15 Best Mother of the Bride Gift Ideas for 2020

Your future bride’s mother is an important part of her life, and soon will be a part of yours – get her a gift that she will love and cherish forever.

Dustin Otterspoor

Published on September 4, 2019

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Finding good mother of the bride gift ideas can get frustrating

No matter how close you are with your future mother-in-law – choosing what to gift her is always going to be a tough decision. And it gets even tougher when your partner isn’t providing help. Maybe you’re finding that “I dunno, I suppose that’s nice too” is their response to everything you pick out. Sounds like it’s time to exercise your own judgement!

You want to choose the best gift for your new bride’s mom – one that is appropriate, generous, and most importantly, thoughtful. Tired of brainstorming ideas? We’re here to help you out! In this article, we break down some of the best mother of the bride gifts that we’re sure she will love.

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Custom Portrait Painting

A mother and a daughter have one soul for two, which can’t be broken by time, obstacles, distance and insults. Get a wonderful painted portrait and show your love by gifting her one.

Starting at: $89


Source: NIWAHO

Photo Blanket

Every mother-in-law likes to relax on the couch, wrapped up in a comfy blanket that they can cuddle with. If there’s anything that could ever be better – it’s a blanket that is covered with family names, photos, and anything related to their new family! This is the perfect gift for your mother-in-law, and you can get it custom made from various outlets, as well as online shops.



Source: Beaux Bijoux

Family Tree Necklace

Classy, gracious and memorable. This is the ideal mother of the bride gift to welcome her to your family! A family tree necklace shows your mother-in-law how invested you are in the family, and that you’re excited she’s joining yours. If she doesn’t happen to be a necklace gal, you can always make her a bracelet instead with this stunning pendant.


Beaux Bijoux

Home Delivery Massage

This dress is one of the most comfortable and elegant mother of the bride dresses you’ll find. The loose fabric hangs perfectly from all the right places, and the sequin-embellished cut-outs at the top of the dress and jacket add structure to the press.

It has over 140 positive reviews, many from ladies who wore this to a wedding and loved it! It’s one of the most comfortable summer mother of the bride dresses available, which is well attested to in the reviews. The dress is available in sizes 8 – 18 and in seven different colors, so you’ll find a color to work with the wedding color scheme.

Source: Spa Luxetique

Lavender Spa Gift Basket

If you have a self-indulgent mother-in-law who appreciates self-care – a beauty gift set makes for a great gift. From a relaxing time with a luxury bath, to skin care products that are going to give your mother-in-law some great me-time! Beauty gift sets are a fun, thoughtful gift idea.

This cute and affordable lavender gift set from Spa Luxetique has it all, from soaps to lotions, and even contains a loofah and carrying bag.


Spa Luxetique

Source: wall26

Framed Picture Quote

Why not give your MIL something she could hang in her room and cherish forever?! For a unique mother of the groom gift, give her a framed print of your favorite quote to hang in her home.

This cute 3-piece set is beautifully minimalistic and will be a great addition to anyone’s home



Source: The Sinclair Company

Personalized Lazy Susan Cake Stand

A gift that appeals to the heart is bound to get your mother-in-law excited, and a personalized cake stand helps you do just that. You can also have a handwritten recipe placed on the stand, making this gift the centerpiece for family dinners and even future weddings. It’s going to make your mother-in-law very happy when she sees it!


The Sinclair Company

Source: Godiva

Chocolate Gift Box Set

When it comes to gifts for your mother-in-law, one thing you can never go wrong with is chocolate, especially when it’s wrapped beautifully and placed in an eye-catching gift box. From Crème Brûlée to Chocolate Truffles, a beautiful chocolate gift box is something she’ll certainly appreciate and enjoy.



Source: On The Rox Drinks

Personalized Wine Glass

Here’s the thing: mother-in-laws who appreciate wine are always fun to hang out with. But this little quirk of hers also makes it easy for you to narrow down a fantastic gift! A personalized wine glass made especially for her isn’t just going to please her, but also make for some great bonding time for you both.


On The Rox Drinks

Source: Current

Customized Photo Calendar

Gift your mother-in-law a photo calendar with all your family photos. She’s going to adore this! The calendar also offers the option to explore a wide range of design options. Add some wedding photos or collages to the mix, and you have the perfect gift. For an added effect, slip an appreciative note inside!



Source: Amazon

Amazon Echo Show

Looking for a gift that offers some valuable assistance to your new mother-in-law? With the Echo Show, you can offer an assistant that’s going to aid her throughout the day! With a simple “Hey Alexa!” your mother-in-law will be able to search through all kinds of information – from her favorite TV show spoilers to the weather. Synchronization with Amazon and various additional features make this the apex gift for the mother of the bride who has it all.



Source: Silver Dollar Candle Co.

Customized Candle

Customized candles are a charming little gift to give your mother-in-law. Hand-poured candles made with 100% soy wax offer a resilient and beautiful spirit. These candles are going to last for a month, and come in various sizes. You can have these candles monogrammed with almost anything, from her initials to her name, and even a little message to let her know how special she is.


Silver Dollar Candle Co.

Source: Bondi Boutique

Mother of the Bride Coffee Mug

If your mother-in-law happens to drink coffee regularly – why not make this daily ritual all the more special for her! Just like the personalized wine glass, this gift is going to remind her of you every time she holds the mug in her hand.

A custom coffee mug can help you get your feelings across from hundreds of miles away. While the common “Mother of the Bride” always works, adding her name to it makes it even more personal.


Bondi Boutique

Source: Qualtry

Personalized Cutting Board

Your mother-in-law’s cooking ripples throughout the family. It brings everyone together, and is the highlight of any holiday get-together. But while your mother-in-law is hard at work in the kitchen, why not get your appreciation across through a personalized cutting board?

You can have anything printed or engraved on it. From her name and various family anecdotes, to the recipe to her secret sauce. Consider cutting boards such as the 11 x 14 two-tone bamboo board that is made out of natural bamboo that are easy to engrave with a laser.



Source: KitchenAid

KitchenAid Professional 600 Series Mixer

For the mother of the bride who has it all. This elegant and luxurious gift idea is perfect for the mom who loves to cook, but hates having to hand-mix everything.

With a brand like KitchenAid you know are are getting quality for the pricetag, and your new mother-in-law’s jaw will surely drop when she unwraps this amazing gift on her daughter’s wedding day.



Source: Lenox

Opal Innocence Serving Bowl

This amazing serving bowl is made from bone china and accented with a platinum rim. For the bougie momma, this bowl is dishwasher safe and made in the US.

It is tradition to gift china on the wedding day, so surprise your new mom with this beaittiful and elegant serving bowl to use at her next party, or at the first dinner you share together as a new family.



Does the mother of the bride normally get a gift?

Although it is not required, traditionally the groom or partner will purchase a gift for the mother of the bride. Part of it is to say “thank you” for raising the beautiful and strong woman you are about to marry. Secondly, it is to show your appreciation for your new family member that will surely be a big part of your life moving forward.

How do you make the mother of the bride feel special on the big day?

Beyond giving a heartfelt and personal gift, you can go above and beyond to make your new mother-in-law feel special by giving her a toast at the wedding shower and wedding. A small thank you goes a big way in combination with your gift.

Closing thoughts

We hope these gift ideas for the mother of the bride help give you inspiration to give a gift from the heart. Happy gift choosing!


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