How To Get Glowing Skin Overnight: 7 Tips To Get Fair & Clear Skin Quickly

Glow up overnight with these night-before skincare routine tips

Hannah Warren // Senior Writer & Editor

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Everyone wants to know how to get glowing skin overnight

Let’s face it; planning a wedding is stressful and that stress certainly does not end once all your vendors are booked. The problem is, while a little stress may help us lose that last pound, it can also make our skin look dull and tired, and that’s definitely not what you want in your wedding photos!

So how can you ensure you look like the glowing bride with airbrushed skin that’s found the whole process a breeze? Well, besides finding a great makeup artist, it’s all about taking care of yourself and your skin.

Today, we’re answering your top pre-wedding skincare questions and revealing our top 5 tips to ensure you’re looking your best on the big day.

Let’s dive in!

How can I get glowing skin overnight at home?

While it may be tempting to rush out to the store in the weeks or days before your wedding and buy every “miracle” cream and serum available, it’s not actually a good idea to try a bunch of new products right before a big event.

Why? Because even if you have non-sensitive skin, it may react badly to a new product or to another product you use in combination with it, and at best give you a breakout. At worst, you could end up rashy, flaky, and itchy.

The simplest way to get glowing skin quickly

Instead, either stick to products you already have or test out new products at least a week before the big day. On the evening before your wedding set aside some time alone or with your bride of honor or bridesmaids to relax and work through your skincare routine.

Start by thoroughly cleansing your skin and cleaning away all makeup remnants. Next, use a toner to remove dead skin cells and adjust your skin’s pH to soften the surface layer ready to absorb moisture.

Next, apply a moisturizer or, ideally, do a hydrating face mask. Sheet masks are easy and leave you glowing, but use whichever form of mask you enjoy most. Finally, apply a generous layer of a vitamin-enriched moisturizer right before you go to bed and leave it to soak in overnight.

How do I prepare my skin for my wedding?

If you’re a few days out your best bet will be to follow our tips below and the routine above, but if you have plenty of time, establishing a great skincare routine well ahead of the big day is your best move.

If you can, start exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturizing your skin regularly six months before your wedding day.

Whether or not you’re trying to lose or gain any weight, try to eat more fruits and vegetables that will nourish your skin, exercise, and drink plenty of water. Now is a great time to invest in a great water bottle.

If you have the budget, schedule a monthly facial to do a deep clean and provide your skin with what it needs to give you a glow, and don’t forget to get enough sleep!

How do brides get glowing skin?

A great makeup artist will be able to cover minor blemishes, but eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the best way to develop and maintain that beautiful glow on your wedding day (and beyond!).

You don’t have to go vegan or workout for an hour daily – just make healthy choices, do a quick workout or go for a walk, and drink enough water.

How do you get clear skin on your wedding day?

Planning ahead is the key to beautiful clear skin on your wedding day, so start getting professional facials six months ahead, if possible, but avoid invasive treatments too close to the big day.

Alternatively, do a facial once a week at home. You need to remember that how clear your skin is can also be down to your hormones and stress levels, so try to manage your stress and don’t panic if you have a breakout – a talented makeup artist can make those blemishes all but invisible.

What should a bride eat for glowing skin?

It’s true; you are what you eat! If you’re determined to achieve glowing skin by your wedding day it’s time to give up sugary soda, fried foods, candy, and focus on eating as many nutritious wholefoods as possible. Add salads to your meals, drink smoothies, and add colorful veggies to your recipes.

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Incorporate these tips to help get fair and clearer skin overnight to shine on your big day!

01. Get enough sleep

Nothing is going to help you look more awake and youthful than a good night’s sleep. Yes, it can be difficult if you’re nervous, worrying, or vibrating with excitement, but do your best to get as much sleep as possible.

02. Drink a lot of water

The fastest way to fine lines and dull skin is to be dehydrated, so drink as much as you can the day and night before your wedding, as well as on the morning of. Try to stick to water or tea, not coffee or soda.

03. Indulge in Superfoods

Eating healthily will always help your skin look nourished and plump, but there are a few different foods that are especially beneficial to your skin.

Try adding watermelon, grapefruit, broccoli, and lettuce to your diet for extra hydration, and kale, blueberries, flaxseeds, kiwis, red grapes, and green tea for their antioxidant properties.

04. Skip the salty snacks

Salty foods such as potato chips or using lots of salt in general can lead to raised blood pressure due to it interfering with stored water in the body. 

Too much salt leading up to the big day, and especially the night before or day of, leads to more frequent urination, persistent thirst, swollen ankles, and even mild headaches. All terrible for your wedding day!

05. Avoid “deep” cleaners

Don’t give in to panic and do a deep, abrasive clean or any serious exfoliation. If you want to include exfoliation in your night-before routine, stick to “polishers” with super-fine grit, so it won’t take off too much skin which may leave it sensitive, red, or even puffy.

06. Do use natural facial oils

Unless your face is naturally oily, using facial oils can help protect your skin and moisturize it overnight. Not only that, you get the antioxidant support as well in many natural oils.

Try to go unscented to avoid redness, as you only need to hydration to help your skin glow up overnight.

07. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and spicy foods

On the day of your wedding, you’re free to drink and eat as you please, but the night before is definitely not the time to eat or drink anything that can dehydrate you or upset the balance of your skin.

Alcohol will dehydrate your skin, cigarettes can make you look ashen, and spicy and fatty foods can cause your skin to produce extra oils, so it’s best to stick to unflavored wholefoods the day before your wedding.

Closing Thoughts

Do your best to follow these tips and you’ll have the beautiful, blushing-bride-glow you’re looking for!

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