Best Morganite Wedding Rings

If you’re looking for a stunning ring that won’t cost two month’s salary – because that rule is ridiculous – here’s everything you need to know about morganite wedding rings.

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Trendy Morganite Engagement Rings for 2022

Or was that dogs? Either way, it’s not true. You can certainly win over your beloved’s heart by presenting her with a puppy or a shiny diamond. But there are other, more modern, ways to show your affection. Your betrothed’s new best friend could be a trendy gemstone with a timeless look and half the price tag.

Like a morganite wedding ring.

Morganite is becoming increasingly popular, but not in the way those toe socks were. Morganite has some staying power.

What Are Morganite Wedding Rings?

You can think of morganite as a cousin of the emerald; both stones are from the beryl mineral family. The crystals are naturally occurring and form in hexagonal patterns. Unlike their green cousins, however, morganite crystals have a hue in the salmon family. They range from pink to orange-pink. Some stones have bold color, but most are tinted just enough to notice.

Morganite can be pretty sizeable when found in nature. According to GIA, some specimens in Brazil weigh in at more than 10 kilograms. Romantics are often drawn to the stone because its pink or peach hue is a lovely alternative to the colorless nature of a diamond, and it costs a fraction of the price. A single morganite carat is only about $300-400, as opposed to the $1,500-2000 cost of a diamond carat.

The average refractive index (which measure how fast light passes through) is about 1.58 for morganite. For diamonds, the index is about 2.4. That means diamonds might shine a bit brighter, but a morganite stone can also be brilliant, if filled with a little less light.

Do Morganite Wedding Rings Scratch Easily?

Gem and mineral hardness are measured on something called the Mohs Scale, which determines how easily your stone could be scratched by another. While the scale ranges from 1-10, the numbers are not evenly spaced. A gem that earns a 10 might be many times harder and more difficult to scratch than a stone that earns a 9.

Morganite comes in at 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, which puts it in the same general range as stones like topaz, emerald, and hardened steel. It’s easier to scratch than a diamond, but it can last a lifetime with the right care (wash with soap and warm water and take it off in extreme heat).

How Rare Is Morganite?

Morganite is actually rarer than the diamond. It’s mostly because diamonds are the traditional engagement ring stone and have a perceived higher value that morganite is much more affordable. In other words, supply and demand has driven up the price of the diamond in a way that hasn’t hit the morganite yet. It might be a great time to buy a morganite ring – once a few celebrities decide a pink-peach ring is the best new thing, who knows what will happen to their price.

7 Best Morganite Wedding Rings

Not sure where to begin? If you’re still debating morganite vs. diamond, check out these morganite engagement rings and wedding sets and see if they don’t swing you toward a gem with a little more color

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Cushion Pink Morganite Wedding Ring Set

This morganite wedding set offers the choice between solid 14k rose-, white-, or yellow-gold bands. The set of three rings is custom made and lead-free, no matter which metal you select. Why not get your engagement ring, wedding ring, and a spare at the same time?

$1,110 – $1,260

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Round Cut Morganite Wedding Ring with Diamond Halo

You don’t have to pay a fortune to get you hands on a split-shank rink covered in gemstones. You can choose from rose-gold and white-gold for the band – do you want your stone to blend in with the band or stand out? Most of the ring sizes can be resized as needed.

$757 – $907

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Asscher Cut Morganite with Round White Diamonds

The setting on this morganite engagement ring allows the center stone to be seen from across the room. The rose gold bands complement the morganite and contrast nicely with the accent diamonds. The box comes with two rings, so you’re set for the engagement and wedding day, just like that.

$824 – $973

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Oval Morganite and Round White Diamonds

This dramatic oval cut is on the more affordable end, without sacrificing elaborate stone placement and design. The setting is a soft rose gold, and the halo measures 10mm from top to bottom.

$299 – $607

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Round Morganite Gemstone with Diamond Bridal Halo

Also on the affordable end of the spectrum, this round morganite gemstone looks almost square thanks to some unique placement and a square diamond halo. It comes with a matching diamond-lined band that’s equally delicate and can be worn separately.

$227 – $624

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Morganite Infinity Style Solitaire

On a serious budget? You can still get something beautiful. This morganite ring has a 10K rose-gold infinity band and a solitaire yet stunning morganite gem in the center. When you want something simple that still stands out, this is a great option for under $200.

$158 – $198

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Pale Oval Morganite with Diamond Halo

Oval morganite gem, conflict-free diamond accents, and a sterling silver band. What else could you ask for? With a price point that’s more than affordable for such an investment, you can get something really sparkly for less than you’d pay for a year of Netflix.

$109 – $219

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Closing Thoughts

Why You Should consider Morganite Wedding Rings

Looking for the perfect engagement ring? It’s not all about the diamond. Morganite rings can be just as sparkly and eye-catching, and you don’t have to borrow money from your weird uncle to afford one. Pick up one of these budget-friendly rings today, and you’ll be one step closer to your happily ever after.

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