Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations For The Sustainable Bride


Sending your wedding invitations doesn’t have to be wasteful – here are our favorite ideas to reduce your footprint

Written by Hannah Warren
Published January 11, 2020

You’re an eco-friendly bride shopping for wedding invites

Weddings aren’t exactly environmentally friendly; a hundred people drive or fly across the country to meet in one place, all the food and drink produces a huge amount of waste packaging, and everyone buys a new outfit they’ll only wear once or twice.

But it’s all worth it for your one big day, right?

Yes, it is; but if you live your day-to-day life trying to minimize the size of your ecological footprint, the idea that you’re going to throw all your values away on the day you start married life probably doesn’t sit well with you.

If it doesn’t, don’t fear, you can achieve an eco-friendly wedding with just a little careful planning – and we’re here to help. The best place to start is with your save-the-dates and invitations, so let’s get started.


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Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitation Shopping Tips


Keep these 4 things in mind when shopping for an eco-friendly wedding invitation


Look for Recycled Materials

There are plenty of beautiful, high-quality eco-friendly materials available for your wedding invitations, so you don’t have to go for handmade with recycled materials if you want something new and fresh. You’ll find eco-friendly wedding invitations made from paper, fiber, bamboo, hemp, and more, so being eco-friendly doesn’t mean you can’t buy “brand new”.


Ask Your Guests to Recycle Their Invitations

A simple way to be eco-friendly if you plan to buy new invitations is to ensure the materials are recyclable and simply ask your guests to recycle the invitation. Just add a little note in the corner or a cute doodle to encourage them to do so.


Buy the Materials and Hand Write Them

Another simple option that will avoid a lot of costs and printing ink (which is often not eco-friendly) is to buy your materials or blank cards and handwrite them yourself. If you want to learn how to do calligraphy this can be a great excuse to learn!


Combine the Save the Date and the Invitation

Instead of sending out your save-the-dates and invitations separately, send out just one invitation, or alternatively, send out the save the dates as the physical invitation and include a web address to a website where they can find all the wedding details.

This is especially helpful if you want to set up forms for your guests to tell you about dietary requirements or if you think some of the details may change between now and the big day.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitation Ideas for 2020


These fun & unique wedding invitation ideas are environmentally friendly for the eco-conscious bride & groom


Courtesy Foxglover Greetings

~ Foxglover Greetings ~

Price: $14

~ Why we love it ~

Finding great eco-friendly invitations on a budget isn’t easy, but these recycled blank cards with a beautiful floral design from Foxglover Greetings are ideal.

They are only $14 for 20 cards and you can write whatever information you need to include inside each guest’s invitation by hand. (See number 4 for eco-friendly pens.) Handwritten invitations are a great way to set the tone for your wedding and show your guests how much you value them.


Courtesy Bliss Collections

~ Bliss Collections ~

Price: $12.99

~ Why we love it ~

You don’t have to go all-out with the invitations to make your guests feel special – you can even limit the extra paper of an envelope by choosing to send a postcard instead!

These RSVP Rustic Greenery Postcards by Bliss Collections are stunning, and are just $12.99 for 50 postcards – you’ll certainly struggle to find better-looking RSVP invitations for less, and the reviews are glowing.

To be super eco-friendly, set up a designated Gmail address and ask your guests to email their response to that address. If you don’t like the Rustic Greenery design, they also do a Blush Floral print design.


Courtesy Bliss Collections

~ Bliss Collections ~

Price: $13.99

~ Why we love it ~

If you aren’t the kind of couple to go beyond planning who is sitting at each table, why not send your invitation with the table they’ll be sitting at? These Greenery Place Cards also from Bliss Collections, are perfect.

Write the name of the couple on the front and add the details inside. As with their RSVP cards above, they’re just $14.99 for 50, and all their card is uncoated and contains 10% recycled materials.

Be aware that they are small (2 x 3.5 inches), so this may not be suitable for large weddings or elderly relatives.


Courtesy Sustainable Greetings

~ Sustainable Greetings ~

Price: $13.99

~ Why we love it ~

Remember the suggestion we made above about DIYing your own invitations? Here’s how you can put that into practice.

Use a blank greetings card and envelope set like this 48-pack of blank natural colored “greetings” cards. A set like this will only set you back $13.99 and will allow you to do any design and add any information you like.

Metallic pens look especially good on the brown cardstock, but this is often toxic – a pack like these Uni Posca Paint Markers on Amazon include silver and gold and are non-toxic and water-based, so are a much better choice.

Remember to add a note asking your guests to recycle the invitation once the date has passed.


Courtesy ARTEZA


Price: $24.99

~ Why we love it ~

Want to get really creative? If your wedding is going to have a natural theme you could use wooden slices and write your invite onto it in marker or paint.

These ARTEZA Wood Slices are very affordable (just $24.99 for 45 2.4″ – 2.8″ in diameter) and will fit in an envelope.

Not only is this a very unique way to invite your guests to your wedding, but all of those slices will biodegrade naturally.

If you are having a winter wedding, you can incorporate a winter or Christmas theme into the design and tie a string through the hole so your guests can use the invitation on their Christmas trees afterward to remember the day for years to come!

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Closing Thoughts

With a little determination and some creativity, you can make your wedding day as environmentally friendly as possible, and be beautiful and stylish, too. Got any other great eco-friendly invitation ideas? Drop us a note in the comments below!

Hannah Warren

Sr. Staff Writer

Hannah graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a B.A. in English Literature And Creative Writing and enjoys reading fiction in her spare time.



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