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You’re probably spending a ton on a photographer to take wedding photos – make sure you have a beautiful wedding photo album to cherish those pics forever!

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Unique Wedding Albums for Photos

Reliving good memories by flipping through old photos is sometimes the only way to lift your spirits after a not-so-good day. While most memories can simply be cherished in your mind, there are some memories that you are not just comfortable with simply letting your mind keep them; you want them in your hands too! Your wedding day certainly falls into this category, the day when you said “I do” to the love of your life!

And while time blurs the memories in your mind, it’s likely you want to keep those memories in a way that they will never fade away. So, what is the best way to preserve your wedding photos?

Let me introduce you to the fascinating world of wedding photo books. In this article, you will see the various types of wedding photo books that are available to explore. From online photo books made and sent to you, to more traditional wedding photo albums that you can fill with your own print outs. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Top 6 wedding album and photo book brands

This list is a compilation of some of the very best online locations to get a fantastic photo book or photo album for wedding pictures, it’s very unlikely that you will find a better offer

Best POS Software for iPad

© Mixbook



Mixbook offers you a wide variety of creative options, including cover materials, stickers, and backgrounds with varying book sizes. An advantage of Mixbook wedding albums is that they are highly user-friendly, with an easy to use online interface. They also offer great and durable paper quality with beautiful print options.

In fact, their print quality rating is at a massive 98 percent. With 7 book sizes and 5 cover options, Mixbook is likely to match your taste without overwhelming you with customized options. Mixbook offers a 100% happiness guarantee, and just in case for some reason you decide to return the wedding album, they offer a money-back guarantee.

Well, as you likely would have guessed, it’s not all sweet with Mixbook. Their wedding albums do lack window covers which is important to some couples. They also neither have an in-store pickup station, so you will need to wait for the book to be shipped and potentially pay for shipping costs.

From $39.39

Best POS Software for iPad

© Shutterfly



Shutterfly is arguably the most common online photo book service, and like Mixbook is a company that creates high-quality photo album for wedding pictures. The main difference is that Shutterfly has hundreds of graphics, templates, and backgrounds for you to use, including branded themes from companies like Disney.

Their wedding photo books are known for good color reproduction and crisp, high-quality images. With book and print quality both rated at 96 percent, this is a fantastic choice for you. They also have 6 available book sizes, with 9 cover options. And yes, they offer money-back guarantee.

Are there reasons why you may not want to go for this option? Well, yes. Shutterfly offers no shuffle option, making photo arrangement hard work that required planning by the couple. The 5 by 7-inch photo book size is unavailable on Shutterfly, and you need to also know that you can’t pick up your order on the same day you ordered it.

From $22.49

Best POS Software for iPad

© Adorama



AdoramaPix is a fantastic photo book maker for weddings and other special occasions and offers the best value for money when it comes to fancy photo albums for wedding pictures. With a print quality rating of 100 percent and a book quality rating of 99 percent, this is a fantastic option to go for. AdoramaPix have their photo books in 15 available sizes and 11 cover options. Money-back guarantee? Yes! The base product is an inexpensive lay-flat book with lustre paper.

They also offer the best print quality of any service on our list. You may interact with other users of AdoramaPix on the user forum to learn and find answers to your questions and offer ideas on your own books.

The main cons of AdoramaPix are that the interface is a little tricky to learn, it does not offer soft bound books, and there are no 11x 14 inch book size.

From $19.99

Best POS Software for iPad

© Amazon Prints


Amazon Prints

Amazon prints is a great option for those that need an inexpensive wedding photo album that can be delivered quickly. With a print and book quality rating of 85 percent and money-back guarantee, the Amazon prints’ offer is a nice deal. Apart from the fact that their services are much less expensive than services of their competitors, they also offer free standard shipping on order that are above 15 dollars. They offer very good print quality, and their interface is easy to navigate and design with.

However, since Amazon Prints does not offer large quantity discounts, have fewer design options than its competitors, and offer just 4 books sizes and three cover option, it may not be the best for creative couples looking for a more unique wedding photo book.

From $21.99

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Walmart Photo

Walmart really can’t be described as offering the best print quality, but if you need a photo book in a hurry, it will be a perfect choice. Their service will allow you create a photo book that is ready for pickup within the hour. It also happens that they are one of the least expensive printing services available on the internet. They have 5 available book size options and 7 cover options. You can be assured of getting back your money, should you decide to return the photo book or are unhappy with the final result.

Yet, the book quality rating of Walmart Photo is just at 57 percent, which is largely due to their lower quality print paper and a lack of customization, which leads to the lower overall pricing.

