Best Wedding Planning Software For Wedding Event Management in 2020

Hannah Warren // Senior Writer & Editor

We may earn a commission through carefully selected links on this site. However, this never influences our evaluations or writing – our opinions are 100% our own.

Find wedding planning software that will make managing any wedding a piece of cake!

Why do you need online wedding planning software?

Wedding planning is your dream job, but it’s also hard. You’ve got to reach perfection not only for yourself, but for your clients, who will point the finger at you if anything goes wrong or right.

Without the right planning and support system in place, you’re going to struggle. Of course, if you love using a pen and paper planner, go ahead, but the right wedding planning software will support that method, replace it, or make it possible for you to grow your team seamlessly when the time comes.

Is wedding & event planning software worth it?

There are tons of free options out there when it comes to event planning software and apps. If you casually help throw weddings, or it is something you do on the side, you can get by with a free wedding planning app.

If you’re a wedding planner, it is essential to use the best wedding planning software out there to properly scale your business and run it professionally.

If you hope to become a wedding planner in the future, we still recommend going with a tried and true wedding software provider like those in our list below to make sure you’re set up for success from the start.

“If you’re a wedding planner, it is essential to use the best wedding planning software out there to properly scale your business and run it professionally.”


The 6 Best Wedding Planning Software Providers in 2020

These amazing apps and wedding planning software will take your business to the next level



Best Overall Management Tool

Starting from: $34 per month (save $80)

Courtesy Honeybook

“Small business owners and freelancers have tripled their bookings and saved multiple hours a day using HoneyBook tools.” – Honeybook

Why we love Honeybook

Honeybook is an amazing all-in-one project management tool. While Honeybook is great for a range of service-based businesses, it’s one of the top choices for wedding planners.

Honeybook is your one-stop-shop piece of software to organize all the administrative tasks that are involved in your business. (That also means it’s easy to share with employees who help you manage those tasks – a major win!)

Honeybook helps you save some serious time juggling all the different cogs that have to keep turning for your business to run like the well-oiled machine it should do – so you can focus on planning the weddings you’ve earned your reputation for.

What can you do with Honeybook?

Honeybook takes care of everything you need to track your projects, it acts as a basic CRM (customer relationship manager), and you can create workflow templates that you can use time after time.

With these templates, all you have to do is personalize the template for each new couple as they move through the sales/production funnel of your business, from signing the contract through to the end of a successful wedding day – and after when you collect your testimonial.

Some of the things Honeybook helps with:

Track projects
Track inquiries
Plan meetings
Invoice clients
Create tasks & to-do lists
Send questionnaires & brochures
Manage scheduling
Manage proposals
Manage bookings
Manage payments
Manage contracts
Analytics & performance reporting

Does Honeybook have an app?

Honeybook works on desktop or as an app on your smartphone or tablet, which is obviously of major benefit for wedding planners who are often on the go, and you can link it with other tools like QuickBooks, Zapier, Gmail, and Google Calendar.

How much does Honeybook cost?

After a 7 day free trial, you have the option of an annual payment of $400 at $34 per month for a saving of $80, or a monthly payment of $40 per month if you don’t want to commit to a whole year.

Starting from: $34 per month (save $80)


Aisle Planner Pro

Built For Wedding Planners

Starting from: $39.99 per month

Courtesy Aisle Planner

“Out of our frustration, Aisle Planner was born, and we set out to create the perfect solution for a wedding pro’s every need.” – Aisle Planner

Why we love Aisle Planner Pro

Aisle Planner is the purpose-built wedding planning software that makes it easy to plan weddings collaboratively. If you’re looking for a piece of software that (almost literally) does it all, this is it.

What can you do with Aisle Planner Pro?

You can sort your communications by category or vendor and store contact information for your vendors all in one place.

Through Aisle Planner you can assign tasks to each person involved in planning the wedding and everyone can see what tasks have been completed and what is left to do.

