Best Wood Wedding Bands for Men: Unique Inlay & Bentwood Rings for 2021

Kelli Salmon // Senior Writer & Editor

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Is a wood wedding band the right choice for you?

You’ve chosen your partner for life…

But now comes that part where you choose the outward symbol of your undying, never-ending love for one another. Yep, it’s time for you to choose the wedding rings. Sounds scary at first, but don’t worry—we’re here to help you learn more about wood wedding bands!

The two of you have spent months researching the different types of wedding rings and bands out there and were blown away by all the nice choices available.

But the wood wedding rings and bands are definitely speaking to you.

After talking it over some more, you both have decided to do some further research on this trend for wood wedding rings and bands before making your final decision. Great idea!

This is a huge decision and you want to make sure you end up with rings that not only make you smile with joy when you look down at them, but you also want rings that are durable and will stand the test of time.

Well, you’re in luck because it just so happens that we’ve done a little research ourselves on these popular wood wedding rings and bands. We would love to share our findings with you today.

Top 3 reasons to consider a wood wedding band

01. You Dare to be Different

Many couples choose wood wedding rings because they simply want to be different from the rest of the wedding crowd. #weddingboatrockers

02. Getting Back to Nature

Still other brides and grooms go for wood wedding rings because they feel like they will have a closer connection to nature and the environment. #ecofriendly

03. They Are Simply Beautiful

Let’s face it, with the variety of wood used to make wood inlay and bentwood wedding rings in all of those hues and patterns, wood wedding rings are every bit as striking as other types of wedding rings.

Wood Wedding Bands FAQ

Here are some of the most common questions we field from shoppers about choosing the right wood wedding bands

Choosing your wedding rings is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding.

So, of COURSE, you are going to have a ton of questions (especially since you are leaning towards getting wood wedding rings).

Why choose wood wedding bands?

One of the first questions you’re probably going to ask yourselves when you start shopping for your wedding rings is “What kind of wedding ring/band should we get?”.

For years now, you’ve been fed a steady diet of other peoples’ ideas of what is the right material for a wedding ring or band. Pretty much two flavors, white gold and yellow gold, right?

You’ve also probably heard quite a bit about tungsten, titanium, cobalt and rose gold wedding rings. All of these in their own unique way are very beautiful and are solid choices for a couple’s wedding ring set.

There’s one more wedding ring choice, however that is rapidly gaining in popularity among brides and grooms worldwide. They’re called wood inlay and bentwood wedding rings.

These types of wedding rings are steadily gaining in popularity for a reason. Well, more than one reason, actually. Keep reading to find out more.

Do wood wedding rings last?

Suffice it to say, wedding rings are an important long-term investment, so you want to be sure to choose something that is going to stand the test of time. With the right wood, a properly applied protective coating and regular care and maintenance, a wood wedding ring can last just as long as a “traditional” one.

What type of wood is best for a wedding ring?

When you’re shopping for a wood wedding ring, at first you might feel a little bit like you’re shopping for furniture. Seriously!

Mahogany, pine, rosewood, maple and birch are just some of the many species of wood you might find in a wood wedding ring. Which wood is the “best” is wide open to interpretation, however.

While any of these woods are beautiful choices for your wedding rings, you’ll want to try and temper the excitement over their appearance with the reality of needing to make sure you pick something that will be durable and therefore give both of you joy for the years to come.

Can wood rings get wet?

Water is most certainly not a wood wedding ring’s best friend, especially when it comes to long term water exposure.

While it’s probably best to remove a wood wedding ring before hand washing the dishes, bathing the kids or washing the car you should be alright with short-term exposure to water as long as you have your wood wedding ring properly coated and sealed at all times (and you promptly dry it afterwards).

Regular care and maintenance are important for both wood inlay and bentwood wedding rings.

Wood Inlay vs Bentwood Rings

Find out more about these two most common types of wood rings

What is the difference between wood inlay rings and bentwood rings?

You’ve heard us mention several times now the terms “wood inlay rings” and “bentwood rings”, and you might be wondering exactly what we’re talking about. The terms “wood inlay rings” and “bentwood rings” simply refer to the two different styles of wood wedding rings:

Wood Inlay Rings

Wood inlay rings are just as the name implies, a traditional precious metal ring with and embedded wood strip in it. Ceramic, bone and tungsten can be easily swapped out for the metal.

Bentwood Rings

Bentwood rings are rings made with solid wood surrounded with wood strips bent and gently formed into the shape of a ring.