From $9.96

Best POS Software for iPad

© Mpix



Mpix is another company that is a nice option when it comes to selecting the best wedding album for your memories. Mpix offers a wide variety of products that are perfect for your wedding, including soft covers and an optional dust jacket. The company is known for their reasonably fast delivery period, which is within a day or two. The fast delivery takes nothing from the product as your photos are reviewed by a color technician before they are printed.

Mpix offers excellent interface options, and when it comes to packaging, they are simply one of the very best. You may also want to know that they offer an online gallery sharing option for inspiration.

However, their clients are of the opinion that their services are a little bit on the higher side when it comes to the cost, but you do receive exceptional quality that is reviewed by professionals, which is of course wrapped up into the total price.

From $19.99

The different types of wedding albums and photo books compared

It can be overwhelming trying to find the right choice of photo to remember your wedding day by, so we went ahead and did the heavy lifting for you

What are the different wedding photo album types available?

There are several different types of wedding photo books available to purchase both online and in-store. It helps tremendously to understand the difference between them, so you’re prepared to get exactly what you want. We break down some of the different wedding photo album types and what their differences are.

01. Matted Photo Albums

Matted wedding photo albums scream tradition and class. These are what you are most likely used to, and usually have photos taped or glued onto the paper or slid into slots. The main benefit of matted wedding albums is the fact that your photographs sit recessed within each page, making sure they do not touch or stick together when the book is closed.

Matted albums are great to use for a formal look, and you have the benefit of placing the photos yourself into whatever pattern or style you like. Both portrait and landscape mode photos will look great in a matted photo album.

02. Flush Mount Photo Albums

A flush mount wedding album is less traditional, and more modern compared to matted albums. With a flush mount album, your photographs will be printed all the way to the edge of the page, or “flush” with each edge and border. You can either get photos printed directly on pages online, or get the photos printed first to glue onto the thicker paper.

These albums are built very strongly and will feel like a brick in the hand with much more weight than a typical bound book. This is mainly due to the rigid and thicker paper used, meant for continuous use and to withstand the test of time. A flush mount album is a perfect choice if you plan to bring your wedding photo book with you to different locations or keep it out on the coffee table to look through whenever the moment takes you.

03. Parent Photo Albums

The parent album is a small, recreation of your main wedding album. Also known as a “gift album”, these are perfect to provide the same pictures as your main wedding book to your parents and new in-laws. You can of course decide to gift a parent album to other important people in your life, but they usually just go to the parents of the bride and groom.

Creating your ideal wedding photo album

We’ve picked out a few top tips to help you get the most out of your wedding photos

Tips on how to create the perfect wedding photo album

If you are like most couples, you will probably be faced with hundreds, if not thousands, of wedding photos from your photographer, friends, and family. Now the difficult part begins – organizing everything into a beautiful wedding album or photo book.

01. Determine your wedding album budget

Most wedding albums can cost several hundred dollars, especially if you are purchasing more than one, or choosing custom designs and paper types. There are pre-paid packages available from any online sellers, and wedding photographers themselves often have wedding book packages for sale. We recommend always creating your own wedding book, as it allows you to make it what you want based on your own memories of the big day, instead of picking a pre-made templated option.

02. Organize your wedding photos with your partner

Make a date out of going through your wedding photos together with your new hubby or wife. Either vote together on each picture or use a bracket-style game to pit photos against each other to get to a final list of candidates for the wedding book. Choosing what photos to go into your photo book shouldn’t be a stressful event – make it fun and a bonding experience to enjoy together. After all, you’ll both be looking through this book with family for at least the next few months and will want to revisit it on your anniversaries and special occasions.

03. Get inspiration from others

Ask to see the wedding albums of your parents or close friends who have gotten married recently. Nothing is better for inspiration than to flip through actual wedding albums to understand what you like and don’t like. There are also many places online to check out different wedding album designs, many of which can be found in our list!

04. Stick to a timeline in your album

It helps to lay out and plan photos for your wedding album in a chronological order. Try placing pictures of the guests gathering and your first look at the beginning. Then move on to the reception, and ultimately the after party and family photos. We recommend saving your favorite photos until the end of the book to end on a high note!

05. Keep it simple

Do not overuse pictures on each page and try to stick to one or two photos per page. You do not want to overwhelm with too many pictures or activities going on in a single page. You can elect to make some images larger to take up more space, especially those that are amazing enough to take up an entire page for total and complete focus.

Closing Thoughts

We hope these online photo book options, as well as more traditional photo albums helped inspire and help you plan out your very own wedding album for after the big day! Let us know if the comments below what your favorite is!


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