It really is the ultimate piece of wedding planning software, especially for those of you just starting to move from being a one woman (or man) show to a business with multiple employees.

Some of the things Aisle Planner Pro helps with:

Lead capture
Manage proposals
Design style guides
Manage vendor lists
Client management
Workspace collaboration
Task & to-do lists
Customized checklists
Wedding day timelines
Calendars & scheduling
Guest list management
Layouts & floor plans

Does Aisle Planner have an app?

Aisle Planner Pro currently does not come in an App form. It has been acknowledged by their team, and they have told us that it is in their development queue to be made sometime in the near future.

How much does Aisle Planner Pro cost?

There are 5 different payment plans on offer depending on how many active projects you need per billing cycle:

Option 1 – 10 projects for $39.99 per month

Option 2 – 25 projects for $69.99 per month

Option 3 – 45 projects for $99.99 per month

Option 4 – 65 projects for $129.99 per month

Option 5 – 100 projects at $169.99 per month

You can start with a 30-day free trial to see if Aisle Planner is the right software for you.

Starting from: $39.99 per month


Planning Pod

A Professional & Affordable Option

Starting from: $19 per month (save $60)

Courtesy Planning Pod

“Our philosophy is that any piece of software, no matter how good it is, can always be better.” – Planning Pod

Why we love Planning Pod

Planning Pod is unique in the sense that they are constantly optimizing and improving their software over time based on feedback from real event management professionals.

As the needs of event management and wedding planning professionals change over time, so does Planning Pod. It is one of the great things you can expect from their software, so it will never feel outdated as technology advances.

What can you do with Planning Pod?

Wedding planners love Planning Pod for the ability to manage all of their needs in one place, and deliver amazing service to clients by saving time.

Use premade templates, deliver reports, and see breakdowns of your tasks, due-dates, and more to stay organized and on top of your busy schedule.

You can also manage your leads and nurture any new business you want to start, making it a great tool for wedding planners that are entrepreneurs at heart.

Some of the things Planning Pod helps with:

Banquet event orders
Project budgeting
Contracts & e-signature
Proposal management
Floorplans & seating charts
Invoicing & payments
E-mail communication
Itineraries & schedules
Food & beverage tools
Guest lists & RSVPs
Task management
Vendor & venue management

Does Planning Pod have an app?

Planning Pod software is mobile-responsive so you can still use it on your tablet or smartphone through your favorite web browser. They do not provide a native app right now, but the software is designed to work with all iOS or Android devices.

How much does Planning Pod cost?

Pricing starts at $19 per month when billed annually, or you can pay a month-to-month starting price of $24 per month.

From there, pricing goes up to $39 per month for small teams or new wedding planners. You can also pay $69 per month if you are a larger planning agency that needs to scale up. You can also call for enterprise level plan pricing.

Starting from: $19 per month (save $60)



Best For Marketing Your Brand

Starting from: $38 per month

Courtesy Flodesk

“The tools currently on the market have failed to provide this rising industry… with the ability to market as beautifully and successfully as the big brands.” – Martha Bitar, CEO Flodesk

Why we love Flodesk

Flodesk is one of the best pieces of software for managing your email campaigns and monthly newsletters. Flodesk provides you with beautifully designed templates that allow you to add your own photos and branding to connect with your subscribers and customers quickly and easily.

Flodesk offers a user-friendly workflow so you can easily and quickly create email campaigns so you can automate the process of connecting with your readers time and time again.

What can you do with Flodesk?

You can easily change fonts and colors for your branding, and add images and links on the templates so your recipients instantly recognize your emails without ever looking at the address.

All templates look great on any size device, whether it be desktop, tablet, or smartphone, which is particularly important for your clients who will vary wildly in how they view and consume their emails.

Some of the things Flodesk helps with:

Creative templates
Forms to convert leads
Marketing insights
Automated campaigns

Does Flodesk have an app?

Flodesk does not currently have an app. You can create your account on their website and log-in from there to manage your marketing efforts.

