Fun Groomsmen Socks for 2022

Find fun and cool wedding socks for your groomsmen!

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Importance of Unique Socks for Groomsmen

The right pair of socks is a must have for such a special day. They can be funny, unique, or even a little bit wild. Good socks will make for cool groomsmen pictures, and even good conversation.

Socks are relatively inexpensive, and are a good gift to give since everyone will need them. You can make it so all the groomsmen match, or they can have all their own different styles.

Don’t forget to make sure the groom has his perfect socks on his big day.

The benefits of getting cool socks?

Groomsmen photos will be unique to just your group and showing off your socks will add a splash of personality to your wedding pictures.

Plus, it is the perfect gift that they will be able to wear again.

Are Groomsmen socks expensive?

Groomsmen socks are generally very inexpensive. You can find great pairs under $10, or you can get customized for a higher price.

Buying in packs will often save some money compared to buying them individually.

Who pays for groomsmen socks?

Groomsmen socks are usually bought by the bride and groom as a gift. Although, it does depend because socks can come with the suit, or the groomsmen may already have them. If the standard socks aren’t what you’re going for then include them as a gift.

4 Fun Dress Sock Styles

From Argyle to Polka-dot, these sock styles are a great addition for your groomsmen and groom

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Argyle Dress Socks

Argyle socks are perfect for just a little pop of color. They are still classy and traditional wedding socks.

The Tie Bar has a variety of options for argyle: you can do just a splash of color as shown in the first image, you can make your color the base color for a more subtle look, or you can find the classic argyle and play it cool.

Argyle is perfect if you want a little originality, but to also stay on the traditional side.

Starting at: $8 pair

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Novelty Socks

These novelty socks get a little more creative with their variety that can fit everyone’s interests. These are perfect if you want everyone to have their own personality shown on their socks.

The Tie Bar offers different: foods, animals, patterns, interests, ect. Whether these socks are for the wedding day or the bachelor party they will bring fun to the group.

These socks are perfect if your group of guys are a little more wild and fun. These socks will make for the coolest pictures.

These socks are also perfect for a wedding where the socks will be seen, so if your groomsmen are wearing shorts, these will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Starting at: $8 pair

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Novelty Sock 3 Packs

These novelty socks come in a pack of three. The first with the palm trees, flowers, and pineapples are perfect for a more outdoors type of wedding.

Dogs, stars, and sail boats are shown in the second selection; making them perfect for a group of guys that have multiple interests.

Plus, buying in packs will save a little money.

Starting at: $20 per pack
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Striped Dress Socks

Men’s Striped Dress Socks fall in the middle between argyle and novelty. They have more fun than argyle, but not as much as novelty socks.

The Tie Bar has two patterns for stripes; the Chevron stripe and the standard stripe. The Chevron stripe is more fun and interesting to look at, and that one gives off some real captain America vibes.

The standard strip gives just a little fun while still keeping it subtle.

Starting at: $8 pair
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Polka Dot Socks

Polka-dot socks fall into the same category of fun as striped socks. You can do all one color of polka-dots or multi-colored polka-dots.

They are one of the most subtle designs because they do not draw the eye, just in case you’re worried about socks peeking out from under the pants.

These will still make for some unique pictures if you find them in your wedding colors.

Starting at: $8 pair
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BONUS Style: Colorful Shoelaces

Add a pop of color to your dress shoes for added fun

If you want your pop of color to be seen a little more than just socks, then shoelaces are the way to go. They also could be used to match the bridesmaid dresses for cute pictures of the whole wedding party.

There are standard colors and more unique colors that are traditionally used in wedding colors.

Starting at: $3 pair

Closing Thoughts

Socks are the perfect way to include something fun to the wedding without anyone even knowing. Crazy socks can still be worn for a traditional wedding because they are hidden, so why not have a little fun with it.

It could be that your groomsmen are wearing shorts, and that means those socks will have to be the coolest socks for everyone to see. No one wants cold feet on their big day. Whether the group is outgoing and looking for wild socks, or if they just want to include the wedding colors into their outfit; then socks are the perfect way to go.

The pictures will be funny and memorable to the whole wedding party once the socks get shown. Plus, matching shoelaces will add that extra pizazz to the look. The big day will always be remembered through pictures, and those pictures should be uniquely yours.

They may just be socks, but they will always be your wedding socks.


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