Pros & Cons of Wood Rings

As with anything in life, there are always going to be ups and downs – the same is true when it comes to wood wedding bands


More Affordable
Wood wedding rings tend to have a lower overall price point than traditional precious metal rings

Eco Friendly
If you are looking for an environmentally friendly wedding ring option, a wood wedding ring is an excellent choice

If you have a metal allergy, then you might want to strongly consider a bentwood wedding ring. If you like the two-tone look of the wood inlay ring, then you can substitute a material like bone for the metal

If you’re always working around an electrical current, a non-conducting material like wood is ideal for a wedding ring. If you prefer the wood inlay style for a wedding ring that’s ok too—just pick a suitable material to substitute for the metal

They Are Beautiful
Bentwood and wood inlay rings are quite eye-catching—a great way to strike up a conversation


Can’t Get Wet
Even with precautions like seal coating, you’ll always worry about getting a wood ring wet. It’s always best to remove a wood ring before knowingly exposing it to any water

No Resizing
Wood rings cannot be resized. So, if your ring isn’t the right size to start or you find that later on you need a larger or smaller ring, then you’ll be out of luck. You’ll have to get a new ring

No Dishes or Laundry
Chemicals like soap, dish washing liquid or laundry detergent can potentially cause damage to a wood ring. So just don’t go there and be sure to remove it when doing most indoor and outdoor chores

Long Shipping Times
Because of their handmade nature, wood rings are not something you can order and expect to get quickly

Pricier Than Other Alternatives
Making bentwood rings is a bit more difficult so they usually command a higher price. The prices, though, are still less than your “traditional” wedding band or ring

Wood Wedding Ring Maintenance Tips

Once you buy your wood wedding ring, you will want to make sure it stays in top shape

01. Seal it up

Make sure your wood wedding ring is properly sealed to keep it looking newer longer and prevent damage from daily wear.

02. Take it off before doing dishes

Remove your wood wedding ring before doing laundry, dishes or bathing the kids to prevent possible water and chemical damage.

03. Leave it off overnight

To prevent sweat and moisture from washing hands set in the wood, let your ring dry out on your nightstand every few days. If your ring does get wet, dry it promptly.

04. Get regular inspections

Have your ring periodically inspected for any reparable damage to prevent long-term issues. We recommend getting an inspection once every three years or so, or let your ring inspector determine the best timeline based on the material of your ring.

Unique Wood Wedding Bands

Let’s have some fun and go shopping for your wood wedding rings! Here are some wood wedding rings for men & women we think you’ll really like!

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Courtesy Berch Jewelry


Bocote Bentwood Ring with English Maple Lining

Design by Berch Jewelry

$99.00 & free shipping

Why we love it

Made from two types of wood – Bocote wood & English Maple – this highly polished ring has incredibly intricate wood grain and patterns. You get a polish completely water tight so it helps protect the wood below. We still don’t recommend taking it into the water with you as the polish can wear off over time.

At just under $100 with free shipping, it is on the pricier side, but more durable than other rings on the list. The high polish also gives it a very luxe and unique look.

Because it is handmade, your ring will be completely unique to you – another plus.

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Courtesy Cool Natural Jewelry


Almond Wood Bentwood Ring

Design by Cool Natural Jewelry

$33.00 + shipping

Why we love it

This minimalist style ring is available in widths of 4mm – 9mm and sizes 3 – 16. The best part – you can email the owner to request a wider ring if needed.

Completely handmade from natural almond wood, the surface is hand polished for a smooth and luxurious feel and look. It is pre-sealed and protected with a natural beeswax and carnauba wax polish.

It is also all natural and does not contain any silicone. Because it is pure almond wood, it is very light and easy to wear, making it a perfect eco-friendly wood ring option.

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Courtesy King Will


Silver + Koa Wood Inlay Wedding Band

Design by King Will

$9.99 – $19.99

Why we love it

Made of durable silver titanium, the wood inlay is striking Santos rosewood. Available in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm sizes. Affordably priced at under $20 (excluding any taxes and shipping fees). Final price depends on options chosen.

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Courtesy Qbubble


Black Rosewood Wedding Ring

Design by Qbubble

$7.99 & free shipping

Why we love it

This ring is somewhat on the smaller side, so order a half to full-size up if you like the style and design. Made from natural black Rosewood, this ring features a beveled edge design and is completely smooth.

Be careful, as there is no finish on this ring so it will wear over time if you do not polish it yourself with a protective oil.

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Courtesy VAKKI


Blue Opal + Hawaiian Koa Wood Inlay Ring

Design by VAKKI

$19.99 – $27.99

Why we love it

Ideal for a “his and hers” matched set in 6mm and 8mm sizes. The blue opal and wood inlay pairing in this ring is incredibly unique and catches the eye. This wood inlay ring is easy on the wallet as well at under $30 (excluding any taxes and shipping fees). Final price depends on options chosen.

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Courtesy King Will


Titanium + Santos Rosewood Inlay Ring

Design by King Will

$11.99 – $21.99

Why we love it

Made of durable silver titanium, the wood inlay is a striking Santos Rosewood. Available in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm sizes. Affordably priced at under $20 (excluding any taxes and shipping fees). Final price depends on options chosen.

Closing Thoughts

We could look all day at these beautiful wood inlay and bentwood wedding rings, there are so many choices available.

The ones that really caught our eye, however, were the Unisex Titanium Wedding Band Engagement Ring with Santos Rosewood Inlay along with the Pair of Bentwood and Graphite Natural Wooden Wedding Bands (the crystal on the woman’s band won us over!).

With all the gorgeous wood wedding rings available out there, you’re probably wondering how in the world could you NOT want to go with wood wedding bands, right? We agree!

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