A Guide To Choosing Groom’s Formal Dress Shoes

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A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and it is equally the bride’s and groom’s responsibility to uphold classiness. Men, this means you need to be dressed in the best possible formal wear from head to toe!

When it comes to wedding shoes for men, there are many designs and brands to choose from. If you have never had the opportunity to explore the world of formal dress shoes then it’s easy to feel lost. In this article, you will find some of the best tips on how to sail across the different types of groom’s formal shoes, and also a discussion on the criteria for selecting the perfect pair that matches your style.

So, let’s get started!

If you’re wearing a black formal dress

Black-tie weddings are back in vogue, and if you are planning to go for an all-black look as a groom, a pair of shiny black Derby style formal shoes will suit you perfectly. You can also opt for a pair of elevator shoes if you prefer the overall look to be old-school. You need to make sure that the look you are aiming for is inclusive of a shoe style, and for a black-tie wedding, the groom’s shoes need to be the eye-turner!

If your look is slightly unconventional but within the black-tie wedding style, you can consider a pair of loafers to add to that flair. Penny loafers or Tassel loafers are great additions to a wedding suit.

Make sure that you are keeping it strictly black, as brown formal dress shoes for men might be extremely stylish, but they will not accentuate your black wedding dress.

For colored suits

Navy, grey-beige, etc. are some of the popular colored wedding suits that are your options as well. If you are opting for a colored suit, you can match it up with colored groom shoes, or you can also stick to black. It will of course matter which color of wedding suit you have chosen. Both black and brown wedding shoes for men are a great addition to a navy suit, and you can get them in a variety of styles such as slip-on, elevators, etc. 

Dark-grey suits can be paired up with burgundy dress shoes and this is a great style combination. But, if you want to keep it more sober black formal wedding shoes are a viable choice. If your suit is light grey, then you can also opt for brown shoes. The lighter shade of brown you can find, the better style you will have!

And if your color of choice is beige, go for similar brown or burgundy shoes. The beige in your suit will pop the brown in your shoes, and you will be the star of the evening!

Pairing formal dress shoes with a casual dress

Are you planning a barn or country wedding? Then the groom’s wear is bound to be not the typical formal suit one envisions in a wedding. But, this does not mean you have to let go of a pair of designer wedding shoes. Even if you are wearing a formal vest over a shirt with colored trousers, a pair of jet black elevators will go perfectly with it!

Or you can also consider adding some burgundy to your color palette. For those seeking to be as informal a groom as possible, loafers are a must. Adding a pair of soft brown loafers is the best choice of formal dress shoes for men when it comes to an unconventional wedding.

Sticking to formal shoes does not mean you are cutting down on your adventurous spirit. Rather, being able to pair it with your look makes you stand out!

Don’t walk into the shoe-store blindly

Whether you are shopping online or offline, you need to make sure that you have an idea of what you want beforehand. There are plenty of types of groom’s shoes, and they will fit any formal outfit you choose for your wedding. This is why you need to have figured out your entire dress beforehand and not pick one element at a time. If you have decided on the color and design of your wedding suit, picking the shoe will be a much easier process.

If you are sure that you want a formal black suit for your wedding, then you would have to stick to the tradition and choose a pair of black formal dress shoes for men. But if you want to choose a colored suit, then you have brown and burgundy shoes to choose from.

Similarly, the style of the shoe will also be decided by the choice of your suit. If you are going for a black-tie look you will choose between elevators and platform shoes. But, for a more unconventional wedding look, you can add loafers to the style.

Summing Up

The overall process of choosing wedding shoes for men may seem simple, but there are plenty of aspects for you to consider. And if you make the wrong choice not only will you be left with a pair of costly shoes that don’t fit your dress, you will also be out of style at one of the most anticipated events of your life!

So, make sure that you choose your suit beforehand and decide whether you want a conventional or unconventional look. There are plenty of types of groom’s formal shoes, so you will not run out of choice anytime soon. If you are shopping online, keep in mind that choosing from a seller who provides top-quality dress shoes should be the only option you consider.

With the right choice, you will be able to make your wedding the perfect event you have always wanted as you will be styled from head to toe in the most eye-grabbing way possible. Dress shoes are an important part of your wedding look, and as a man, make sure that you don’t fall behind your counterpart on your big day!

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