How much does Flodesk cost?

Priced at $38 per month, small businesses get unlimited subscribers and access to all features, and there is a 30-day free trial to see if it will work for you.

Starting from: $38 per month



Best For Social Media Marketing

Starting from: $9.99 per month

Courtesy Tailwind

“Today, over 500,000 of the world’s leading brands and 400 of the top agencies trust Tailwind.” – Tailwind

Why we love Tailwind

Pinterest and Instagram are a big source of inspiration for most brides when planning a wedding, but as a wedding planner it can take up a lot of your time scrolling through the vast number of pins and posts, finding things to pin, and uploading your own pins.

Tailwind is a partner of both Pinterest and Instagram so you can be sure that your accounts are safe in their hands.

What can you do with Tailwind?

Tailwind manages your Pinterest and Instagram accounts so don’t have to check in to upload posts all day long. Tailwind tells you the best time to schedule your pins and/or posts using their SmartSchedule system so they are guaranteed to be seen by your ideal client.

When you want to post on Instagram it will suggest the perfect hashtags to get your posts noticed by the right people. Their extensive publishing tools will help you save time and promote your wedding planning business without lifting a finger.

Some of the things Tailwind helps with:

Post drafts
Pin scheduling
SmartLoop pin sharing
Instagram post scheduling
Profile performance tracking
Board insights
Pin inspection
Referral tracking

Does Tailwind have an app?

Tailwind has an app on both the iOS and Android platforms, so no matter what phone you use, you can use Tailwind on the go.

How much does Tailwind cost?

You can choose from 2 plans, Pinterest Plus or Instagram Plus, both at $9.99 per month for an annual subscription, or $14.99 per month for a monthly subscription.

You can first sign up for a free trial where you will be able to schedule and publish 30 Instagram posts and 100 Pinterest pins.

Starting from: $9.99 per month



Best For Instagram Marketing

Starting from: $0 per month with free account

Courtesy Planoly

“Clear and to the point web and mobile app — Planoly is the most effective visual social media planner on the market.” – Andy, Co-Founder of Planoly

Why we love Planoly

If you’re more Instagram-focused than Pinterest-focused (though we encourage you to be on both!) Planoly is for you.

With Planoly, you can plan the look of your whole feed using their drag and drop feature, add the perfect captions (while your inspired, not waiting for your dentist appointment), and schedule them for upload at the best time.

What can you do with Planoly?

Planoly also has plenty of tools for analyzing your content and audience, manage and reply to comments, draft multiple grids before planning what will be posted, and plan, draft and schedule stories directly to Instagram.

Planoly is also now in partnership with Pinterest and have created their ‘Pin Planner’. It will save, plan, schedule and publish your pins, and analyze your business profile data.

While Tailwind has long been the market dominator for Pinterest scheduling, Planoly is well worth a look if you prefer it for your Instagram account management.

Some of the things Planoly helps with:

Photo scheduling
Comment inbox
Basic analytics
Share to Facebook
Image filters
Auto post comments

Does Planoly have an app?

The Planoly app currently works on web, Android, and iOS device and is available on the App and Play store to download and use.

How much does Planoly cost?

Planoly is available on desktop and smartphone with 4 plans to choose from. You can pay nothing for 2 social profiles (Instagram and Pinterest) with 30 uploads per month (per profile) to start.

After that the cheapest plan costs $7 per month for a year for 2 social profiles, one with unlimited uploads and the other with 30 uploads per month.

Paying $15 per month for a year will get you unlimited uploads on 2 social profiles; or you can create a custom plan tailored to your needs starting at $23 per month for a year.

If you want to pay month-by-month, those prices creep up fast.

Starting from: $0 per month with free account

Closing thoughts

Are you ready to take your wedding planning business to the next level with the right software?

All these wedding planning software options are great for keeping your business organized, so it’s well worth taking the time to utilize their free trials and see which ones work best for you and your business!


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