake. This necklace features a single freshwater pearl so she can wear it every day instead of just on special occasions. It gives a touch of class to your sweetheart’s style without distracting from her snazzy top. You can also choose between metals for the chain, including rose gold and white gold. Stun your bride all over again with this beautiful anniversary gift that doesn’t go over budget.

4.6/5 (369 Reviews)

14K Gold AAAA Quality White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Leverback Earrings



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These AAAA quality freshwater pearl earrings are a complete steal. Most anniversary gifts won’t come in under $200, especially with genuine pearls involved. These earrings are elegant yet understated enough for daily wear if she so desires. Choose between white, yellow, or rose-gold to match the flawless pearls.

5/5 (3 Reviews)

14K Gold 9-10mm AAAA Quality Freshwater Pearl Necklace



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If you really want to go above and beyond, a stunning freshwater pearl necklace is the perfect anniversary gift for her on your pearl anniversary. Celebrate 30 loving years of marriage with a gift that will truly take your partners breath away.

You only get married once (or twice, or three times, who are we to judge?) but your anniversaries last a lifetime. Here is to choosing wedding anniversary gifts for her that she can actually use instead of gaining another ceramic bird or glass flower for the bookshelf.

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