Top 6 Eco Friendly Wedding Rings and Bands for 2020

Show your commitment to nature and one another with these beautiful wedding bands

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Commit to Nature and Your Significant Other

Eco-friendly wedding bands and rings are becoming more popular than ever as more conscientious couples and vegan couples search for a symbol of their commitment not only to one another, but also to their way of life together.

Planning an eco-friendly wedding is difficult. From choosing a sustainable dress or gown to picking the right environmentally friendly wedding invites, there is a lot to think about!

If this describes you and your fiancé, know that you have a lot of different options that won’t leave you worrying about what damage was done to the environment or what conditions the workers had to endure to acquire the materials.

There are numerous beautiful and meaningful options that will symbolize the start of your new lives together, so what are they? Here are a few different buying options to keep in mind as you start your search.

Are Recycled Metals as Good as Ethically Sourced Metals?

That’s a personal decision you need to make.

While recycled materials may have originated from a questionable source, recycling and reusing is the best way of avoiding contributing to the damage mining for precious metals does.

Even ethically sourced metals may only be so because the workers are paid “enough”, so if you are choosing to buy from a new source, investigate exactly how the metals have been sourced.

5 Things to Think About When Buying Eco-Friendly Wedding Bands

01. Consider buying second-hand

Vintage, ideally. You will also be able to find used modern wedding rings and bands, but they’re not exactly desirable since they symbolize someone else’s failed marriage!

However, if that doesn’t bother you it is a good way to get a bargain and recycle.

02. Focus on the material

Choose a material from a renewable source or that is recycled from other sources.

03. Tattoo

If you and your partner are willing to get tattoos, why not forego the ring altogether and get tattooed bands?

You’ll have to get the band touched up from time to time as hand and finger tattoos fade relatively quickly.

04. Order within the US (or your country)

You can significantly reduce the harm you do to the environment simply by ordering within the US.

05. Go Custom

If you have family heirlooms made of precious metals or stones that don’t have a huge amount of sentimental value, you could take those pieces to a jeweler to get them made into custom pieces.

A true jeweler (not just someone who sells jewelry) may be able to transform them into a brand-new design, allowing you to recycle and get one-of-a-kind bands. Of course, this is not a budget option!

There are numerous beautiful and meaningful options that will symbolize the start of your new lives together, so what are they? Here are a few different buying options to keep in mind as you start your search.

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6 Unique Eco-Friendly Wedding Rings and Bands

Discover some of our top picks for Eco Friendly Wedding Bands for your sustainable wedding in 2020

Courtesy Noa Sharon Designs


Noa Sharon Designs Ancient Style 14K Gold Wedding Bands

~ Noa Sharon Designs ~

Price: $$$$

Why We Love This Brand

About Noa Sharon Designs

These Noa Sharon Designs 14K Gold Wedding Bands are handmade from 14K pure recycled yellow gold. Each ring is hammered by hand to your size specifications. The bride’s ring is a stackable set of three delicate bands, which gives you plenty of options on how you want to wear it.

The groom’s band is simple and elegant, without losing an edge of masculinity.

If you want to incorporate precious metals into your wedding bands but are concerned about getting them from a sustainable source, recycled gold like this is a great solution.

Courtesy CrazyAss Jewelry Designs


Wave Recycled Silver Handmade Wedding Bands

~ CrazyAss Jewelry Designs ~

Price: $$

Why We Love This Brand

About CrazyAss Jewelry Designs

These Wave Silver Handmade Wedding Bands are hand forged and hammered by hand to your specified size from recycled .925 silver.

The bride’s ring is 4mm and the groom’s is 8mm, both with a smooth wave design running around the band.

The designer of these eco-friendly wedding bands is based in Nevada, so you’ll also minimize your carbon footprint in getting the bands shipped to you.

Courtesy coolNaturalJewelry


Natural Wooden Wedding Rings

~ coolNaturalJewelry ~

Price: $

Why We Love This Brand

About coolNaturalJewelry

These Natural Wooden wedding rings are a beautiful option for couples who want a symbol of their dedication to one another and to nature.

The rings are available in a range of widths (so also great for same-sex couples) and the groom’s ring is in a beautiful natural plum wood color, and the bride’s in purple heartwood. The rings are polished with all-natural waxes (beeswax and carnauba).

Looking to stray away from metal products? Wood wedding bands are an excellent choice!

Courtesy coolNaturalJewelry


Ebony Wood Minimalist Wedding Rings

~ coolNaturalJewelry ~

Price: $

Why We Love This Brand

About coolNaturalJewelry

These Ebony Wood Minimalist rings are simple, edgy, elegant, and made from a renewable source (wood)! The designer handcrafts them to your sizing and hand-polished with natural waxes, such as pure beeswax and carnauba wax. (So may not be suitable for vegans depending on your individual beliefs.) These rings are unique and affordable and a great choice for those on a budget.

Courtesy Loreto Rings


~ Loreto Rings ~

Price: $$

Why We Love This Brand

About Loreto Rings

These Loreto Recycled Wedding Bands are completely unique; they’re made from concrete blended with flakes of lapacho wood and carbon fiber – yes, that sounds strange but it doesn’t look it at all! From a distance, the bands look a little like a speckled bird egg, so the effect is extremely natural with a modern design. If you’re looking for a unique design you won’t see anyone else wearing, but still incorporates natural elements, this is a great choice.

Courtesy McFarland Designs – Ethical Jewelry


Handmade Recycled 14K Gold Bands

~ McFarland Designs – Ethical Jewelry ~

Price: $$$

Why We Love This Brand

About McFarland Designs

These two-tone wedding bands by McFarland Designs are made entirely from recycled 14K gold and are made entirely to order. The bands come in two widths; 4mm and 5mm, with one tone of gold raised atop the other. You can choose whatever color gold you like: white, yellow, rose, or green, with a brushed metal effect. McFarland Designs is an ethical jeweler based in California, so you have the opportunity to minimize your footprint even further, especially if you live anywhere on the west coast.

Closing Thoughts

Why You Should consider Eco-friendly Wedding Rings

As you can see, you certainly don’t have to compromise on style when you choose to buy eco-friendly wedding bands; there are plenty of beautiful designs and environmentally conscious designers to work with, many of whom are willing to work with you on a custom design.

If you choose a delicate metal, like recycled yellow gold, don’t forget that there are eco-friendly silicone bands for men and women that are more suitable for everyday wear, especially if you have an active lifestyle.

What would be your ideal eco-friendly wedding ring? Let us know in the comments below!

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